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In 'Clear Violation of Domestic and International Law,' Trump Bombs Syria


If I really get caught up in it “all”, I don’t sleep much and I’m just a regular guy. Wrapping my brain around the image of empty shoes gets harder by the day.


Neocons and Zionists call themselves “conservatives”. So does every mass murderer, serial killer, violent criminal, bankster, torturer, theocrat, swindler, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, psychopathic, sociopathic, ignorant, anti-science, dictatorial, Republican, Blue Dog, MSM led idiot that has swallowed the oligarchy’s “liberals bad, conservatives good” propaganda.

Don’t Christofascists realize Jesus was a liberal?


Great post


We should all have the right to decent health care as citizens. Clean water, clean air, decent health care at a minimum. The VA is a good example of how to do this.


Do you know anything about Syria?

Kurdish PKK and YPG’s Hidden Notorious Crimes: Kidnapping, Murder, and Narcotics Trafficking

Within the past few years Kurds have went from almost total obscurity to front page news. What doesn’t get reported however is how these terrorist groups under the guise of being a revolutionary movement for Independence have carried out numerous atrocities including kidnappings and murder – not to mention their involvement in trafficking narcotics.

PYD Leader Warns of War with Arab Settlers in Kurdish Areas

The leader of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Salih Muslim, has warned that the Kurds' future war would be with Arabs who have settled in the Kurdish areas with the help of the Syrian regime.

“One day those Arabs who have been brought to the Kurdish areas will have to be expelled,” said Muslim in an interview with Serek TV.

YPG hopes to ‘change the demographic map’ in Al-Hasakah

Kurdish People’s Protection Units [YPG] reportedly burned at least five Arab-majority villages in the rural heart of Al-Hasakah province earlier this week after winning control of them from the Islamic State [IS] just weeks before.

Assyrians, Armenians in Syria Protest Kurdish Confiscation of Property

Qamishli, Syria (AINA) -- Sixteen Assyrian and Armenian organizations have issued a statement protesting Kurdish expropriation of private property in the Hasaka province of Syria. The statement accuses the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Syrian wing of the Turkish Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), of human rights violations, expropriation of private property, illegal military conscription and interference in church school curricula.

US: YPG still recruits child soldiers in Syria

In its annual report on human trafficking, The United States said on Tuesday that the PKK's Syrian branch the armed People's Protection Units (YPG) continues to recruit children.

The report stated that children, boys and girls, younger than 15-years-old are used as militants and sometimes forced to fight against the wishes of their families.

The Myth of the Kurdish YPG’s Moral Excellence
Now that the so-called moderates have been exposed as the very opposite, many Leftists cling to the hope that amid the Islamist opponents of Syria’s secular, Arab socialist, government, can be found votaries of the enlightenment values Damascus already embraces. Surely somewhere there exist armed anti-government secular Leftists to rally behind; for it appears that the goal is to find a reason, any reason, no matter how tenuous, to create a nimbus of moral excellence around some group that opposes with arms the government in Damascus; some group that can be made to appear to be non-sectarian, anti-imperialist, socialist, committed to the rights of women and minorities, and pro-Palestinian; in other words, a group just like Syria’s Ba’ath Arab Socialists, except not them.

Advocating for the extrajudicial murder of a sovereign leader who has majority support of his people is a new low for you.


That wouldn’t be wise on anyone’s part –

as it sets a precedent for Trump’s bombing and getting away with it –

and opens the opportunity for him to do it again, likely at heavier cost of heavier damage –

and again getting away with it.


Both of these days should be set aside as days against violence – gun violence and US/CIA
violence all over the world.

THIS should be happening!!!

AND, imo, it should be based as our STUDENTS have very wisely set it in motion in our communities
where the actions begin to set in motion the practice of coming out into the streets – without having to go to Washington, DC. This should be nationwide.

Remember, at least 50% of the victims of these wars/bombings are civilians.

