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In #CallForPeace Address, Sanders Denounces Endless War and Rise of Oligarchy


In #CallForPeace Address, Sanders Denounces Endless War and Rise of Oligarchy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a wide-ranging speech viewed by more than 11,000 people from over 30 countries, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Sunday commemorated the 15th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq by highlighting its devastating consequences and issuing an urgent call for a global agenda that pursues "peace, not war" and "development, not destruction."

"Inequality, corruption, oligarchy, and authoritarianism are inseparable. They must be understood as part of the same system, and fought and opposed in the same way."
—Sen. Bernie Sanders


Senator Sanders, I agree with everything you said here, except the word blunder. It was a crime.



“…all we are saying is give Peace a chance…”, I sure do miss John.


Bernie Sanders is not perfect. Who is? Once, to my shame, I expected him to be. I questioned certain decisions that, I’m sure, many of us questioned. I let him down from the pedestal I had put him on. In a way, that was my mistake.

I am nearly seventy years on this planet. I have seen war first hand; I have been impoverished by a crippled and crooked economic system; I had sworn never, NEVER to get involved in politics again. Then along came Bernie Sanders speaking what my heart and mind felt…knew to be truth. I returned to the fray.

If you feel a need to point out the error of my decision, I can live with that. But the ongoing rape and takeover of the country by criminals in office and oligarchs in high paid offices? I CANNOT live any longer with THAT!

Well, I’m back on board with this man again. I look around at the fools, crooks, and liars in government and see very few who speak from the heart; who speak their truth AND MINE. This gentleman tops that list with Dennis Kucinich a close second.

Anyway, I am back on board and will support him with my $27 every chance I can should he run again. He never stops working for the betterment of “We the People” against the most stacked deck this country has ever seen. And as long as he continues to do that, I will forget the foolishness of my expecting him to be PERFECT and hope that many will follow me in making President Sanders a reality in January of 2021.



Here’s a summary paraphrase of Sanders’ speech:

People need to come together to solve challenges.

The Iraq War was wrong, I opposed it, it had terrible consequences for Iraq and us and now is the real cause of ISIS and the refugee problem. It set precedent for unilateral invasions and the U.S. military budget being increased too much this year.

The U.S. lies about war.

Millions were against war then and still are- we need to unite to solve other challenges instead.

  1. There’s a growing divide between the extremely wealthy and the rest us across the globe.
  2. Another problem is oligarchs controlling corrupt governments and tricking people dissatisfied into supporting them like Putin (and Trump implied) did.
  3. And then there’s climate change.

So thank you.

So what is Sanders really saying here about war and peace. Nothing new for him. He states that he opposed the Iraq War and he opposed increasing the military budget in the U.S., but that isn’t undoing the American Imperial Project, it’s just returning it to what it was in the 20th Century.

He doesn’t speak out against the New Cold War or against nuclear weapons, or U.S. military bases around the world, or for reducing the U.S. military budget by a large amount. He doesn’t change his view of the F-35 boondoggle.

In fact he joins in the chorus of demonizing Putin, actually then, this speech INCREASES the tension. It’s more than just another straw thrown on a big haystack. Because he speaks so adamantly about his opposition to the Iraq War and for issues that progressives care about like economic inequality and climate change, he is sheep dogging people to join in the tension with Russia. It’s more than a straw. It’s a bale.

What would a real speech for peace and against war look like? First it wouldn’t focus so much on something fifteen years ago while ignoring actually naming American Imperialism now and the wars being planned now. He’d speak out against the U.S. destruction of Yemen through the Saudis, against the U.S. being in Syria, against the plans for war with Iran, against the plans for war with Venezuela, against arming Ukraine, and against ratcheting up antagonism with China in the South China Sea.

He’d call for peace with Russia, bilateral talks to reduce nuclear weapons, to restore the anti-ballistic missile treaty, to close military bases around the world, to end the boondoggle of the F-35, and to cut the U.S. military budget by at least half. He’d call for the U.S. to stop dealings arms to the world.

Okay, now, people, jump all over me for being too idealist.


I not sure this a speech for a politician who I believe has voted to for war on several occasions (Afghanistan, First Gulf War, Serbia) and has voted often to fund wars. He also has supported an aggressive US foreign policy and the use of drones and the carrying out of special operations forces. And he says nothing at all about the basic conflicts such as between the Shiites and Sunnis, between Iraq and Kuwait, between the countries that used to form Yugoslavia, etc. Rather he opts of generalized rhetoric on inequality, corruption, oligarchy, and authoritarianism as if these are roots of all wars. What about nationalism? Religious differences? The causes of war are often complex. Although sometimes wars are caused by leaders who are trying to distract their county from troubling domestic issues. Wars generally require a political solution. If Sanders wanted to make a more meaningful contribution to peace he should have offered some ideas on how specific wars going on today can be politically resolved.


Very few care. How many voted for Trump?


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BRAVO FF! A statement of courage and honest integrity…I applaud you, and Bernie…warts included…he is head and shoulders above the rest!


I’m not gonna jump all over you, for I felt the same way. A great speech that touched on some of the most important issues of today. He DID go off the rails with his remarks about Putin. But as you said, he is not perfect. I will support him again in 2020, should he run.
Because he is the only non-evil I see electable.


Why don’t you go to a site that would love you, like CORPORATE-OWNED-DAMNOCRATS.COM!!!


It is unfortunate that Bernie seems to be part of the anti-Russia hysteria chorus, though not nearly as hawkish as the Democrats. My more optimistic side wants to believe that he is doing this because to not to denounce Russia at every turn and speech is setting yourself as a target to be hounded at every turn by the Democrats and news cycle. Especially bad if Bernie has any aspirations of running next election.


Sorry. That was my first thought but here’s my second: Everything in its own time. You do not have eyes that see behind the scenes, nor does anyone not “inside”. Look back at Sanders’s record for FORTY YEARS and then say he isn’t anti-war! Why he is playing chess, I can’t say BUT I do believe it IS chess at this time. Patience, my friend.


This is a possibility. I’m hoping you are right.
I will say, I,ve been to the comment threads at Breitbart, Zero Hedge , Naked Capitalism, as well as left wing sites and it’s unanimous, the Russia crap is just that, crap.
The only people fooled are the people trying to fool us.
When you cannot dupe the right OR the left, the gig is up. Why do they continue to try?


That is an unfounded correlation. The polls have shown that Democrat voters, even those who voted for Obama twice, voted for Trump. In addition to people who voted for Sanders in the primary. Blame both political parties who were both running candidates that were advocating war. It was just that Hillary had confirmed kills under her belt.


Because unfortunately they do manage to get some people. I am not sure how much of this is astroturfing but just go on an anti-Russia article on reddit or twitter and you will see the highest voted comments completely buying into the narrative. Again, I hope this is just astroturfing that is trying to gaslight people and is not indicative of what the majority of the country feels.


Suggested edit: If the Democrats want to make a more meaningful contribution they should offer some ideas on how specific wars going on today can be politically resolved.

See where this is going? Your complaint about Sanders sounds a lot like the reasons most of us disregard your exhortations to vote Democratic.


“Crime” is right. There has accumulated solid evidence that America’s mainstream media is controlled by a hidden monopoly of war profiteers. A clear case is presented in the JFK article at


Maybe you’re expecting a response like this (below) from Sanders, he’s not HRC, thank god.