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'In Breaking the Senate, We Are Abandoning Our People': Watch AOC Excoriate McConnell on House Floor

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/20/breaking-senate-we-are-abandoning-our-people-watch-aoc-excoriate-mcconnell-house


It may all be Kabuki, but at least a few of the actors say the right things.
I urge her to hit way harder.
Explicitly and in terms even a Trump cultist can relate to, eviscerate Moscow Mitch for being a traitor, a domestic enemy, a saboteur of our courts, an enabler of Trump the Terrible.
Call him out in the most vicious terms possible and list specifically all the ways he has hurt Americans.


The U.S. Senate is a useless anachronism, and should be abolished.


‘They’ gave between 4 Trillion and 29 Trillion to the Banks and 'financial sector in 2009.
‘They’ already have given Trillions to companies and Businesses this year.
How about just giving ONE TRILLION to all the people? Not each person, but equally to each of the people, in the country. It would be $3,000.oo per person. It could help until things get better and it would help things to get better. The people like the nurses and other hospital and health workers have been working too hard for the sick and deserve the extra. The unemployed need the money badly. Workers can not get money if the economy is locked down and the economy needs to be locked down to suppress the epidemic. The poor will spend the money so that it circulates. The money that the rich get is mone than enough to put on the stock market. The stock market is not the economy. It is a gigantic casino. A.O.C. is on the right track, God Preserve Her!


I love AOC and the Squad: They are speaking truth and I have no idea what so many in Mitch’s club are doing —besides collecting a paycheck for such small and thoughtless pieces of work. It seems that many of the elected ones forget that America is not found in the Senate chamber or in the House--------- the homeless crisis is going to get bigger and more deadly as winter comes on. Mitch and Trump ---- YOU TWO will stand forever as the biggest mass murders ever—in American history!

I wonder, when the parents die, will Trump send the parentless children out of the nation too—even though they are citizens?


In addition to the Wall Street bailouts in March the “farmers” (who were already rolling in taxpayer funded corporate welfare to mitigate their losses from Trump’s tariffs) were handed more corporate welfare.


AOC’s speech brought waterworks from my eyes. When McConnell speaks, I got nothing but hate waves coming from them. AOC should be the second female POTUS, perhaps as more youth achieve voting age such might be possible.


And now Munchkin wants the unused money back.


AOC will be 35 in 2024 just in time to run against President
Wall Street Harris … call me an AOC BRO. The time to start is
now. I am confident I will not be calling her a ‘sheep dog’ for
the DNC.


She should call the orange manure smears out by name, call them the traitors they are.
Then propose a bill charging moscow mitch with treason.
Watching a republican hang for their constant treason would be a treat for the nation.


I really hate to break it to you, AOC — but “our” Senate has been Broken for a Long, Long Time.

. . . along with the Electoral College.

Turn over ALL of their functions to the House of Representatives, which at least has the possibility of being emptied out by The People and fumigated every two years.

Oh, but that’s KORPORATE Socialism, which is O-K.  It’s Socialism that benefits us Regular People that’s a no-no.

Only the unused money that did get sidetracked to too-big-too-fail Korporations.   If O’Bummer & P’Loser and the Losers in the Senate had done their jobs in 2009, Mnuchin would be in prison.  Along with Cheney, Haspel, Prince,
Yoo and many others — including The Lying Son-of-a-Bush.


“…must-pass spending bill…” Seems like an ideal time for a bloc of progressives to hang tough, vote as one, and use their leverage. They won’t, but it would be a good time to do it. At some point, progressives will have to band together, draw a line in the sand they will not cross, and be willing to shut down the government if they want to accomplish anything. Otherwise, they are just spouting empty rhetoric.


That was nice. Now do the same to Pelosi.


,or at the least completely restructured and repurposed

McConnell is not human. McConnell is an ideology that might makes right.

Every time I see him speak, I see a frail being, not strong but weak, using the power of his office to enable a small minority to receive a disproportionate share of financial benefits that in a real Democracy would be delivered to the masses.

McConnell is a small weak individual with more influence over more lives than any one person deserves.

His legacy will be based on this last handful of years where he fought to divide people, rather than bring folks together, and once this criminal president came on the scene and enabled him to be the horrific politician he aspired to be.

Now, the Grim Reaper waits to take him to his hot new diggs, and I’m not talking about a hut on some tropical beach.


I’d say return it as a suppository


Does the Grim Reaper take requests?

“…second female POTUS”? Screw that. I want to see AOC become the first female POTUS.


just like they’ve done to the concept of citizen.

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I, of course also do, but Kamala is going to be the first–just the way things are. The main thing is to get the nation into a Progressive enough state to accept AOC!