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In 'Clear Violation of Domestic and International Law,' Trump Bombs Syria


Allen, I’m sorry to say that you “don’t live in the most corrupt country on the face of the earth” — you and I and all American citizen/‘subjects’ actually live in an EMPIRE — and specifically the first in world history: ‘effectively-Disguised’, dual ‘Vichy Party’, ‘truly-Global’, and crony ‘Capitalist-fueled’ EMPIRE — which is only nominally HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as, our former country and which can only be accurately defined, confronted, and over-thrown by’exposing’ this global cancer simply named “EMPIRE”. ------ as what it actually is, which is an EMPIRE — not an oligarchy, nor plutocracy, nor ‘deep state’, nor corporate-state, nor … any of the other loose terminology that can easily be used by the EMPIRE to disarm the principled progressive (and sometime soon, even ‘Revolutionary’) left!

BTW, Allen, the phrase used in the title of this article, “'Clear Violation of Domestic and International Law,” ---- has absoeffinlutley no meaning or impact on faux-Emperor Trump’s EMPIRE — for the simple reason that EMPIRE’s don’t follow any stinkin RULE OF LAW.

Christ, it’s a God-damned EMPIRE — of course LAWS have no meaning!

BTW2, Allen (and all others who said they just want to “get out”) — none of us can “get out” — this EMPIRE is the first truly ‘GLOBAL EMPIRE’, so like the Hotel California, “you can check in, but you can never check out”.

The ONLY solution (and only Americans with their heads screwed-on correctly can do this — and only NON-violently). We, ‘we the American people’ have to have the brains and courage to fire a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in the streets’, but totally NON-violent “SHOUT (not shot) heard round the world” to ignite an essential Second American people’s peaceful patriotic Political/economic and social(ist) “Revolution Against Empire” [ Justin du Rivage] which overcomes, and overturns this cancerous tumor of metastasizing cancer in our ‘body politic’.

It may sound hard — but it is actually easy and we are the only people of earth who can, and are responsible, to do this ---- because as we have already seen in sickening gore, any other people who tried to do this were slaughtered in unlimited numbers and with effin complete impunity to any effin LAWS!


We are biological neighbors of pack and herd animals. We are taught to be ashamed of ourselves for being social and the individual leader is stressed. The superstar will come in a blaze of wonder and set us free. At the same time, many mostly younger scientists are actively experimenting with attempts to discover if humans are smart enough to know how smart animals are. They often discover animals doing things humans thought were human, a skiing crow, for example.

Now we are an adult species and see ourselves for what we are and should not be too disappointed that we can be trained. The actual shame is for capitalist cynics who have learned to herd humans and do it for wealth in a game designed to grow to infinity with one final owner. How weirdly simple is that?

Our path as a mature species is wrapped in stories. Distributed intelligence is more than a mathematical average. Autonomous democracy outside of governments is more than yes/no. It is fun discovering what all of us see together. All any of us can say with certainty is that focused distributed intelligence backed by 14 billion years of evolution will most likely come up with something surprisingly simple. Autonomous democracy can and will pose questions and find answers. Please push the start button. Thank you.


If China stops selling rare earths to the US, it will be the end of any US-based wind and solar energy, or electric vehicle industres. Do you really want that?


Sounds good. Jesus died a horrible death for trying to help others make this world a better more caring place. But, there was no father who could save him.


Bill Clinton managed to help bring the Balkan War to a swift conclusion. Both Bush I & II brought wars upon the world with no end in sight and probably had more to do with Reagan era wars than Reagan himself. Obama failed to help usher in some good out of the Arab Spring but he managed to lead without giving the impression of himself as a ruthless warmonger. Okay, the system is rigged, but republican leaders continually present themselves as ruthless warmonger arms merchants obviously out to do no one but the filthy rich any good. We’re certainly up shit creek, but it’s republicans more than democrats doing their worst to make today’s nightmare more hellish. I won’t equate the two parties as the same. Somehow, Trump and his ilk have got to be presented as the worst no matter how similar other party leaders seem to act.


Times that Congress has used its Constitutional power to ‘declare war’:

War with Britain 1812
War with Mexico 1846
War with Spain 1898
World War I 1917
World War II 1941-2

That’s all folks!

All the rest have in one of world’s more retarded attempts at ‘democracy’ have been left to the person of an indirectly elected executive in chief.


Obama did turn out to be more of a war hawk than we would have liked. Partly because his cabinet were war hawks. But Obama didn’t fail at hope and change. He was allowed zero support from a renegade, retrograde, childish house and senate.

They will never forget that Obama got healthcare reform passed while republicans all thumbed their noses. G


Wikipedia indicates that Rhythm of the Rain was the ninth most performed song on radio/TV in the 20th century. :slightly_smiling_face:


Rather curious choice of writing style, which I substantially appreciate.

You posted an extremely comprehensive and on-point version of inextricably linked world affairs, which is not an easy task. Thanks.


Hi Yunzer.

You could add to that all sorts of military weapons and other technologies.

But, no; and, I didn’t say that I want that (eventually, I want to get my home completely off the electrical utility grid). Those are simply measures that I’ve read that China could take, if they really wanted to screw with the U.S.; and, I would hope that the possibility of China implementing such measures would give the United States pause in its insane hegemonic quest.


No problem, it’s an alternate lie.


Yes; but, was the U.S.'s hegemonic aspirations previously set out in writing?


According to sott.net today, this attack is similar to our responsurported chemical attack. Dancing in the streets? Not at all what the West is reporting. But more in line with what callmeskeptical said above.

> Blockquote


I think the problem was most of us (pacifists) were not buying significant amounts from DOW or anyone else. We were too young to have much economic power.


we have plenty of money for the military industrial complex but no money for universal healthcare, free college or a federal jobs program.

Here’s an idea: Why don’t we reject the whole entire principle of politicians having authority to forcibly substitute their own plans for how our money is to be spent, in place of our own?
Just an idea, idk. Seems to me, once you accept the notion that it’s ok for politicians to arbitrarily steal our money & spend it however they wish, then you’ve already conceded the principle, along with any right you had to bitch about it when they spend it on shit you disagree with. Just sayin.


Sorry for typo.
similar to our response to a previous purported chemical attack.


Nobody will want us.


Here is a conspiracy theory for the century. The Russians called the claim that it was: “a chemical strike on civilians” a hoax. Now I don’t believe the Russians one strike of the cuckoo clock, but I don’t believe their sycophant, Trump, either. What if it was a hoax? Why didn’t they wait for the independent investigation before blowing up people and squandering million on military assets? OK so the Brits and the French were in but I still worry that it is all kabuki and that this could end up with all of us with our heads shoved down the crapper.


Stop and Listen! Big orchestrated SCAM :^(
Reason that UK USA France bombed Syria–get the news off Israel killing the Palestinians.


My healthcare is free compared to other people . I get it that we all pay taxes, most anyway. I also pay for a private policy so we can afford my wifes chronic pain medication, which is being raided by the CDC in real time to cover for the a-holes and fools that don’t know shit about using their illicit drugs. G