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In Case the Planes Come Again: Harsh Life in Aleppo


In Case the Planes Come Again: Harsh Life in Aleppo

The latest "soul-shattering" Russian and Syrian government bombings have destroyed an already devastated Aleppo's largest hospital in what officials call "the most savage week" of Syria's savage war. Trapped amidst the carnage, rubble and incessant bombings are about 275,000 people scrambling to survive; among them, over 100,000 children long for school, cower in bunkers, play in barrel bomb craters, eat one meal a day and make paper models of dead friends to tell the story of their grim lives in "hell itself."


If the United States keeps provoking the rest of the world, Aleppo will come to America. I sure do hope that I am wrong.


Wow. Talk about press release. Assad is a “legally elected dictator” and the U.S is supporting Daesh. Incredible.

You’re obviously right, though. No sane person thinks that the Syrian or Russian armies would do anything to harm civilians. Of course not. And everyone knows that the U.S airstrikes have played no role at all over the past two years in allowing the Kurds to defeat Daesh in Northern Syria.

And of course the people of Syria love Assad! Yes sirree. All those nasty protestors, pretending to have been killed and tortured, were all just play actors, just like all the supposed “parents” of Sandy Hook, right?

Of course. Because in war there are only Good Guys and Bad Guys, and the U.S are the bad guys. So everyone else must be good guys.


Listen to this interview and you may want to take back some of your snark: http://21stcenturywire.com/2016/09/29/liberty-report-talks-to-vanessa-beeley-every-the-us-media-says-about-aleppo-is-wrong/


It’s just token article so nobody can say Russia gets a free pass. All that being said, looks like they are dong a pretty good job there. It helps when you don’t have everyone judging your every move.


Excellent report. Thanks for the link. I suspected as much regarding the “White Helmets” being
a terrorist support group. The mainstream press has been dripping with propaganda pieces
showing these so-called, non-sectarian, selfless, humanitarian heroes who always seem to be rescuing some very young child from the rubble. But it’s not just the MSM that is performing this propaganda blitz, I was extremely disappointed the other day to see Amy Goodman of Democracy Now airing the very same report.


Here’s another article on the “White Helmets” for those who may not have time to watch the video link above.


This isn’t the result of a lack of political will. There is plenty of political will. The problem is that it is rooted in antiquated, self serving, amoral paradigms that keep raising their evil heads whenever the opportunity rises. Right now we have willfully moronic and–yes, evil-- individuals in power running amuck because they have the firepower and enough zombie-sycophants to force their “political will” upon others (to misquote Clausewitz).


What a strange war it is in Syria. Apparently only one side is fighting - ruthlessly slaughtering civilians, mostly children, and all the other side is doing is dying or attempting to save innocent civilians, mostly children. Oh - and they must be rebuilding hospitals at a furious pace because week after week the hospitals are targeted for destruction, yet are still filled with patients and functional the following week, when they’re bombed once again.

It’s obvious we must stop Assad’s horrific slaughter of children and save innocents from being bombed in their hospital beds.


Your comments are very insightful. It is very difficult to get any truth as to what is really happening in Syria. Everything seems to be a spin job to confuse people of the world. You are right about stability - the removal of Saddam was terrible for Iraq and destabilized the mid-east. Same with Libya. The bloodshed and instability coming from this cannot be good. Syria is a sovereign nation and it would seem best to try to stabilize that and then try to work for change but under a demilitarized situation. You can expect to be criticized for your comments. The truth is always going to be viciously attacked.