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In Charlotte, National Guard Descends on Community Seeking Justice and Answers


In Charlotte, National Guard Descends on Community Seeking Justice and Answers

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The National Guard and State Highway Patrol were deployed Thursday morning in uptown Charlotte after another night of demonstrations captured the community's grief and outrage over the recent police killing of Keith Lamont Scott.


The protestors used an acceptable amount of force in Charlotte last night to push back against the gestapo.
They took control of Charlotte's prime business district instead of confining themselves to their own blighted neighborhoods.
That resulted in the business district being shuttered today.
That's economic pain directed at the right target.
Tonight the protestors will face the National Guard so the situation will be dicier.


Hey, CommonDreams, let's get real. What your editors need do is read comments on this incident, and similar incidents, at Yahoo! News. Then all will be revealed. Yes, the bigotry, racism, and viciousness of a rather outspoken portion of the U.S. population will be revealed in its firm righteousness. Now, no such individual could be a police officer, could they? And, hey, the police "found" PCP in Keith Lamont Scott's vehicle. Perhaps too bad for Scott, but of course, a police officer would never, never I tell you(!), plant the PCP his or her self. And, having found the PCP ... well having such in one's vehicle is a capital offense, justifying execution on the spot, without trial or any of that stuff. As is well known, this is true if the PCP was found in an individual's vehicle after the individual was shot to death by a police officer ... well at least an African American individual. After all, what Scott did was so egregious, in no way was it as insignificant as the case of the Caucasian fellow in Baltimore who shot several African American parishioners at a prayer meeting. After all, subsequent to this individual's arrest, the arresting officers stopped at a fast food establishment and acquired him a hamburger. They did not shoot him upon arrest because shooting several African American parishioners is not as important as (possibly) possessing PCP (possibly) discovered (not planted) after the individual was shot to death while walking away from the police. Wait a minute! Planted, there is no evidence the police planted the PCP. Yes, their body cameras just happened to not be working, but so what? And, hey, it can't be helped that a police officer cannot distinguish a book from a gun. I mean, you're in a tense situation with a suspect walking away from you. How much more tense a situation can one imagine? Additionally, as Bill Clinton has informed us, African Americans are so irresponsible, good eyesight is unnecessary when dealing with them. Shooting first and finding PCP later is a wise policy, despite the state of a police officer's vision.


I do not condone violence, but what I find egregious is that according to many in the MSM a few broken windows are more important than a man reading a book, sitting in his car and waiting to pick up his son at school and shot by the police. And then the police have the temerity to say the book was a gun!


So, North Carolina's governator believes that the way to calm people down after a Police shooting is to threaten them with the National Guard Shooting them?

Because, what could go wrong with That?


Imhotep: People have the right to protest, but they do not have the right to cause people to have to shut down their way of making a living, or to physically prevent people from going about their lives and their business. Nobody says that the cop who gunned down Keith Lamont Scott behaved acceptably. In fact, it was abominable. When protestors take their anger out on people who have absolutely nothing to do with what they're protesting against, it's way out of bounds, imho.


Trump and the oligarchy would agree with you.
"But that ain't me."


One doesn't have to be for Trump to say that some of the protestors' tactics really have been deplorable, and have put people's lives in danger. Causing ambulances to have to be diverted, which has been used a lot, is inexcusable.

I stand by my position that people who've had nothing to do with their problems shouldn't have to suffer the consequences.


Actually they certainly DO have that right. Another way is through a boycott. Ask Cesar Chavez if that doesn't work....
In fact is is the only way to make change happen - by inflicting economic pain on people who would rather not get involved and force them to look at the issues at hand.
Do you think positive change has ever happened by people standing around nicely saying 'please'?


Did the family agree he had a gun after seeing the video? I have not heard that as of yet. Only the police SAYING the video shows he had a gun. Maybe more news has been revealed that I have missed though.... And if the gun is clearly reveal on the video what possible reason would the police have to not show the video as widely as possible? It would back up their case of justified shooting...
And just yesterday it was reported that in a a reopened case http://kfor.com/2016/09/21/leaked-video-shows-st-louis-police-officer-killing-driver-with-prohibited-weapon/ regarding crime from 2011 where a St Louis police officer shot a black man revealed that the officer planted the gun at the scene. It was caught on footage only recently revealed. The cop is being prosecuted for murder how. If you think cops don't plant drugs or guns after the fact to justify a murder or arrest you are very naive....


