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In 'Clear Violation of Domestic and International Law,' Trump Bombs Syria


The US used white phosphorus bombs in Iraq; napalm in Vietnam; depleted uranium again in Iraq; bombs that scatter “little” bomblet’s all over the world killing innocent people and other life that happen to trigger them; we dropped agent orange all over Vietnam the effects of which are still devastating the lives of the Vietnamese; we supplied poison gas to Sadam to use against his enemies; and, now we are risking anhilating the world with nuclear weapons due to someone, whoever it was, used some poison gas. What kind of f*****g insanity is being carried out by our government in our names? If all of you aren’t pissed off there is something wrong!


If it was only so easy!


Worth recalling: Others have committed worse crimes in Syria, and are more deserving of a trial in The Hague:
Bashir Assad, for crimes committed against his own populace. He has never pursued a peaceful settlement with the Arab Spring uprising against his rule
Vladimir Putin, as an accomplice in all this. Putin has additional offenses on interfering in the internal affairs of other nations.
– Just how strong is international law when so many violators of it can’t be held to account?

You are so sheltered. There are many countries in the world with worse endemic corruption. Haven’t you heard of ‘la mordida’ that used to be so common in Mexico? (Might still be.)

America spends more money on redistributive programs, mostly benefiting the old and/or sick, than on the military. But, yeah, I know some people like yourself allen1 want it more so.

Please do. There are plenty of more left countries that could benefit from your talents and work, or at least from taking the money that you bring out of America.

The Syrians have less money that you do, and many have fled their country …


Yes, you are right.

Except Hillary Clinton would not have done the same. She’d have done a lot more. She told us this when Trump bombed one base last year and her critique was he should have bombed every single air base in Syria and taken out the Syrian Airforce.

Also she would have started this not with a false flag provocation months into her presidency. She didn’t need a provocation, she’d already made that clear. She’d have started it on Day One. Probably at 3 am in the morning.

This isn’t a defense of Trump. He’s now a tool of the MIC.


Trump is merely the pimple on a festering boil that is the USA. It has been this way for a very long time. A political party that can stop impeachment for a legitimate cause for removal of a President from office; a second political Party which offers voters no real, honorable, effective choice from the other; bribery which is perpetrated and accepted without jail sentences are just a few of the reasons our government is an utter failure to its citizens and to the rest of the world. I do not hold any hope to resuscitate this corruption which permeates our entire government. A new beginning is our only salvation.


Obama was a cheap shot at hope for change. The guy turned out to be a coward (deep state) and a fraud (good talker for selling snake oil).


Situational. I read so many accounts and opinions about this, and conclude that the moral of it is ‘situational’.

During the 20th century, and particularly after WWII, the nations of the world adopted treaties declaring many things to be wrong. It felt good at the time, and we held the leaders of Nazi Germany to justice for what they did! In a particular instance that applies to this situation, the nations declared making war on one’s own populace, and using poison gas, to be a crime against humanity. Nations pledged to never do that. Since the Iraq-Iran war of the 1980s, and probably earlier, many nations have done that, and usually nothing has been done in response. It has become ‘situational’.

After the Vietnam War Congress passed the War Powers Act. Plainly Pres. Trump has violated the intent of it. But nobody has enforced that law in ages, or shows any effort in enforcing it. Pres. Obama with Libya was the first to break every element of the Act. Nothing was done. Our domestic law against that form Presidential abuse has become worse than ‘situational’.

The United Nations was created by treaty, and every nation that is a member of it pledges that they will make no war act against another nation unless attacked or with the concurrence of the United Nations. Experience since 1945 is that a nation that enjoys Security Council veto protection has wide latitude to do what it wants, provided that enough fig-leaves, spin and obfuscation are employed. Whether a nation attacks another nation, and in what way, has become situational. Example is that Germany chose not to participate this time. Because of its own domestic politics, not because of its obligation to the UN treaty.

Perhaps what we need is some honesty about our two-faced-ness. Yes, we are a party to a treaty that condemns nations that make war on their own people, that condemns nations that commit genocide, that condemns nations that use poison gas, particularly against civilians. We speak condemnation against such nations, but we aren’t going to do anything to stop those other nations, and we are not going to accept (many, if any) refugees from that targeted nation.


So now humans will devise a new form of government that actually works or disappear with environmental collapse.


These so-called flag waving patriots are going to get us all killed. They need to be educated. A good place to start is Howard Zinn’s book, “The Untold History of the United States.” Com’mon people; to sheepishly believe this government, as I said, is going to get us all killed.


You know I despise this action of Trump and I despise him for taking it.


It wasn’t unilateral. France and the U.K. participated. That by definition makes this a multilateral act of war.

