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In 'Clear Violation of Domestic and International Law,' Trump Bombs Syria


yes. Putin and his generals claimed there would be retribution. But they left it to us to assume it would be military. The best way to hurt the MIC and its Empire is through its wallet.


There are no good-guys in this conflict save for the Kurdish YPG defending its social revolution in Rojava, and what remains of the Free Syrian Army, who never had a chance against their countries dictator and the Ismamists for whom dictator strategically provided just enough space to kill the most of the FSA becasue they, and not the Islamists, were the real threat to his regime.

So, I really can’t get excited about this latest case of one thug attacking another. My fantasy is for Trump to kill Assad, then, very quickly, someone to kill Trump and Putin.

Spring is finally here and I need to get to work on the garden.

edit: regarding the good guys, a special mention is due the government of Canada which, at least for a while anyway, graciously welcomed many thousands of Syrian refugees when the US banned them entirely.


Go to YouTube and look up the “Ten Easiest Countries to Emigrate To”. I would seriously consider Ecuador and Costa Rica. The great George Carlin saw what was coming and two years before he died he described the U.S. bluntly, as usual - “This country is finished”. I tend to agree. It looks like we are just going through the motions of being a democracy and a republic. A phony Congress that does NOT represent the people (see the Gilens and Page report), a phony democracy that has been hopelessly perverted by election “fixing”, a broken infrastructure, a deeply exploited and polluted environment, an increasingly corporatized media that feeds us endless lies and diversions, and an obscene military budget that represents “hard” foreign policy that fronts for U.S. “interests” with bases in 70% of the world’s countries.
We are just another in a long line of corrupt empires that go back thousands of years. As the people of another crumbling empire, the Romans, said “Sic transit gloria mundi” - So passes the glory of the world.


It’s obvious this was another event designed for maximum media love anyway. Reporting confirms back channels to Russia this week and Syrian forces evacuated all the targets. So, it is the same as last summer—a quick propaganda boost. Assad will go back to murdering thousands conventionally, hawks will be happy with our bomb party, all will be well.


Very well said, Joan.


The wealthy bastards fill our airwaves with porn and matters of genitilia Gay rights Lisbon rights women’s rights abortion trans gender crap. They violently oppose abortion whilst starving and killing millions of children worldwide. However the real issues are systematically glossed over and diverted. Why would sex take priority over hunger, mental illness homelessness or police violence to focus on ducking in the vagina or rectum.


Bullshit. What an idiotic, overly generalized statement that is. Think before you type next time. Or, if you insist that what you claim is the truth then back it up with something substantial. I’d love to see that.


Trump may not be the Zionists best choice, they want Iran and Syria turned into bloody rubble


The “Security Council” is analogous to “Superdelegates”. Both are a negation of democracy.


Israel has illegally occupied Syria’s Golan Heights since 1967. You don’t hear much about that,
however. I suspect that their goal is ultimately control of all of Syria, especially oilfields!


Is it any wonder why there is a flavor of war surrounding a belligerent, occupying country like Israel. Wouldn’t there be war at home if the U.S.were to try to create U.S. settlements on the Canadian or Mexican border? And some wonder why the Palestinians won’t just go away.
If my next door neighbor was claiming a foot or two of my yard every year, there would be hell to pay. G


Those are 2 good options and maybe canada


can’t wait … its all yours pal


…which is where its stone cold heart truly resides!


Good suggestions. Maybe Portugal?


I vacationed in Costa Rica last year. Really nice place but be aware that there is quite a bit of a income inequality gap there still.


This makes sense. I had a feeling Russia was playing along to get along and now believe much of this isn’t so much about “saving face” as it is manipulating public opinion for the TV audiences back at home.
Made for TV “new Pearl Harbor” and made for TV “presidential Trump”.
Innocent bystanders be damned the Gatekeepers are in the driver’s seat.


I agree that the U.S. is the most violent country. But it is largely the government and it’s corporate allies that promote that violence to get what they want in the end. Generally, the people in this country are non violent.
I can see that the comparison to Iran might escape some folks. Iran’s people are modernists, they like the (people) of the U.S., and don’t press for confrontation.
The government, like that of the U.S. is the problem. G


Yes, Portugal has also been listed as a good, affordable place to retire. I mentioned Ecuador and Costa Rica because retirees usually require more medical care and both, especially Ecuador have an excellent policy which provides free medical care to all legal residents regardless of age or pre-existing conditions.


I meant to to say that Ecuador has that policy. I’m not sure about Costa Rica. However, one thing I can sy is that you will pay a lot less for quality healthcare in those countries. Ecuador actually welcomes retirees and offers many benefits to reduce expenses.