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in:cGreen New Deal or the Blood Red Apocalypse. Your Choice': Dems Urged to Embrace Bold Climate Action as West Burnshats

I looked into NZ immigration. Even with the millions of my 1% family wealth, I still do not qualify. Ditto for Canada :frowning: The only country I qualify to immigrate to is Israel, which I will not do as I do not support the Zionist State that is offensive to real Jews and Spiritual Israel (which I believe in - the modern state is a mockery of True Israel - for True Israel is a State of Diversity which includes Palestinians!). Only the .001 will be able to escape this horror. We must act NOW by not electing either Trump or Biden. Just say NO.

I was legally in Canada as a “religious worker” at the time. Even my family millions are not enough to buy immigration to NZ or QC at the present time. You need tens of millions to immigrate these days…So much for free movement of people! It’s total BS unless you are part of the .001%, At the current moment, most countries ban US Passport holders due to Covid-19 mismanagement. That Mexican wall was to keep us IN, not to keep the others out. Said that in 2016 and still say it.

As this forum won’t allow me to reply directly to Duckpins, here is my response:

The problem, Duckpins, is what Dennis Kucinich revealed in a Town Hall in NH that I was present at back in 2000 in NH. Some Marxists in the front row asked him whether he would continue to fund the State of Israel. Kucinich’s answer was very telling! He said that he would continue to fund the Zionist State, as that was the price to pay for the State NOT to light the match that would destroy the entire ME. Kucinich more or less revealed that Israel has us blackmailed… and that there is not much we can do about it - even to the point that he would continue to pay the price that “is the price for not lighting the match.” I will never forget this - I was physically present during this conversation.

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Zed - I’ve been following your posts, but they are a little too sophisticated for the average US American brainwashed by the MSM…Nevertheless, I find myself in agreement with you.

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By all means, let us urge the “Dems” to take “bold action.” Like we did before. And before that. And before that. Just remember, Joe told his people that “nothing will change.”


But always a way to PAY FOR MIC/INTELLIGENCE …
even when NSA is spying on Americans every day – 24/7!!

many summits –

HEART – and

It may not be totally clear as yet – though hard to understand how it isn’t clear –
that Global Warming/Nature are taking charge of us – and our economy and
all purpose of it will be based in nature –

If we have any intentions of helping Mother Nature and the planet now is the time
to begin to move on doing that …

We need to keep cars off the roadways --=

Insane for anyone to be going back to the office –
We need to be re-engineering gasoline driven cars to ELECTRIC –
and the government must help us do that – training mechanics and
pay half the costs along with cheap loans.

Along the way the oil industry should be nationalized
Which would quickly mean an end to all of the insanity of US/CIA wars of aggression.

Health care will be essential – food – products that are absolutely necessary for day
to day living. HEMP should be planted everywhere to help Nature/Ozone layer.
To change our products for durability – clothing – rope – paper.
And to end pollution of petroleum used in fertilizers and all plastics –

The answers are back in our communities where we need to take control over energy
and assist labor.
How many of our towns couldn’t absorb town workers if we return to basic services - ?
Right wing has already anticipated this – and we are seeing those at home moving to
figure out what’s happening in their towns on all issues – getting to those town meetings.
Aim of the right wing is to take over those Town Meetings and not to permit townspeople
to speak.

How much work needs to be done in your community that’s not happening now?

Right now, we have economies based on paychecks from companies workers travel to.
Paying for car loans, mortgages, private schools – where what we need is child care –
and town transportation to move workers. This is the movement back to where we should

It is my opinion that this descent towards hell on Earth began with the take out of JFK.

Well - here we are - and the powers that be are literally laughing at us as they appoint their pathetic surrogates to positions of facade power.

That’s the immediate threat.

But the destruction of the natural world is the ultimate threat.

  1. I seem to have forgotten that second thought.

Is this smoke coming from California – ?

Or is this Canadian trees/woods on fire also along the coast – ?

We have an alleged “people’s” government, under control of Elites/Patriarchy
since the beginning –

In order to see any positive change – you need to changes the faces –

and the minds, of course – but mainly the faces.