And, again, IMO … our government will have no qualms about encouraging general chaos of war here in the US. Civil War split the nation into two camps of hatred which continue to echo today – and profited Elites-fascists greatly giving them new power/wealth to control the nation.


As fascism rises in a nation – it enlarges its own control over the population by creating wars.

And it becomes easier to stamp out all opposition to the government.

This is the road the US/CIA has long been on – and they will continue to follow that pattern –



a2 –

What actually happened at the end of WWII is a myth/lies.
By 1943 WWII was over for Hitler/Nazis and they were making deals with our Pentagon which allowed Hitler/Nazis to go free – with an abundance of money amassed from Elites here and all over the world.
Vatican assisted in moving Nazis and funding as it went in and as it came out again.
This has long been suspected and is being confirmed now. See: Grey Wolf/non-fiction.
See: “Hunting Hitler” See: “Hitler: Suicide or Survival” etc.

Churchill – representing the “colonial minded” – intervened to delay D-Day by a year – and seems involved in the death of FDR. At least as reported by Stalin to one of FDR’s sons. Many mixed reports about the death of FDR – very odd ones – but not likely it was as simple as the myth adopted by our press.

AND, US certainly did NOT “hold the leaders of Nazi Germany to justice.” See: John McCloy

Also, the terms for allowing Jews into Palestine (demanded by Nelson Rockefeller) were that there would be NO chasing down or hunting of Nazis all over the world if this permission was given.

Also note that despite many positive advances in human rights and trying to stop future wars of aggression, the United Nations was taken over by the US/CIA eventually and that control still exists preventing any justice in the world. One of the very first means of doing that was the very damaging and suspicious death of Dad Hammarskjold in a plane crash. UN is still asking that his death be reinvestigated. So the warning was given once again by corrupting influences who control our government that VIOLENCE will continue to be used in order to keep control in hands of fascists.

After the Vietnam War Congress passed the War Powers Act.
Actually, I think it was the George HW Bush administration which announced that the “Vietnam-Syndrome” was ended in their attack on Iraq - the FIRST Gulf War.

It is our own government which is the terrorist – and bringer of wars.
CIA immediately began creating coups and covert actions to undermine democracies as the intent of the US/CIA – See: OPERATION GLADIO – was to keep right wing governments in power all over the world …
beginning at the end of WWII with the nations over which US had influence and control at that time: Japan, Germany, France, Italy.

NOTICE also that the original Elite/fascist influence which recruited and funded Hitler/Nazis in Germany and began global war for benefit of Elites/fascists, saw to it that Japan and Germany became financial superpowers. France and Italy … not so much. Quite odd that the two nations which threatened the peace of the world were the most rewarded after the war.


From what I’ve read, there wasn’t much choice. Trump and Bolton wanted to do more damage; but, Mattis prevailed with getting everyone to agree to the lesser scenario. Otherwise, they’d risk Russia retaliating; and, possibly taking out a ship or two; and, then, we’d be on the cusp of WW3. For now, the U.S. has used this likely false flag incident as the excuse to remain in Syria indefinitely.

The problem now is that the insurgents/white helmets will be embolden to stage another false flag to get the U.S. to accelerate. So, I guess I’m skeptical the U.S. will not continue to try for regime change.

With regard to Russian sanction retaliations, I jumped the gun. The Duma will consider those possibilities this week.


The choice was to STOP Trump/Bolton and the fascists they represents.

Mattis guaranteed that Trump was able to respond and get away with it –

and as I said … will guarantee that Trump can attack again … and get away with it.

UN is controlled by the US, as well.

This is fascism.


Agree with you – especially re non-violent revolution.

HOWEVER, the powers in control pretty much always ensure that Elites survive
and are present on both sides to take over again.

The fall of the Berlin Wall seemed to surprise them and leave them a bit on the
outside – but efforts to infiltrate and co-opt control of Russia seems to be doing
more than the CIA simply nibbling around the edges. NATO sits on their doorstep.
Can’t say much about this, but think Putin has spoken of threats of criminal activity
and rumor was that GHW Bush arranged for strengthening of their Mafia there.
Perhaps someone else here can speak more informatively about that – or deny it?

