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In 'Clear Violation of Domestic and International Law,' Trump Bombs Syria


Predictably trump got support from Chucky Schumer the israeli tool and shill for the bombing. Chaos in the ME/NA is Israel’s goal, not peace. Conflict masks Israeli racism, war crimes, illgal colonization, and schumer supports Israel over American interests and peace…such is the subversion of America by zionist racism to create the “greater Israel” of their mythology and extremist nationalism…the same as racist white nationalists in America. ANY space or support given trump & co is a betrayal! Schumer is an utter disgrace and must be removed from his position!

“Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Friday that President Trump’s decision to mount a military strike on Syria was “appropriate,” but warned against deepening the United States’ involvement in the wartorn country.”


https://www.aljazeera.com/ – more on the attack


The US is the most violent terrorist nation on Earth.

Pentagonians are aliens who occupy the homeland for purposes of murder and mayhem. Why? Pentagonians are weirdos who feed of the terror vibes of pain, suffering and anguish.


Does anyone even mention civilians there, animals, land water? Nope- because the MIC makes money.


In Sept 2017 Rand Paul attempted to restore war power to Congress, where it had previously resided before 9/11 was used to demolish our laws. It went down to defeat by a bi-partisan vote. The only time both parties agree on anything is giving a free reign to the MIC.


We are not seriously over[populated. We are distorted to ruin Earth so rich people can profit.

Capitalism is exactly the game of monopoly. One person wins and fun world dies.


Unfortunately the Democrats receive a lot of their funding from the same people as the Republicans and that’s why they never seriously challenge any of the Republican’s B.S. How many Democrats are criticizing this action by the Doofus in Chie?f … just a few s far as I know.


You are the unity and need not seek anything; All is laid out for everyone in a banquet called the wonder of life.

Those unable to relax and enjoy their gift from creation seek wealth and power. They also bomb innocent families.


Where are MoveOn’s millions of marchers?

Oh, right, that’s just for their pet political issues; they can’t be bothered to protest illegal war, mass indiscriminate death, and the threat of global annihilation. Firing missiles is so much better than firing public officials.


What is really stupid about this whole thing is that you have MoveOn.org prepared to have 800 protests launched if somebody gets fired as part of the #McResistance instead of planning and supporting anti-war protests on an even more massive scale. The oligarchy with their MSM mouthpieces has the plebes right where they want them. Distracted by the Trump shit show.


I think that the push from within the U.S. government goes back quite a bit further than Wolfowitz … at least to the beginning of the 20th century. Power elites anywhere tend to be demented but U.S. poser elites are FUBAR.


According to the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) as researched and published by Transparency International (TI) the USA is the 18th least corrupt nation on Earth, the UK is 10th, scoring as 8 places less corrupt than the USA so your anecdotal perception is wrong. France is 23rd, scoring as 5 places more corrupt than the USA so your perception there was only marginally correct. The least corrupt nation on Earth is Denmark, followed by New Zealand and Finland, the most corrupt is North korea followed by Somalia and Sudan. Russia, that beacon of virtue for many people on these boards, is the 131rd least corrupt country on Earth scoring very poorly. But of course, this research is rigged as is any information that conflicts with their viewpoint.

For more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruption_Perceptions_Index


We get what we fucking deserve. For those American’s who voted for this, obese, obtuse, incompetent idiot…this is what you get. We have a war mongering, man boy with the intellect and attention span of a first grader. Hope this ends well for you.


Wag that dog, wag that dog.


Ask the native Hawaiians how long this regime change mentality has been going on. Or the Cubans. Not the mention the Pequots…


Dear Constitution (or what’s left of it): I had valid doubts that you would survive when the Patriot Act and the NDAA were enacted, two pieces of legislation designed to dismantle/override you. Today it’s very clear that your demise is inevitable because you are up against a formidable brutal fascist enemy that put itself above the law. I don’t know about you but I can’t breathe…


Interesting timing with the UN Inspectors on the ground in Syria. Just hours away from conducting a full investigation of the this alleged Gas Attack.


How many of us remember the 3:00 AM clandestine meeting of the 11 senators on 4 August, 1990, when they got together and enacted SB 2834 and handed out country over to be a dictatorship? We the people allowed this sort of thing to happen and this latest thing that we like to call a war crime (which, of course, it is but allowed by laws like this one that most of us do not know about) is business as usual. We the people need to do some research and find out what has happened to us in the past 17 or so years that most of us are unaware of. Can we ever go back to where we were? Not without one helluva fight from our leaders.



Ouch; troll bites hurt so good!


The good news is that the Syrian people are withstanding this bullshit. Americans, Israelis, Brits and French are scared to face off with the battle hardened Syrian patriots and their allies. All they can do is shoot from the distance. Peace with Syria, Peace with Russia, Peace with Palestine!