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In 'Clear Violation of Domestic and International Law,' Trump Bombs Syria


Sadly you’re wrong. You need to get somewhere else. The corruption in England and France is even more astounding and I didn’t think that was possible and thought better of them before going there. We’re isolated in the US. It’s very corrupt here but not like most of the world. We have it way better.


The “Security” Council should be abolished. It only exists to prevent the UN from effectively opposing anything that members of the “Great Powers” want to do.


It’s a lot of people’s fault in the MSM as well.


This shit has been going on since the Vietnam war. When will it ever stop? The military industry is going to get its way until the whole world in in flames.


We are facing a darker night than has ever existed in this country. Just you watch.


To hear the leader of a country which has committed mass murder throughout the centuries (starting with the extermination of its own native peoples) call anyone else a mass murderer is disgusting. The US is exceptional only in the degree of its hypocrisy.


So, what are your thoughts on The Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against the Government of Syria to Respond to Use of Chemical Weapons (S.J.Res 21) that Obama sought; but, was never voted on?


Why does the military act on desires from an unconstitutional command - in this case a White House call that’s not authorized by Congress ???


I’m thinking the “one time,” statement is the Trump administration’s attempt to mitigate an all out war with Russia. Perhaps they are afraid of Russia responding. I can hope.


I wonder how many people died tonight? Children, animals, etc. You can bet the sociopaths behind this are sleeping well.


It’s not Trump … it’s America.
Hillary would have done the same.
We CREATE reasons fo others to hate us. Some “security!”
We have so-called leaders who in a civilized nation would be jailed.


If you’re mad that 74 Syrians died in a chemical attack you don’t punish even more civilians by killing hundreds if not thousand by bombing them. The entire response is in-appropriate. It’s, attack the victims. Whoever would do something like this is probably who attacked the victims with chemicals in the first place.


Trump, Pence, Hillary ALL would do the same.


Thank you. I am glad Russia and the US are talking. It sounds like a repeat of the last retaliation to the last reported gassing.

I think the US needs to pull the plugs on military supply corporations. Or else these well-rehearsed dramas will continue to play reruns from countey to country. Stop the corporate lobbyists.


It’s Saudi Arabia behind the Syrian war. We’re fighting it via proxy. That’s the lobby for that one but no doubt defense contractors win. With the agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, I’m sure Israel has some stock in this too.


Open your eyes!!
Obama refused to even question Bush/Cheney’s illegal use of force and prevented any action against them


Probably because the powers that be that rule over them have decided they want more war; and, they are assured by legal counsel and recent past history that no one’s going to indict them.


Democrats are an opposition to war? Surely you mean they’re a lip service opposition to war. They aren’t an opposition to anything corporate, or of the Israel-Saudi lobby. The dems spreading the lie that Russia hacked our election is to get into conflict with Russia so Assad in Syria and the country of Iran can be toppled - because the Dems are sold out to the corporate war agenda and it’s masters. The only thing the dems are doing is giving lip service to try to remove Trump (by saying this is illegal) to get far more war. The rest is pulled - I had my facts wrong.


Hah, the MSM is already on it.


After we ignored the actions of the Bush Administration? I don’t think so.

From now on we now overlook torture and acts of aggression against any nation.