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In Call to Arms, Greenpeace Hangs Giant 'Resist' Banner Above White House


In Call to Arms, Greenpeace Hangs Giant 'Resist' Banner Above White House

Nika Knight, staff writer

Greenpeace activists have unfurled a 70-foot, hand-painted banner declaring "RESIST" from atop a 270-foot construction crane facing the White House, demonstrating to President Donald Trump that his anti-environment, anti-women, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-immigrant policies are going to be met with a sustained popular resistance.


Seeing that banner did my heart and spirit a world of good! I have been a longtime supporter of Greenpeace and upped my ongoing contribution!

I applaud the strength of conviction and immense courage it took to put up that banner. To all who took part, I send my heartfelt gratitude!



You've got to salute these folks. They really put their lives on the line dangling from that high up. Sure glad no one was hurt and that their message beyond the banner got good coverage.


My accolades to Greenpeace!


Greenpeace has the skills to attract attention. They are amazingly daring. It began with their efforts on the seas to save whales. We never needed that organization more then we do now.


Another long time GP supporter here.

Those folks know how to put on a good show with a big dollop of substance.


In a time where so may fear the next day...this symbolism of resistance gives us hope...




Greenpeace for Congress. Let's build this army, let's move this movement, let's repeal and replace congress, let's get our country back and pass laws that protect us from the Toxic 1%.


GP, you have my utmost respect and admiration, and this shot left me in a state of awe and renewed hope that such people of passion can and do change the world.


OMG, we need to forward . . . Great music on the DeMoro vid . . . always makes me weep!

Greenpeace is always brave enough to do the things we need to do. Bravo!


Great- and now the work has started.




No. We can't do that. Stay within the law and you have no worries. But Gandhi's non-cooperation philosophy is most instructive for us. It is enshrined in our Union Labor Law, and I argue that all citizens have a right to make mistakes and slow things down.

OOpppie. Car ran out of gas again on the onramp. Damn!

Was I supposed to go to work and pay bills this month? I thought I was on vacation! Silly Me.


Yes of course I mean this mostly within the law. One can sabotage Trump’s plans in innumerable ways, all legal: strikes, work slowdowns (in government agencies like the EPA for example) civil disobedience, refusal of local and state government’s to cooperate in arresting immigrants, and so on. But sometimes one has to break the law to advance humanity. If African Americans had not broken unjust but legal laws, they would never have won the civil rights struggles. If East Germans had not broken the law, they would never have brought down the Iron Curtain. Millions upon millions of people in the streets can, peacefully but firmly, bring down this government. It’s not legitimate. Trump lost the election by 3 million votes but “won” it only because of the slavery-days constitutional “deal.” Well, the American electorate did not vote to destroy Medicare, Social Security, to imprison and torture people in black sites. When governments so violate the wlll of the people, they lose all moral legitimacy, deserve to be overthrown, and sometimes are, as with the Communist regimes in 1989. If Trump pushes too far, he may very well find that people will kick his ass out of office one way or another. We’ll see.


It began with the successful attempts to stop the French from carrying out nuclear tests in the Pacific, back in the very early 1970s. One very brave Canadian parked himself and his yacht, the Vega, just outside the French 12-mile zone off Mururoa for some months before being deliberately rammed by the French Navy and then beaten up, after which he took the French Navy to court in France for piracy on the high seas and after a very long fight got a judgement in his favour. The upshot of this was the NZ government's 1985 ban on nuclear-armed vessels entering NZ harbours, which got NZ kicked out of the ANZUS Treaty by the USA.

Just a little bit of history.


And if your Founding Fathers had not broken the law in 1776, you would not be in this mess, but would be a civilised country with a public health service like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Funny, really.


The British tolerance of Ghandi was also instructive .At the time would have been shot in Germany and now, in North Dakota, would be run over by a speeding SUV or concrete truck.


12.5% of the USA's voting population voted for Herr Twittler. That is neither democratic nor a sensible way to run any election .Even Thatcher used to get 22% of the British vote. Unless you get full 100% voter turnout no politician has a mandate "from the people".


I disagree completely. 100 percent is always unobtainable. You have to account for the sick, the demented, the elderly, the lame, the objectors to the voting system, machine failures, weather, etc. I know you have mandatory voting in Australia, but I consider Australia a horrible police state. I run into many, many Ozzies escaping it in Asia.

While they like your cricket, and watch it on satellite, they would never live under such mandatory force control.