They have long held patterns they stick to – and many long used tools in their toolbox.


George –

Interesting –

Probably a better way to post this …

but while we have time to think about organizing something in protest . . .

MOTHERS’ DAY and FATHER’S DAY are excellent times to speak out against violence –
stick to making it community wide rather than DC.

Think that’s where the success of the STUDENT’s movement really is – communities/ town-wide.

Easier to create a sense of togetherness via children, our schools, our interest in our towns and communities.

Many positives about bringing citizens out in this way, centered in their towns.

Original purpose of Mother’s Day was anti-war.


Bingo!! You get the cigar!!!


Yes, I agree wholeheartedly, it’s fascism; but, Mattis likely answers to higher level fascists. From what I’ve read, the idea that the President of the U.S. and his administration have the final say on foreign policy may be somewhat simplistic. The power structure extends into the Deep State and beyond, to people we rarely, if ever, read about, who have been manipulating our government’s actions through each successive presidency, regardless whether it’s been Republican or Democrat.


Why not include Israel in the violent name calling? We have just witnessed that rabid country slaughter some 40 Palestinians and shoot some 1500 more. Imagine the US doing something like that on , say, the Mexican border.
Zuckerberg’s Facebook created the Rohingya slaughter in Burma promoting fake news on its pages, perhaps as a test exercise of it’s potential power, and Israel sold the Burmese the weapons to do it with. What a coinky dink.
When President Carter banned weapons sales to Guatemala in a vain attempt to avoid a genocide there over mineral exploitation from indigenous land, the Israelis again stepped in to sell the junta its weapons.
What Israel cannot do on its own, it gets stupid American sheep to do for it.
So maybe Israel deserves to be included in “the most violent” list…


Plainly, what you Greenwich believe happened during the latter part of and following WWII, and what I believe happened, same period, differ markedly. Enough that one of us, perhaps both, must believe it wrong.

I don’t see value in arguing over that history here and at this time. I simply want to note that you believe that several high ideals of that period should be enforced on the USAmerica, even if they were never adopted in a treaty following the war. Such as

  • No nation (meaning the USA) shall attack its own populace.
  • No nation shall attack (meaning the USA and Western nations) shall attack another nation without getting Security Council approval.
  • No nation shall possess or use poison gas.
  • No nation shall torture anyone.
  • Every nation (particularly the USA) shall get rid of nuclear weapons.
  • Racism is evil, and USA must mend its errors.
  • Every nation (particularly the USA) must provide healthcare for all its citizens (Universal Declaration of Human Rights)
  • Every nation (particularly the USA) must protect the right of workers to form unions to demand better conditions.
  • No nation shall possess landmines.
  • And more, etc. etc. etc.

Progressives are sharp on demanding that the USA live up to those high standards. They seem blind to anyone else violating them. (Perhaps for Chomsky reasons that the don’t want the USA doing anything militarily to other nations that do violate them…)


Presidents bomb nations in the “Defense” of the US.

Ultra-partisans picking and choosing what is “illegal” is sadly believed by some.


“most corrupt” - You crack me up


Have to agree –

At time of Cuban Missile Crisis you can read that JFK and Khrushchev were both
mindful that that seeking peaceful solution could move their military leaders to a
military coup.

And that’s only the first layer of resistance, I imagine?


Smile. I won’t speak whether they were mindful of it during the crisis. I will remark that Khrushchev was ousted by dissident members of the Communist party in 1964, in part because of foreign policy ‘failures’ like the Cuban missile crisis.
– & not the first time it had been attempted against Khrushchev…

As for Kennedy, I expect that many here believe and will continue to believe that Kennedy was killed by someone(s) in our own government, despite a high pile of evidence that Kennedy was shot killed by a pro-Cuban loner who saw an opportunity right in front of him and took it.