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In 'Clear Violation of Domestic and International Law,' Trump Bombs Syria


My words exactly…exactly. I’m ashamed to admit that people in my close circle did not a damn thing as this was building up, in spite of my urging and begging… I wrote to all of them when I found out what this maniac and his Cabal did…and told them they’d better hope Putin has better sense than dump and Cabal do.


However, what we all must remember is that neither here nor internationally do any of the people support these wars, nor the warmongering, nor the MIC.

This is a liberal nation which opposes US wars and warmongering by 84% –
internationally even higher.

The will of the people is being IGNORED because they have the power to ignore us –
BECAUSE they know we have no leverage over them.
Our elections have long been rigged – we are a population as propagandized by the right wing as Russia was propagandized – only they knew it!

We’ve been voting on hack-able computers (electronically controlled) for more than 50 years!!

Corporations control our rigged elections.


Trump is as criminal a wager of wars as Nixon, as Kissinger.

The violence has never stopped – from the first days the “invaders” set foot on this land.

We are still in the same gene pool.

Elites are still in as much control – and even greater control – since the days Our Founders put them in control. Now there is a MIC under their control, as well. PLUS a vast intelligence network spying on citizens. There is no “people’s” government – there has never been a way to enact democracy here.


There was a chemical attack, according to MSM. Incomplete analysis about who, how, when. A lot of finger-pointing.

What do we do? We blow up the chemical facility. No HASMAT. Blow it to smithereens. Seems to me that THAT is a chemical attack times a hundred. How are all those chemicals doing out in the air?


Or… it has been used in ways it was written for and was intentionally written vague.


Donald, You total effing coward. You buckled to the zionists who have infiltrated our congress, our courts, our media. America has committed innumerable war crimes and who bombs America. You bully, bombing a country that can’t fight back . Cowards all. God bless America , what a joke.


conservatives ??? you mean neocon zionists doing Israel’s dirty work.


I agree with Lrx. Syria was neither responsible for 9/11, nor can it be considered “associated forces”. This was clearly an illegal attack; and, may those responsible in the U.S., Britain, and France rot in hell.

And, I’m finally all in for impeaching Trump. But, that will never happen; because, this morning, the MSM will be rallying behind the flag; and, most politicians will want to be waving to the cameras.


This isn’t about Trump. He’s taking orders from Bibi.


Sorry for my vagueness and poor memory, but I heard one of the military puppets say that with their bombing, they’re hoping for minimal “collateral damage.”

If it’s true that substantial machinery, equipment, etc. was moved out, then I’d be almost tickled at the kabuki theater…except for its terrific costs to america’s real needs…

Any people killed, either side, however, especially innocents, would infuriate me into tears. Collateral damage? What a bunch of murderous thugs. Sieg heil!! Start practicing, folks.


Putin does have better sense. Apparently, the Russians agreed to let Trump save face by bombing a few facilities, as long as the U.S.-led allies didn’t directly attack Assad or any Russian assets/personnel.

But, did you note that, yesterday, Russia pulled Boeing’s access to specialized facilities where certain aircraft parts requiring titanium are made; and, will no longer sell rocket engines to NASA or to the U.S. military for use in sending military satellites into orbit? I kinda smiled when I read that.

Now, if China will stop selling rare earths to the U.S.; and, dump U.S. securities. The other day, China did refuse to take some our garbage. That’s going to cause us some problems.


BREAKING: US Bombs Damascus, Syrians Firing Back, First Civilian Casualties Reported - Apr 14, 2018 - Russia-Insider

Immensely powerful blasts rocking Damascus. At least two residential areas reportedly hit. At least 4 reported dead in one of the strikes. Syrian Russian-made Pantsir-S1 air defenses firing back. Witnesses say Damascus airport completely destroyed.

UK and France also part of the attack.

Reportedly the attack involved 120 cruise missiles (twice as much as the 2017 attack) launched at three sites and is now over.


