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In 'Clear Violation of Domestic and International Law,' Trump Bombs Syria


Trump may not be the Zionists best choice, they want Iran and Syria turned into bloody rubble


The “Security Council” is analogous to “Superdelegates”. Both are a negation of democracy.


Israel has illegally occupied Syria’s Golan Heights since 1967. You don’t hear much about that,
however. I suspect that their goal is ultimately control of all of Syria, especially oilfields!


Is it any wonder why there is a flavor of war surrounding a belligerent, occupying country like Israel. Wouldn’t there be war at home if the U.S.were to try to create U.S. settlements on the Canadian or Mexican border? And some wonder why the Palestinians won’t just go away.
If my next door neighbor was claiming a foot or two of my yard every year, there would be hell to pay. G


Those are 2 good options and maybe canada


can’t wait … its all yours pal


…which is where its stone cold heart truly resides!


Good suggestions. Maybe Portugal?


I vacationed in Costa Rica last year. Really nice place but be aware that there is quite a bit of a income inequality gap there still.


This makes sense. I had a feeling Russia was playing along to get along and now believe much of this isn’t so much about “saving face” as it is manipulating public opinion for the TV audiences back at home.
Made for TV “new Pearl Harbor” and made for TV “presidential Trump”.
Innocent bystanders be damned the Gatekeepers are in the driver’s seat.


I agree that the U.S. is the most violent country. But it is largely the government and it’s corporate allies that promote that violence to get what they want in the end. Generally, the people in this country are non violent.
I can see that the comparison to Iran might escape some folks. Iran’s people are modernists, they like the (people) of the U.S., and don’t press for confrontation.
The government, like that of the U.S. is the problem. G


Yes, Portugal has also been listed as a good, affordable place to retire. I mentioned Ecuador and Costa Rica because retirees usually require more medical care and both, especially Ecuador have an excellent policy which provides free medical care to all legal residents regardless of age or pre-existing conditions.


I meant to to say that Ecuador has that policy. I’m not sure about Costa Rica. However, one thing I can sy is that you will pay a lot less for quality healthcare in those countries. Ecuador actually welcomes retirees and offers many benefits to reduce expenses.


I am sure that many of us would rather live in a better country. The things that hold us back: Extended family, VA healthcare (free in my case), locked in annuities, healthcare access for other than veteran, (important for the retired cohort). The shrinking of the freedoms we used to fully enjoy is not one that would hold us back.


Sorry Bruce, I didn’t see your post in time. G


Back to the boycott comment. In 1971 I attended an anti-war presentation hosted by Jane Fonda and Country Joe McDonald. The handout bill listed a half dozen ways to deal with the war machine.
The last item, and the one preferred, was to have a national boycott starting with DOW Chemical and on to other places supporting the war.
This didn’t go anywhere even as the bulk of the war protest was getting traction.
“One Two Three Four, what are we fighting for?” G


Worth recalling: Others have committed worse crimes in Syria, and are more deserving of a trial in The Hague:
Bashir Assad, for crimes committed against his own populace. He has never pursued a peaceful settlement with the Arab Spring uprising against his rule
Vladimir Putin, as an accomplice in all this. Putin has additional offenses on interfering in the internal affairs of other nations.
– Just how strong is international law when so many violators of it can’t be held to account?


Ah, who’s going to do that? The Republicans? I don’t think so. The only Republicans that were upset with him were Neo-Cons like McCain and Graham, who were upset with him because he wasn’t more bellicose in his Syrian policy. They might still want him out, but they’ll never use his bombing Syria as the reason for impeachment. Why? Because they want more of it.

The Democrats? Are you kidding? The anti-Trump hoi poloi may be against Trump for this, but the leaders in Congress aren’t. They still follow Hillary Clinton’s lead and she critiqued Trump for his last bombing in Syria for not taking out every Syrian airbase. They and the Republican Neo-Cons are as responsible for this as Trump is; they have spent the last year and a half pushing Trump to adopt their foreign policy in Syria and against Russia. The Democrats will never seek to impeach him based on him finally doing something more along the line of what they’ve been demanding he’d do if he wasn’t a “Putin Puppet.”

No, if they do win next fall and seek to impeach him it will be on obstruction of justice or something else, not this war crime and subversion of the constitution. Then if they succeed in removing him, they’ll have Pence who’ll happily go along with their Neo-Con madness, after all he wants the End of the World to happen soon so he’ll get to see Jesus come back in his lifetime.

Meanwhile, Paul Ryan is leaving Congress at the end of his term, most likely so he can start running for President full time. If the Dems do remove Trump from office the Republican base will be so angry that Ryan will win in a landslide in 2020.

This is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Instead of this impeachment folly, THEY SHOULD DO THEIR JOB. They hold the purse strings. STOP FUNDING THE SYRIAN WAR. The Congress tied Obama’s hands when he wanted to move Gitmo to the States- they could tie Trump’s hands to wage illegal, unconstitutional wars.

But they don’t really care about that. They only care about the politics of winning without having to put one thing in the way of the American Imperial Project. Why? Because their real bosses, the Plutocrats, demand they expand the American Empire.


“This shit has been going on pretty much non-stop since May 4, 1607 and the first permanent Anglo colony in North America.”

There- fixed it for ya!


Yes, a murderer, like
Obama before him and
Bush before him and
Clinton before him and
Bush before him and
Reagan before him and
even Carter before him and
Ford before him and
Nixon before him and
LBJ before him and
Kennedy (yes) before him and
Eisenhower before him and
Truman before him and
FDR before him and
Hoover before him and
Coolidge before him and
Harding before him and
Wilson before him and
Taft before him and
Roosevelt before him and
McKinley before him and
Cleveland before him and
Harrison before him and
Cleveland before him and
Arthur before him and
Garfield before him and
Hayes before him and
Grant before him and
Johnson before him and
Lincoln before him and
Buchanan before him and
Pierce before him and
Fillmore before him and
Taylor before him and
Polk before him and
Tyler before him and
Harrison before him and
Van Buren before him and
Jackson before him and
Quincy Adams before him and
Monroe before him and
Madison before him and
Jefferson before him and
Adams before him and
Washington before him and
the Continental Congress before him
and the British Colonies individually before them.

It’s the system. Even the most peace loving president of my lifetime, Carter, led the U.S. in murdering folk in Afghanistan and Timor. This nation was created out of aggression, murder, and stealing other people’s lands and resources. It isn’t going to change easily.

Both W. Bush and Trump ran on not doing regime change and ‘nation building’ and both instead did the opposite. Meanwhile the opposition in the last election ran on doing regime change and expanding war.

I’ve been saying this for a while: We’re up shit creek without a paddle and the canoe has holes in it.

The holes just got bigger.