I’m afraid that Congress a long time ago in the War Powers Act gave presidents authority to do one time acts of war. It’s only when the war continues that they need to then go to Congress and get authorization. The Pentagon is insisting that this was a one time ‘surgical strike,’ which according to the War Powers Act means the president had the authority to do this as commander in chief.

Me? I think the War Powers Act and the AUMF should be repealed. But 't’ain’t gonna happen, McGee. Not with this current system entrenched.

It’s time we who oppose war and injustice and inequality realize the only way things will change is a revolution. I’m an idealistic nutcase, I guess, I still believe a revolution could be peaceful and non-violent. But it will take the masses of the people to rise up, not just to write letters and make phone calls, not just to march in the streets or even sit in in the streets.

The People will have to do what they did in 1917 in Russia- occupy the places of power and take them over. Before that the People must organize, like they did in Russia, in their case it was soviets. Before we can organize we must agitate- which is what I try to do.

(When I look at the Russian October Revolution I am impressed, it was socialistic and pretty non-violent, a mass uprising. But I am disappointed with where it went later: to authoritarianism and violence- which happened because the Bolsheviks believed in the dictatorship of proletariat and which in practice meant the dictatorship of the party, which meant the leadership. But I still believe that true socialism that is democratic and non-authoritarian based on consensus not autocracy can happen.)


No they are crazy smart and their only goal is political power. These Juda’s have sold us out for those pieces of gold, or was it silver, showered on them by the MIIC-CORPORATE state (a fascist state, eh?). Immoral, power hungry pos, yes; crazy no; insane, most probably in our circles; but, not in their fanasty behind the walls of their Capitol Hill gangs.


It may be that the powers that be - knowing that their Syrian regime change project has failed, merely wanted to give Assad one more black eye before they left the school yard. Thanks again to cool action on Russia’s part we may have averted WWIII.


From what I’ve read, what Israel wants is to control and occupy, but not annex, a zone around the Golan Heights. Beyond that they want a rump state Syria centered on Damascus that is subservient to Israel like most of their former Arab foes: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. The rest of Syria they want carved up into autonomous sections, thus making the rump state weak.

They want this so they can once again take over southern Lebanon and have Hezbollah, who have been labeled terrorists because they resisted invaders, cut off from any support from Syria, now under Israel’s thumb, or Iran, now with no way to get supplies to Hezbollah.

Once they’ve liquidated Hezbollah and control southern Lebanon, they’ll be secure from all exterior borders. Meanwhile they will have goaded the U.S. into taking out Iran. (They think that can happen without a wider war.)

Then they can get busy annexing all of the West Bank and deporting or destroying the Palestinians without worry about being invaded by Arab nations for doing this.


Your quote from your comment: “You are the unity and need not seek anything; All is laid out for everyone in a banquet called the wonder of life.”

I love this quote from Stephen Hawking, “there is no God, heaven or rebirth. There is only this one beautiful life we have to enjoy and make as wonderful as possible.” (Very close)

You are also correct in your second quote. Those who seek only power and wealth will ultimately destroy us, or severely negate our opportunity to enjoy our one given life. This is intolerable. My question is this: why are we afraid to change the path we are allowing ourselves to be driven down by a relatively few immoral, power lusting people? Why?


Huge, persistent marches in the streets, no shopping sprees and a nation wide general strike. All in the name of ending war, a huge reduction in our military-spy budget and bringing all of our troops home and closing all overseas military bases; all 800+ of them. Next we tackle climate change with all countries involved. That should provide some breathing room for solving the myriad of social/ economic/environmental problems facing us and the rest of the world.


Oh, I will never say it’s easy, N. It takes a certain “realization”, which can occur to anyone who at last is fully fed up with life on Earth as it is. I’m not talking about ending it all through suicide. I’m merely saying that anyone can merrily live out their days here, caring a little for the less fortunate, being a bit merciful toward any dependents or underlings, obsessing not at all about any Earthly attraction. Bearing their burden of labor without complaint. Residing so and finally departing here safe in the knowledge a better place on the other side was promised by Jesus in the Gospels at John 12:25. “He who hateth his life in this world shall preserve it for life eternal.”


Most of the plutocratic-oligarchs, no matter their nationality live under the same tent with the same agenda, money, control and power. F*** 'em.


Your VA Health Care is not free (I too am a vet with VA care.


“I guess this is all Comey and Muller’s fault…Wag the dog!”

Actually, the bombing of Syria is just to deflect attention from RussiaGate & Mueller.


Apparently, Congress doesn’t really want the responsibility to make such decisions.The AMUF can be rescinded, but in doing so Congress will lose its political cover.