I thought of that, too, but then remembered that our corporate media pretty much makes sure the masses have no idea of Israel’s most recent nearly daily massacres of Gazans seeking a redress of their grievances, such as being penned in the world’s largest open-air prison, with the planet’s highest concentration of humanity. When I read to my students today that Israel illegally militarily occupies the great majority of Palestine, an adult (not a student, but a colleague) in the room spoke up to interject, “That is not true. I do not believe that! And that is like suggesting that in South Africa the Afrikaans-speaking White people should still be ruling!” It seems perhaps this person heard something about apartheid and Israel, but mixed it up to fit their U.S. corporate-media-gained idea they shared next, that the Palestinians had pushed the Jews out of Palestine, so it is only “fair,” they said, for the Jews to “reclaim” their land now. I was able to speak to a lot more details than this person could muster, however, and I felt they started to consider some of what I said, and when I mentioned Jimmy Carter’s book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid that really caught their interest, and they seemed ready to reconsider some of what they had first asserted to be their “beliefs” on this matter. In the end, this person said they wanted to read this book by Carter, a “good Christian,” as they said, to learn more. I encouraged them to do so, while mentioning I think this book is very informative but I do not condone President Carter’s performance as U.S. president, for example with his presiding over U.S. support for the Indonesian military’s atrocities in East Timor in 1975. This showed me how people duped by what they are told by our dominant media can be open to changing their views when given the chance to dig deeper. Education is always possible, and all of us can be part of this long haul towards transformation. Certainly mass movements also educate people, sometimes very quickly.


There was likely no chemical facility… probably just some warehouse. Syria gave up all of its chemical weapon supplies and factories back in 2013. This is simply the U.S. making certain it has some excuse to stay in Syria, albeit illegally. Supposedly, Britain (T. May) pushed the White Helmets to stage their false flag attack, probably because she and Boris Johnson have been receiving so much condemnation for the Skripal affair.


Actually, this person might have said “good person” about Carter rather than “good Christian,” but they spoke of Carter also being a “man of faith,” and mentioned their own Christianity, so I gathered it was Carter’s Christianity that most impressed this person. Of course, Jesus never armed invaders.


Kabuki? And innocents killed. What will it take to get Dump and Co. charged with war crimes?

Sickening…those filthy basta**s…the sooner they’re taken out, the better.


Thank you for this, Callmeskeptical. I pray this deadly show is over. As you suggest, it is likely a show to keep U.S. forces active there, for the ongoing power ploy over people’s lives, which means really the deadly show continues. May our peaceful revolution steadily build.


Absolutely! The Security Council and its Veto power was set up to ensure that the “winners” of WW-II would not be ruled in any way by any “pipsqueak” smaller nations. If the world objected to any action that any of the SC favored, it quickly disappeared beneath a veto. At that point, the UN, the hope of a peaceful world, was turned into a powerless debating society having to take every action dependent upon the approval of the SC.
*The abject failure of the system is proven by the fact that every action protesting Israeli genocide against the Palestinians has been vetoed. Every action of the Saudis in their genocidal efforts in Yemen has been supported and efforts to control them by the UN have been vetoed by, guess who?
*I hope this action by trump will prove to be our “Poland” and the world will step up to stop us.
*As a Nuclear Veteran, I have seen and felt what now seems to be coming in earnest and I assure you, a nuclear war is a lousy and painful way to go and, it is a one way street with a godawful pothole at the end of it.


It probably doesn’t matter who you put in the White House. Within one year, those comprising the warmongering “Deep State” will either have bent that President’s will via coercion; or, they will have assassinated her/him. These people don’t have to deal with getting elected; they’ve been in the government for years. They know practically everybody; and, work towards the same hegemonic goal that was laid out, originally, in the imperialist Wolfowitz Doctrine.


What would be better for the world; but, more difficult for us in the U.S., is if Russia and China could be successful in beating us economically. That certainly appears to be a possibility, with the U.S. debt continuing to pile up due to our perpetual state of war.