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In 'Chilling' Attack on Press Freedom, Trump's DOJ Seizes Phone and Email Records of Reporter


In 'Chilling' Attack on Press Freedom, Trump's DOJ Seizes Phone and Email Records of Reporter

Julia Conley, staff writer

Crossing a line that the Obama administration was previously attacked for breaching, the Department of Justice seized the phone and email records of a national security reporter at the New York Times in the Trump administration's effort to stop government leaks.


Every day or so another article highlights how our Constitution is being shredded by the administrations of this century. Whistleblowers are punished–regardless of supposed saftey nets built in–leakers, likewise. The conservative judges being appointed–from mostly the heritage foundation–are allowing insidious discrimination to creep back in. Journalists have to be careful with how they get vital info to the public. The corporate(MSM)media stifles or denies the publication of anything even slightly to the right and especially the left of a very narrow range in which to operate. The independents, such as Common Dreams are the best source for important news. I applaud the reporters on such publications because the pay I’m sure, is far less than say the NY Times or the W Post. Thanx! We all have to be vigilant or we will wake up without the narrow democracy we have today. I see it coming, most don’t because of all the distractions built into a system designed to do just that. I read indies and books to stay informed; I wish others would too.


The Lady of Justice isn’t wearing a blindfold and holding a set of scales anymore.


Trump and the GOP are instituting fascism and a strongman dictatorship.
Trump’s war on journalists is increasing.
The DOJ just prosecuted a congressional staffer for giving whistleblower data to a journalist, but never prosecutes Trump gang members like Jared, Pruitt, and the many others who have repeatedly lied and violated the law.
It’s time for all of us to do street protests and use other methods to pressure the corporate Dems to push for impeaching Trump and purging the GOP, educating the feckless American sheeple that Trump and the GOP are gangsters and must be jailed.


Here are a couple of other comments that I made on the NY"Times" regarding how we can use Emperor Trump to expose both little “Power Grabs” and the entire EMPIRE:


Let’s buy the Lady of Justice an AR-15 and point her towards the White House and Congress.


Drip, drip, drip, until we finally drown in fascism.


I’m an old hippy too, and I read and think, it’s not illegal yet! I would do it even if it was illegal. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. Don’t worry, there are some of us out here, just not enough of us. Many more people need to get involved in our government. The only advantage is little average guys and gals have is our numbers and if we don’t get out and participate, then the bad guys will just take over, this is why the right wing media barrage of divide and conquer strategy. They get men fighting with women, whites against people of color, citizens against immigrants, phony Christians against real Christians, and Christians against Muslims or Pagans or other religions, rich against poor and the middle class, straight heterosexuals against gays and rural against urban, and on and on. I am not afraid of black people, or Muslims, or gays, or aliens from outer space or anywhere else as long as they are nice people and the only ones that I am afraid of are the insane rabid gun toting, phony Christian Right wing libertarian, ignorant, selfish, greedy, arrogant, lying, bigoted, hateful, environmental destructor, racist, misogynistic sociopathic perverts that have taken over the Republican Party. I don’t want a civil war but if they start one I’ll be more than happy to finish it for them and while it won’t be pretty, they are not going to win this time either. I’m a Yank and I’m proud of it!

This is all a bunch of childish nonsense anyway. We are in the throes of having to adapt or die. We must get off fossil fuels and work with nature, not against her, because our very lives depend upon nature and the natural processes that sustain life. If we destroy the live giving and sustaining capacity of nature we are all doomed and even the billionaire class is not immune no matter how many lies that they tell themselves. It’s past time to grow up, tell the truth and get busy making the necessary changes over to a sustainable green economy and green jobs and justice, peace and truth and cooperation for all humans. We are all in this life together. It’s past time to realize these things and get real. We must all live simply so that others and other life forms may simply live. I don’t want to get rich. I don’t want a multimillion dollar mansion. I don’t want a $10,000 Gucci pocketbook! All I want is to get off the grid and live in my eco cob cottage and homestead with organic chickens and vegetables and to live in peace with solar panels and a windmill and perhaps an electric car. That is plenty of luxury for anyone. Why would anyone want any more? Without the birds and wild animals and trees and the magnificent beauties of the vast natural world, all the money in the world becomes completely meaningless. You cannot purchase the priceless for any amount of money and it can never be replaced once it is gone, so let us stop before it is too late and clean up and do our best to renew and restore what is left of the natural world and create a healthier and more sustainable planet for us all to live in and spend what is left of our lives loving and caring for one another as Jesus Christ told us to do in the Gospels that far too many so called Christians do not appear to have cared enough to have read. Bigotry, greed and lies and the wanton destruction of this earth, God’s creation, is a gross insult to the creator and is an unforgivable sin. It is time to wake up and grow up now and finally do what is right. We can no longer afford to allow men like Trump and the Republicans and the evil corporate controlled democrats to ruin our country and the world and this planet for personal greed and power. This must end one way or another. We must choose wisely. Choose sustainability and brotherly and sisterly love or face the dire consequences. There is no time left. Choose now!


I’m glad the article points out that the Obama administration did as much in 2013. This issue is not owned by the Republicans.

“This decision by the Justice Department will endanger reporters’ ability to promise confidentiality to their sources and, ultimately, undermine the ability of a free press to shine a much-needed light on government actions.”

This applies to the attempt to silence Julian Assange (by both parties) and so many whistleblowers that were prosecuted under Obama.


I saw an image of her holding a cross instead of a torch. Scary shite.