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In 'Clear Violation of Domestic and International Law,' Trump Bombs Syria


Toxic masculinity will eventually kill us all.


Isn’t it noteworthy how some of the things Jesus said in the Gospels over two thousand years ago remain true today. The prince of this world is still the devil; collectively we remain evil. (Matthew 7:11) The end of the world will be the result of our iniquity.
Empires have come and gone over these years and yet none were able to change this ever present lamentable way of the world.
So I guess it comes down to individuals who happen to, “awaken” in their final of many lifetimes here to the futility of it and instead seek peaceful unity with the Conscious Creation And thus escape.


The military industrial complex has lobbyists with bribe money swarming all over congress non stop and legislators of both parties are on the take. In the competition to run for office, this is the only way legislators can remain competitive against others in elections.

Trump’s unilateral decision to bomb Syria could become grounds for impeachment. The constitution is clear about the president having to go to congress to get permission to go to war. If this is indeed that case, Trump should be impeached out of office. The problem with that is that both houses of congress are controlled by Republicans and they will most likely refuse to impeach a Republican president. The only way Trump will be held accountable is in the next election in 2020.

Sooner or later Republicans are going to need to distance themselves from Trump. Otherwise, he will bring down the entire party.


This action was not just the results of Trump and the Republicans. The Democrats and the mainstream media, including the supposed left MSNBC, all attacked Trump from the right side of the political dialogue. The left’s beloved Rachel Maddow comes to mind. And of course, the national security state/military industrial complex has a lot of horses in this race to continue permanent war and hem in Iran, its next target. So, let’s honest about who is responsible and what is going on here. It isn’t just an idiot president who is at fault–it is both political parties who had the opportunity to take away the war powers they gave the presidency under W. Bush and had, what was it, 9 Democrats vote to let Trump have the ability as unitary president. I believe Hillary Clinton’s running mate was one who gave the vote to Trump, so let’s put the fault where it belongs.


Is this the new knee jerk Republican reaction to criticism of Trump? Just cheap shot Obama? Open your eyes!! Trump is way over the line on this one if he has indeed ordered the air strike. By law president’s must go to congress to engage in war.


You’re either joking or insane. Charitably, I’ll assume the former.


And I should add, there has never been any evidence that Assad gassed anyone. Even Mattis has said so. Like the two earlier supposed gassings, along with the Al Qaeda backed White Helmets with their phony footage, this is just another Tonkin Gulf and WMD fabrication, and you can the many more fabrications that have allowed us to overthrow governments and fund right wing paramilitary death squads throughout Central and South America.


Britain and France were his collaborators and were complicit in this crime.

We should change Trump’s words from “righteous power” and “noble warriors” to “might is right” and “trained killers”.

Beyond that, other points are that they administered their wrist slap without authorisation either of the UN or their own elected assemblies as, by their own standards, they are supposed to do and before waiting for the report of the chemical weapon inspectors due to commence their evidence collecting today.


Hello Jon Queally and Everyone, It seems that we are trying to repeat history. Specifically the time frame after World War One. The UN is now the League of Nations, the US is Germany, the UK is Japan, and France is Italy. This time the outcome could be different in so many ways but none of them likely to be very good.


China and Russia just joined forces last week. So this is essentially a provocation for world war.

But I’m sure it will be a good day on the stock market. Just keep having more children and go shopping!


Yes, please do get the hell out of here.


Where will you go? Denmark-The Netherlands and who will want us?


The children and grandchildren part I do not understand- we are seriously overpopulated in the world.


Well, one percenter- you are a greedy SOB


Good grief- you must be smoking some of that recreational marijuana.


Predictably trump got support from Chucky Schumer the israeli tool and shill for the bombing. Chaos in the ME/NA is Israel’s goal, not peace. Conflict masks Israeli racism, war crimes, illgal colonization, and schumer supports Israel over American interests and peace…such is the subversion of America by zionist racism to create the “greater Israel” of their mythology and extremist nationalism…the same as racist white nationalists in America. ANY space or support given trump & co is a betrayal! Schumer is an utter disgrace and must be removed from his position!

“Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Friday that President Trump’s decision to mount a military strike on Syria was “appropriate,” but warned against deepening the United States’ involvement in the wartorn country.”


https://www.aljazeera.com/ – more on the attack


The US is the most violent terrorist nation on Earth.

Pentagonians are aliens who occupy the homeland for purposes of murder and mayhem. Why? Pentagonians are weirdos who feed of the terror vibes of pain, suffering and anguish.


Does anyone even mention civilians there, animals, land water? Nope- because the MIC makes money.


In Sept 2017 Rand Paul attempted to restore war power to Congress, where it had previously resided before 9/11 was used to demolish our laws. It went down to defeat by a bi-partisan vote. The only time both parties agree on anything is giving a free reign to the MIC.


We are not seriously over[populated. We are distorted to ruin Earth so rich people can profit.

Capitalism is exactly the game of monopoly. One person wins and fun world dies.