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In 'Chilling' Escalation, Trump Warns Russia That Missiles 'Will Be Coming' at Syria


In 'Chilling' Escalation, Trump Warns Russia That Missiles 'Will Be Coming' at Syria

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Responding to a Russian diplomat's warning that any American missiles fired at Syria would be "downed," President Donald Trump told Russia to "get ready" in a tweet Wednesday morning because missiles "will be coming"—a threat commentators characterized as an extraordinarily dangerous escalation of tensions between two nuclear powers.


I think the Stormy Daniels thing is starting to get to him.


The importance of a message should be inversely proportional to the means by which it is delivered. Geopolitics by the tweet? FFS!


Well, this may be a very short world war . . .


Saddam Hussein was a gas-wielding war criminal. We know because the U.S. government has the receipts.

Vladimir Putin is playing a dangerous game because the U.S. public is usually stone blind to what their own government did. That’s the problem with escalation in kind.


Have I said how much I hate the Knuckle-Dragger-in-Chief?!


What a coincidence that only 1 day after John Bolton the psychopathic war lover took office, suddenly Trump is openly threatening war and destruction, even against his own buddy Vlad, after only last week vowing to withdraw from Syria. And no, it isn’t the chemical attack that prompted this sudden change - anyone with a brain knows that was a false flag attack.

Trump must be listening to Bolton constantly, filling his empty little head with his war and destruction talk 24/7. Trump - being the stupidest fuck to occupy the Oval Office ever, with no ideologies of his own - sucks it up like a sponge and vomits it right back out in his own way.

Very scary.


Does this mean that Trump will offer an official US apology to Iran for the 1953 coup, the installation of the bloodthirsty Shah, and the funding, creation, and training of SAVIK? Also, by the metric contained in his tweet the US must immediately cut all ties with Saudi Arabia.

Isn’t this the same guy that boasted on the campaign trail that he’d carpet bomb the whole of the ME?

Let me get this straight: he hates Muslims, but is outraged that Assad and not he is killing them, and he won’t allow any Syrian refugees into the US. OK, I got it now. Makes perfect sense.


And, not to be overlooked, the Iraqi people are soooo much better off now that we’ve hung the bastard and presided over the nearly complete demolition of their once functioning nation.


Well said! I totally agree. God help us all. And when I say all of us, I mean Humanity and all living creatures on the planet.


This is serious people. This could be game over.

And for what?


As well as the walls closing in from all sides, like the raiding of his personal attorney’s office and all communications between them being seen now by the Feds. Trump may be dumber than a bag of doorknobs - and he is - but even he can sense the bad things that are looming over him. The best thing that could happen to him, his family, and the entire world would be if Trump keeled over from a massive coronary after eating his 3rd Big Mac and large fries for lunch today. Champagne sales would quintuple overnight.


And the Mueller thing.


Now one and the same.


Too much time elapsed to edit. That should have been SAVAK.


I am disgusted to be an American…have been for quite some time. I regret not listening to my heart when I was young and leaving this shithole of a country. The only thing that is keeping it together is the corruption and greed.


Amen brother. There are no words left for me now. The USA is the most war mongering terrorist nation in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD. I wish I had left this fucking hypocritical shithole of a country a long time ago. Now I am stuck here watching it all go down in flames as many of its sociopathic citizens cheer on this madness and insanity. There truly are no words left for me. I have been screaming about it for years and it continually gets worse day by day. My hope is gone now. I will endeavor to live out my final days as best I can praying for all the flora and fauna that humans are destroying in their quest for madness. Humans are nothing but a fucking failed species that evolved to destroy instead of nurture their environment.


Yes Donnie, and I’ll warn you, “Indictments will be coming your way.”


Bingo. Fish out any interview of Assad and simply listen to the man. He is rational and caring. Perhaps not caring enough for the holy US$, though.


'I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness…" Those who grew up in the shadow of Vietnam, Watergate, Chicago 68, Woodstock, Kent State … all cheering on the war machine and condemning our “enemies,” smug and complacent and hypnotized. Clueless. Uninformed. Doing their part for Big Brother. Sickening.