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In 'Clear Violation of Domestic and International Law,' Trump Bombs Syria


Both the Democratic Party and Republican Party are united in this war crime despite no proof and ZERO logical motive for Assad’s military to have done the chemical attack ( as if that is grounds for any retribution in the first place).
Tucker Carlson listed the names of the media pundits attacking him for questioning the rationale for this war crime and they were ALL Jewish. Carlson remarkably is sounding like a left wing fringe skeptic compared to the Zionist onslaught of propaganda. Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria, Richard Murphy on the RT program Crosstalk with Peter Lavelle, yesterday said that this was, and I paraphrase, all leading to Israel.
Glenn Greenwald stated on Carlson’s show that the people publicly attacking Carlson were “all Neo-cons…” which many folks have equated with Jewish Zionists. They employ Leo Strauss’ “philosophy of deception”.
“The belief in war on Iraq was disseminated by 25 or 30 Neo-conservatives…almost all of them Jewish.” Israeli news outlet the Haaretz, April 2003, “White Man’s Burden”.
This is the long game of the Zionists, total Middle East domination. Then what? The world?


Inaction by Russia may embolden both Israel and the US to act on their previous threats against Iran and Russia. Russia is in a precarious situation mulling an appropriate military response.



Exorcism of Israel simultaneously might be more productive.


The U.S. Constitution ran into a stronger force, Zionism.


Israel is pulling the strings.


Israel and the Zionist Neo-con Jews are calling the shots. The USA has been hijacked by AIPAC.


I have no doubt Trump was ordered by the deep state to bomb Syria.


You give the deep state too much credit. Trump also takes much joy in this action. It doesn’t take much to manipulate an empty mind like his.


Not sure why Congress lets any President, let alone an insane one, wag the dog. The height of irresponsibility among out elected officials. Killing people just as a distraction from your own peccadillos.


It’s money, money, money, baby. From the funding of the military to the MIC to the un-American support of a religious group (the Jews) of Israel.
All you have to do to understand this is to ask yourself: What are you getting out of this march across the middle-east. Are you getting safer? Are you getting richer. No, but some are.
America will be the dead body, and greed the sheet pulled over it. G


The democrat war record pales in comparison to republican sponsored wars. Bill Clinton employed troops to help bring the Balkan War to a swift conclusion. As for the homeless, the truth is, all cities are run by business concerns, ie, conservatives who view the general population as consumers, wage-slaves and canon fodder. The homeless are left to fend for themselves because it keeps the rest of the population worried they too might end up on the streets if they speak out against senseless injustice. The ruling class everywhere is conservative. Liberals are tolerated as tools to inflame conservative bigots and racists.


What are you talking about? The left, for one, opposes war as a means of solving these problems if other options are available and if there hasn’t been good damn evidence and reasons presented to support wars like this, and Saddam is a great example of this problem. The left opposed the US supporting Saddam in the 80’s. Providing cover for him at the UN when he gassed his own people, sending him bioweapons, bringing Iraqi scientists to the US to teach them how to make nuclear weapons, increasing funding for him after he gassed his own people. The left didn’t support him, Reagan and the right wing did. When it came time to deal with someone that they had long supported, the left pointed out that it was about oil (which it was), that the war would destabilize the region, was a violation of international law, would cost lots of US lives and the claims were based on lies. There were plenty of reasons to oppose the war that had nothing to do with Saddam, Rumsfeld’s and Reagan’s old buddy. Who was proven correct? The left, which opposed the war, or the right wing? Is Iraq and the region now better off?

When it comes to Assad, are there reasons to oppose this outside of supporting Assad? Of fucking course there is. Who are we supporting in Syria? Why exactly are we getting involved and if he were removed from power, who would fill the vacuum? And what about international law? If we follow the logic used to attack Syria, then which country on Earth wouldn’t be justified in bombing us? The rest of the world sees the US as the greatest threat to world peace, and we clearly are. So, if we followed the logic you seem to have bought in to regarding bombing Syria, couldn’t Syria bomb every weapons manufacturer and profiteer in the US?

And let’s also drop the nonsense about this being about human rights. Who in the hell do we support around the world? How many dictators, coups, anti-democratic regimes do we support and have we supported with horrible human rights records? I mean, right now, our ally Israel is slaughtering innocent citizens and journalists in Gaza, and our politicians and the media just yawn. Our ally, Saudi Arabia, has a horrific human rights record and supports Jihadi groups the world over. When the leaders there recently visited this country, a huge amount of media figures, politicians in both parties (including former Democratic presidents), celebrities and businessmen and businesswomen rubbed shoulders with him. Our ally in South America, Colombia, has a nightmare of a human rights record, and I could go on and on about this. Chomsky and Herman have two volumes devoted to the political economy of human rights, and they demonstrated that there was a high correlation between US support and a country having a very bad human rights record. Who in the world would blame the left, which has no power in the US, for that? Again, are there reasons outside of supporting Assad to oppose this war? Of course, and it isn’t as if the damn left has to answer to anything. We haven’t been supporting dictators, coups, and governments with horrible human rights records. We haven’t been arming and supporting governments with horrible human rights records. We didn’t destabilize the Mideast with the damn war in Iraq, and this situation in Syria isn’t binary. It isn’t us having to pick John Bolton and Trump or Assad. If you want to take the side of Bolton and war profiteers, go ahead, but don’t pretend to have any moral superiority.


Hopefully one or two of those missiles didn’t stray off target and hit the site of the alleged attack last weekend.


Nailed it Joan! well said (I hope he didn’t suffer too much damage when his world-view changed so abruptly)


Once again the US government repeats the disgraceful episode of Colin Powell’s accusation of Iraq’s “chemical weapons caches” while metaphorically waving the (bloody) “…vial of inert powder”) before the American people and the world. Even the NYT headlines this morning 4-14-18 state…"…suspected use of chemical weapons". Yet it stirs up enough reaction from the major media that follow every pantomine of that “Newspaper of Record for the US” and the cockroach mentality of that media seemingly stepping all over themselves to enter the “US Roach Motel” of news.
We (the major global public) could not stop the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 (even the more infamous one in 1991). What makes us think that we can effect any more of our country’s foreign policies today as then??
We live in an authoritarian corporate fascist country. And, the giveaway has continued for decades after WW2. The shameful duopoly of political power that represents the facade of “democracy” or “human rights” etc. are basically responsible along with the apathy of the American people who are almost totally ignorant of country or global history.


Wow, your twist into utter crazy just occured yet again, by your “Feminism is part of destroying this country” statement.
Care to back that one up???
You continue to astound…


Ever since Bolton told him that when he acts he creates his own reality he hasn’t been the same…




And we would sure consider it War if the US were similarly attacked!


Okay Demobrats, don’t just talk about the laws the prictator is breaking – DOOOOO something about it – twist enough republitard arms that they will vote to impeach just to get the armtwisting to STOP!