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In Canada, Harper's Conservatives Seem to Have Forgotten a Cherished Tradition about Refugees


In Canada, Harper's Conservatives Seem to Have Forgotten a Cherished Tradition about Refugees

Robert Fisk

Europe’s refugee epic reached as far as the frozen heights of the Rockies yesterday, in a gentle, very Canadian way. At an international economics conference in the grand old town of Banff – snow already dusting the slopes of Mount Rundle far above us – Dr Tom Thompson of Olds College, the largest agricultural school in Alberta, came up to ask me how he might bring Syrian refugees to his university.


It's frightening to think of how easily and quickly Harper has perverted what Canada once meant to themselves and to the world. There are a lot of despicable so-called leaders out there but, with Tony Abbot being given the boot, I can't think of one I find more odious and distasteful than Stephen Harper. Oh, Canada, please, send this man packing.


This Fascist Harper on becoming PM did proclaim "Once I am finished with Canada you will not recognize it".


i know. always looked up to Canada until recently. Harper and his ilk are dimming the shining light at the top of NA.


yes. seems like true "old stock" are indigenous, eh?


It's like Canada has some sort of disease that keeps hanging on. A lot of it is ignorant voters and some willfully ignorant at that. Harper has fostered this ignorance and almost bred a cult-like following of people that see themselves as victims of the Canadian society and think Harper is actually going to champion their causes. Harper is using them for his own personal agenda which he hides in omnibus bills and then shoves through our parliament and our senate that is stacked with illegitimate appointments made by him. Harper came into government, after actually being charged with cheating in the 2006 elections and keeping the charges in court for four year after taking office and holding two more dubious elections. He knows he cannot win a fair election in Canada. His values are counter to the majority of Canadians yet our decrepit voting system allows for majority governments to take over even while the majority of people abhor the government. It's begging for a revolution and a complete overhaul to the electoral system. Harper, not being a statesman has exposed all the ways in which to undermine our social network and our institutions to his deplorable standards - equal to the mafia.


First past the post, and electoral boundaries, FTW!!1

Oh, I can explain "Old Stock" Canadians. We're the ones who drink Old Stock.


During WWII, the Canadian government put German prisoners and Jewish refugees into the same camps, on the grounds that they couldn't be sure who might be a secret enemy agent.


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Not much different than the Trump phenomenon in the U.S. Lots of people are stupid bigots.


Harper can't be "Old Stock" Canadian because he isn't a Native Canadian. He denounces past mistreatment of Native Canadians but supports Israel's mistreatment of Arabs and wars against neighboring nations. If were PM long ago, he would have been one of those PM's mistreating Native Canadians.