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In 'Clear Violation of Domestic and International Law,' Trump Bombs Syria


In 'Clear Violation of Domestic and International Law,' Trump Bombs Syria

Jon Queally, staff writer

Foreign policy experts, human rights groups, and anti-war activists all immediately and forcefully condemned the U.S. bombardment of Syria on Friday night after reports indicated the "illegal" attack on the sovereign Middle East nation had begun and President Donald Trump announced in a national address that he had ordered the strikes alongside French and U.K. forces.




Send to The Hague to face charges as a war criminal!


i really believe i live in the most corrupt country on the face of the earth. This shit has been going on pretty much non-stop since 1991 and the first gulf war.

we have plenty of money for the military industrial complex but no money for universal healthcare, free college or a federal jobs program.

The people who run this country are fucking psychotic! I have to get the hell out.


Just conservatives doing what they do best, fuck things up.


Unfortunately, Congress gave presidents power to wage war with the following act. It’s just a matter of interpretation as to what constitutes terrorism. And ONLY ONE congress person voted against it, Barbara Lee.


Totally illegal. At least Germany didn’t go along but Britain and France did. And apparently the Republicans are supporting it. The Republican Party no longer seems to care about the US Constitution or anything other than winning election and furthering the crazy libertarian views of the Koch brothers and going along for the ride with white supremacist president who seems to support fascism. The only opposition in Washington seems to be the Democrats but they don’t have the power to do anything about it by themselves. Congress should hold an emergency meeting to address this flaunting of the law by Trump and certainly the UN needs to be meet as soon as possible to deal with this.


I had just pulled into the parking lot to do some late grocery shoping, and this bombing blared out of my car radio. I am appalled and ashamed of my country. This is just the latest in a long line of illegal atrocities and war crimes this country has committed. This isn’t about Trump. This about the US Empire run amok.

Not just our Congress should go into special session to address this illegal bombing of a sovereign nation, but the UN better get its act together tomorrow and sanction the USA, France, and the UK.

I’m am totally pissed off and hope that Russia can keep a cool head about all this.


We need to have the politicians in charge of the US war machine tried for war crimes. This political system largely agrees with this type of stuff, there are huge profits in war, and the media is basically the propaganda arm of the state when it comes to stuff like this. Our democracy and economy are broken, and the Democrats are not up the task.

This has nothing to do with human rights, nothing at all, and everyone knows it. Those on TV know it, the politicians know it, most of the country knows it. I am sick to death of this country, this political system, these two parties, our foreign policy, the war industries, our media. To hell with it all.


There is no way this comes under terrorism. The attack was against a nation state engaged in a civil war. The US did attack ISIS in Syria but that was considered to be an attack against terrorists.


Illegal and immoral and reckless.


An article suggested that the US and its Allies talked themselves into a corner on this and that the Russians , as they did before gave the US and its allies an out so that they could “save face” while preventing ouright war. According to an ex Israeli Intelligence official , Syria and Russia moved all of its assets to other bases leaving the main targets empty of anything tangible. He claimed that did this so that the US could go ahead and launch the strikes, speak to the public of their resolve and then go home. He made the claims the strikes would happen several days ago.

Once the attacks made , Russia and Syria move their assets back to the Airfields being targetted and it back to the situation that existed prior to tonight.

Whether this an accurate assessment remains to be seen.

The Countries that perfromed this action are in clear violation of International law , but this was the case with Iraq and Yemen as well.


It’s state terrorism. Let’s follow the logic of this all through. We say that ISIS in Syria poses a threat to us, so we bomb ISIS, or we (laughingly bomb Syria on human rights grounds) and we support similar groups at the same time in Syria, but that’s another story. Now, if the logic is that it is justified, this is justified, then couldn’t Syria bomb a Lockheed Martin plant? Why not the Pentagon? Certainly both of those institutions pose a threat to Syria, and clearly international law doesn’t matter, right? Terrorism is politically motivated violence directed at a group or a government, violence used in order to achieve a political objective. This is terrorism, state terrorism, and it is in violation of international law. And as I said, if you want argue against that, then you’d have to say nothing if Syria bombed a plant that made bombs that could be used against it. If a bomb takes out a preschool, oops, Syria will send thoughts and prayers, issue an apology, say it targeted a terrorist weapons manufacturer and made a mistake, and you’ll be here arguing that it wasn’t terrorism. Right? I mean, with our horrific foreign policy and human rights record, shouldn’t Syria protect the world and the region from us?


Did you actually read the article? Here’s an excerpt:
The AUMF has also been cited by a wide variety of US officials as justification for continuing US military actions all over the world. Often the phrases “Al-Qaeda and associated forces” or “affiliated forces” have been used by these officials. However, that phrase does not appear in the AUMF.[12]

According to a report by the Congressional Research Service, published May 11, 2016, at that time the 2001 AUMF had been cited 37 times in connection with actions in 14 countries and on the high seas. The report stated that “Of the 37 occurrences, 18 were made during the Bush Administration, and 18 have been made during the Obama Administration.” The countries that were mentioned in the report included Afghanistan, Cuba (Guantanamo Bay), Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Georgia, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Philippines, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

I highlighted Libya as one example. That was about getting rid of Gaddafi. The point it this act can be used and in fact Barbara Lee (the only one to vote against it) has consistently criticized it since for being a blank check giving the government unlimited powers to wage war without debate. Obama was president under the Libya attack. This act has been used since it was written in ways it wasn’t written for because it’s too vague.
Assad can be considered a terrorist along with his military. Congressional approval is not really required any longer for declaring war. And finally, we NEVER refer to our actions as war, so technically it is not a war. And therefore does not need approval.


Theresa May and her poodle Trump don’t respect sovereign borders.
There has to be a retaliation.


I guess this is all Comey and Muller’s fault…Wag the dog!


The Democrats love war just as much as Republicans. They’re nothing but fake opposition.


And even if it did need approval the lily livered Congress would just sit on their thumbs like they have in the past.


War is all the USA exports now. I support your getting the hell out while you can.


Absolutely, and while Barack Obama was totally opposed this kind of thing, he couldn’t do anything about it, so instead he expanded the drone wars to seven countries, bombed civilians daily and declared that he alone could decide to execute without trial anyone anywhere, even American Citizens.

Hillary (we came, we saw, he died) Clinton opposed it but couldn’t do anything about it, so she voted in favor of it and later declared that the U.S. should impose a “no-fly” in Syria, and shoot down any plane from anywhere, even Russia, to maintain the Empire and it’s rule.

I can’t leave this country, I don’t have the means, but if I could, I would flee now.


All three countries have seats on the UN Security Council, and would veto any proposed sanctions.

The UN needs to abolish the Security Council, and democratize its legal authority.