Am in the Bay Area. Yesterday it was as if there was literally no sunrise. It stayed almost entirely dark until around 1:00 p.m. Not exaggerating. When very young, had a fear that one morning, the sun wouldn’t rise. Never imagined it would - in effect - come to pass.


Maybe we need to amend or dismantle the corporation itself.


From where I sit, here in Richmond, CA under a dim pink noonday sun, the choice posed here strikes me as discombobulated – not yet oriented to the world as it is. Yesterday, one of communities entirely consumed by flame was beautiful Berry Creek, formerly snuggled next to Lake Oroville, essentially burnt off the map today. You may not have even heard the name, so many other entire towns also burned down. But one of the houses reduced to dust in Berry Creek happened to be my brother’s house – where his part of the clan was raised. Once upon a time, it was a wonderful place to raise kids (including goats!)

Here the GND is posited as a choice which can exclude the devastation unfolding at this moment? I’m confused by such an attitude toward time, or something – Is it supposed to be a joke?

Funny Times carried a cartoon with the proud inventor of an unpretentious time-machine, which just looks like a big cardboard box. “It works, only in real time.” Unfortunately, no reverse-gear is available.


Wishbone Ash also has a song “Phoenix” on their first album. It’s a classic for WA fans.

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No, the smoke and ash, along with the yellow/orange/rust colored skies are from our own fires.



I agree, and the assassins have never been held accountable and the inevitable result is why today Amerika is a fascist country with a White Nationalist leader like Trump.Not a conspiracy theory…THAT IS A FACT! I think RFK would have exposed them but in my opinion, that is why the same people that assassinated JFK had to take out RFK because they were aware that he would be elected the next POTUS and would bring the thugs that assassinated his brother to justice.


Absolutely, yes we do. Abolish the limited-liability, investor-owned corporation. “Limited liability” means it is in the interests of investors for criminal corporations to reap profits from looting, because the investors are not liable for the crimes of the corporations, but are only liable for the money they invested. A system designed to promote and profit from criminal looting. The first such corporation was the Dutch East India Company, literally invented to carry out colonization.

And the so-called “trade” agreements are written by and for these looting corporations. The corporations came first, and they are the source of these “trade” agreements. We need to oppose these trade agreements certainly, but we must go to the root of the problem, which is the looting class, and the corporations they designed to fulfill their world vision of “owning” everything.

We absolutely need - the ecology of the living Earth absolutely needs - a different operating system for “the economy.” Abolition Now!


I keep getting e-mails from Pelosi asking me to “endorse” her. No way!

Newsom is on the right side of many environmental issues, but his record on fracking is terrible. I get e-mails from him complaining about other politicians’ environmental record & then I get as many e-mails from environmental groups complaining about Newsom’s environmental record.

Believe me, the Blood Red Apocalypse will be many times more expensive than the Green New Deal. Besides that, the former is extremely lethal, while the latter will save lives – not only human, but other species as well; and it can lead to a much better, more enjoyable society as well as environment. It is a no-brainer, but our politicians are worse than brainless.


That should be dedicated to the town of Phoenix, Oregon, which sadly is done for.

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It is a 68% decline in number, not species, but that is still alarming, & we are definitely well into a mass extinction, & it promises to be 1 of the worst that this planet has experienced.

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Well the solution sounds simple then. If the oligarchs rather we all go then let us get rid of the oligarchs.


Yes - not in species -

Looking back on my post, I don’t think I said species -

“That Mexican wall was to keep us IN, not to keep others out.”

Exactly what I said, when I saw the concertina wire installed on the US side of the wall.


I know you didn’t. But I wanted to make that clarification because 68% species extinction is typical as the end result of a mass extinction. At the rate we’re going, this mass extinction will likely surpass that level. The large decline in number is a prelude to a high rate of extinction.

If we include many other species that have become extinct at the hands of man (partly or fully) over the last 50,000 years, it can be seen that we’re beyond the early stages of mass extinction, and we are now accelerating at an alarming rate.

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