What I was responding to was MaPo 's comment that it was disrupting business/ commerce in downtown Charlotte not the actions of agitators causing violent property destruction. If commerce is shut down is causes people to wake up and pay attention. How you can possibly rational imply it is a bad thing for people to realize what is going on in police departments in their area and around the country?? And you wake up when something causes you to - like disrupting your income stream....
Any protest, no matter how peaceful is going to have a few bad apples that get all the attention. Most of the protestors in Charlotte were completely nonviolent or destructive no matter what you prefer to believe.


Your reasoning is weak. Are you a cop or the father or relative of one because it certainly seems like it you are doing contortions to justify their behaviors. Particularly your non-reason for them not allowing the video to be seen.... 'Because they would riot anyway' is all you can say?

And clearly your comparison between police and blacks is pure nonsense. I take it back - you probably aren't a cop but a politican- spouting meaningless equivalencies in an attempt to trivialize the acts of multiple police departments in multiple areas across a very large country who are supposedly trained to serve and protect not themselves but the very citizenry they are murdering...

As to use of body cameras has so far done nothing to deter the unjustified killing of black men. Multiple incidents have been clearly caught on cameras- dash, body and cell, and many with multiple eye witnesses telling the same story and yet the officers involved have walked away scot free, either never being charged or being acquitted by stacked juries or unreasonable jury instructions. So falling back on the platitudes you mentions the end are also meaningless..


This was not a justified shooting as far as any evidence revealed so far suggests.
The fact that you see it as such with no objective evidence presented is revealing as to your education and your personal leanings.
You clearly need to educate yourself about social movements for change and how they build support over time and how and when changes become inevitable because a certain series of actions took place which shock people into a new way of thinking.
I refer you to your local college or university. Most have coursework n this area you could audit. History and knowledge are your friend. They trump your 'feelings' on the subject and will give you a much better understanding of social movements. Good day.



The police chief of the Charlotte - Mecklenburg police himself states that the video does not show clear evidence that the victim had a gun and further says the man's hands were at his sides.
Perhaps you hear or read only the parts you want to hear....


Spoken like an establishment law and order conservative.


Lol - you are having a bad bad day and yet you keep digging your hole deeper and deeper buddy.
First off all it was a protest. Not a riot. Again your historical knowledge is pathetically weak. Watts was a riot. THIS was a protest.
And then to have the ignorant temerity to say it was for 'no reason'.....and you think I am 'out of line' ( who says that anymore - what are you 90- lol?) . Regular murders of black men around the country by police is 'no reason' to you.... Awesome.
And then to make it all about your 'widdle feelings being hurt' because I suggested you likely do not have reasonably educated grasp of the situation and the historical context of social protest movements ......
It just isn't your day is it? People actually calling you on your reflexive unexamined trust and worship of police.... Tsk tsk poor dear. I am sure there is a nice lily white community outside your door that will reassure you as to your innocent superiority over those rioting black devils....


Timesy: what no comment on the fact that the police chief says the video does not actually show a gun? Doesn't fit your narrative does it?


Black people in the US are targets for trigger happy police. They are being targeted and killed whether they are walking on the street, sitting in their cars, whether they do everything the police demand of them or not. They are killed either way. To make it even worse, they are constantly being denied justice by complicit prosecutors and juries of all white members. For the authorities to counsel peaceful demonstrations is ludicrous and self defeating! This ploy has been used for years with obvious results for the demonstrators, nothing!


Why do you keep harping on violence? It's clear you would like to see a lot of dead protesters the way you keep trying to persuade everyone of the 'terrible widespread violence' that is all in your head .
The Charlotte protests have been generally peaceful.that is a fact. Accept it. Just stop trying to inflame the situation. I will continually challenge you on your falsehoods and misleading statements until you do because you are maligning good people with serious lay important demands that are not being met. That can not go unresponded to.


You gave yourself away there my southern fried redneck friend!!
No actual Democrat will EVER EVER call it "The Democrat Party" which is the right's favorite supposed perjorative these days... Real Democrats call it The Democratic Party- ALWAYS.
.... I am going to guess you are former southern democrat who flipped to Republicans when black people actually got the rights they deserved and you have been miffed ever since. A willing target of Tricky Dicky's 'southern strategy'. You have to be a little more careful - your facade is slipping....