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"In Case There Was Any Doubt Regarding 'Stand By'": Four People Stabbed After Pro-Trump DC Rally

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/13/case-there-was-any-doubt-regarding-stand-four-people-stabbed-after-pro-trump-dc


Yes, these boys and adolescents do carry live ammunition.
Talk about jacking up Trump’s Ego. MAGA.
Both prior Repub & Democratic governing bodies have created the environment for this to manifest.


Citing the 14th Amendment, Pascrell said that “men and women who would act to tear the United States government apart cannot serve as members of the Congress.”

But will the dems have the courage to do that? [rhetorical question]


These simple-minded morons who pose as America’s last rugged individualists apparently are protesting to have everyone’s democratic rights and freedoms placed under autocratic control–including eventually their own right to protest. The tendency of autocratic thinking is that it tends to gradually become narrower and narrower in focus, until only the most radical purists remain as acceptable group thinkers. If others deviate in the slightest from official autocratic groupthink, as did Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, they will never again be able to publicly articulate their views. They will in effect be under house arrest out of fear of reprisals from groupthinkers who are even more extreme than they are.


Democracy only works if you vote “their way”.


Highly doubtful. Adam Schiff in a MSNBC interview talked about being bigger than retribution. Which is funny coming from someone who lead the impeachment only to have the GOP laugh in his face and render impeachment useless. These donkeys still, still, haven’t learned the Nixon lesson. Which is why the republicans have become radicalized to the extreme, they risk nothing do so. In fact have been rewarded.

And, I thought inciting violence was/is a chargeable offense?


And the donkeys are drooling over the rewards and joined the elephants. The most dangerous thing on the planet is an elephanky.


Many an empire, city-state, or civilization has collapsed in the wake of an epidemic or pandemic.
There are always people waiting to take advantage of chaos.
Now is your chance supposedly progressive states. Beat them to the punch. Form a coalition and secede from this dying union before they do. Let them keep the failed Constitution and bill of rights. We can write our own, one that addresses life in the modern technological world and the needs of 21st century people.
It appears that half the country wants to stay in the 1850’s. I say let them. And after their new confederate experiment dies of corruption and infighting, and they beg to join our new Union, tell them to fuck off. While that may not sound very charitable, we must look at it this way. Nobody learns the lessons of their mistakes until they have paid for them. We didn’t make these “mongrels” pay in 1865. Its time to point the Piper in their direction.


If only we had police and an FBI that would do their jobs, arresting fascists trying to destroy the Constitution, instead of showing the criminals they’re on their side.


Well, Republicans have an entire radio spectrum behind them, an entire cable news channel, a slough of “news” websites, a Facebook algorithm that preferences conservative content, and of course, plenty of separate YouTube content creators, among sordid other outlets. Not all, but most, reinforce absolute batshit nonsense on a daily basis, the core conceit of which is “liberals bad.” This has created a situation where big media figures on the right, like Hannity, arguably hold more sway over Republicans in Congress than the leadership itself does. Trump is the apogee of the celebrity conservative talker—a grievance-filled Everyman—in government.

We have entire generations of people mentally bathed in this craziness. Progressives like to tell themselves myths about “economic anxiety,” but that’s just progressives making themselves feel comfortable. Millions of people just want to “check” the Libs, and if wearing masks and spreading disease is what it takes, they’ll do it. Now, we get outright violence too.


…and moot

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False-Flagged…these boys have been conned…
I would say that this Group has made the serious mistake of thinking that Trump is aligned with them. In words, yes, actions no… I would say that these folks have been false-flagged… I think that their grievances should be against the One-Authoritarian state of both Dems & Repubs… by aligning with Trump they are supporting the continuation of the One-Authoritarian Empire… …this will be the group that will be conned again by the next Fascist leader emerging from the collapse of the fallen USof A… rest in peace…


There is a terrific web site out there called Second Thought which recently had a program called The C.I.A. Is a Terrorist Organization. As I clicked on the program a message, surprisingly, came on from YouTube inquiring if I still wished to see it because some people thought it was offensive. Apparently the right wingers are striking out at alleged radical web sites when they dare to point the truth about organizations which those on the right think are sacred and which they believe are acting with the best of intentions. I clicked again on the program and fortunately it did play. The Internet was founded upon the principle of net neutrality but that idea can soon fall by the wayside when one side will not tolerate the beliefs of others.


Looks like the rethuglicans may very well push the donkeys into a corner to exercise the 14th amendment … ~https://www.rawstory.com/2020/12/republicans-plotting-to-deny-presidency-to-biden-on-floor-of-the-house-if-trump-gives-the-word-report/

The ghost of tricky dick/watergate is haunting us once again right now, will the party of jackasses blink again?

Drumpf must be prosecuted and imprisoned, otherwise this infection will only fester.



In my opinion, the so-called “Left” should completely ignore the orange loser’s cultists wherever they are because they’re no different than fundamentalist Christians…no one’s mind is going to be changed no matter how much you scream at them. All it encourages is violence, and the so-called “Left” is against violence. The cultists may want a civil war, but if the “Left” doesn’t show up to play into their script there can’t be a civil war. And by gathering to counter and to scream at the cultists, all that shows is one’s own hypocrisy when one is violating the COVID health guidelines that one claims to believe in. There are not supposed to be any gatherings at this time for any reason. What about that do people not understand? I expect this behavior from the orange’s cultists, but the so-called “Left” presumably stands for something, correct? And if the cultists were to all die from COVID, it’s a choice they’ve made by attending super-spreader events without a face mask and calling it all a “hoax.” They will get what they deserve. Their messiah is taking credit for a vaccine for a virus he calls a hoax. Why is there a need for a vaccine for a hoax? He wants credits for a vaccine and he wants credit for calling it a hoax. That’s called insanity. Planet Earth has turned insane. Something must be in the water.


both sides seeking a confrontation


Shame on every single reporter that continues to cover the brutalization of Black & brown people tonight as “clashes between blm & trump supporters.” NO! Our city is under attack. STOP the false equivalency!



You write that:

“There are not supposed to be any gatherings at this time for any reason. What about that do people not understand?”

I absolutely agree and related to that point is when business owners allow people in their stores who are not wearing facial coverings. When this occurs then grocery stores, for example, are just as culpable as those people who foolishly come into the store without a mask or face shield.


There is a good point to that. Reality is, the right has wielded charges of hypocrisy to great effect within its realm of influence. So called leftists, who engage the Proud Boys directly, against health authority recommendations, give television cameras and news organizations the ability to “both sides” garbage behavior. Frankly, in some areas, leftists are guilty of bad behavior too. I really wish some of the activists would read more about Richard Nixon, who sought to trigger their impulses, such as in his visit to San Jose amidst large anti-war protests. People generally don’t like violence and he understood well how to use that wedge. If everyone is violent, we just need the authorities to crack down, after all.


Lincoln turned the page on confederacy treasonous acts for the so called good of the country, ignored, and here they are once again. To ignore is be ignorant in this case. And ignorance will eat you alive! For the right wing kooks the Civil War never ended, just ask Mcconnell.


Someone should advertise that TRUMP is looking for a few good men." Then when they sign up, tell them they are about to be drafted and sent overseas to “protect” America. I bet a lot of them would suddenly decide that—gosh, sorry but they had to help their grandma take out the garbage and just wouldn’t be available. : )