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In Congress, Christmas Is a Time of Giving – and Receiving


In Congress, Christmas Is a Time of Giving – and Receiving

Michael Winship

I was planning to write a festive poem to Congress as they approach their merry holiday recess but couldn’t come up with a rhyme for “dysfunctional.”


a seasonal gift to considering a perceptional reality in preparation for the winter equinox
to use out intelligence with a spiritual reality as best we possibly can


More remarkable than the hubristic corruption of "Democracy for Sale" are the inordinately HIGH returns (percentage-wise) on campaign contributions (a/k/a bribes)...

"Executives at one of the nation’s largest natural gas pipeline companies soon deposited more than $80,750 into the joint fund’s coffers. The very next day, Upton delivered on the industry’s aspirations: He rushed a bill through his legislative panel that would not only streamline the approval process for new pipelines but also empower federal officials to impose tight deadlines on state and local governments seeking to review their potential environmental impacts."

How many millions in profits did that mere $80,750 bring the natural gas companies?


A couple of festive poems for the author of this piece.

These hardy knaves and stupid fools,
Some apish and pragmatic mules,
Some servile acquiescing fools,
These, these comprise the Congress.

Then Jove resolved to send a curse,
And all the woes of life rehearse
Not plague, not famine, but much worse
He cursed us with a Congress.

Then peace forsook this hopeless shore
Then cannons blazed with horrid roar
We hear of blood, death, wounds and gore,
The offspring of the Congress.

Loyalist song during the events of 1776 to 1783 lambasting the Congress. Quoted in Niall Ferguson's "Empire: how Britain made the modern World". Penguin Books, 2003.

Perhaps somewhat prescient of modern times? Keep laughing.

Christmas is a-coming,
The geese are getting fat,
Please put a dollar in the politician's hat,
If you haven't got one dollar, a million will do,
And if you haven't got a million,
He'll do nowt for you.

British nursery rhyme, modified for inflation and modern economics since first coined.


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Any time seems to be good for this demonstration of the "democracy" that Americans think they are justified in spreading to other parts of the world. Financing politics this way just is NOT POSSIBLY able to produce fair decision making.
Change the system. LOL