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In Contentious Hearing, Defiant Whitaker Tells House Judiciary Chair, 'Your Five Minutes Are Up'

In Contentious Hearing, Defiant Whitaker Tells House Judiciary Chair, 'Your Five Minutes Are Up'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Moments into his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Friday, acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker helped set the tone for the hearing by refusing to directly answer questions from Democrats and drew audible gasps when he told committee chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) that his "five minutes were up."

I don’t know why they just didn’t subpoena this clown.

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Agreed. I was watching this morning before leaving for work and that was my thought, “subpoena him now”. The arrogance of the Republicans and Trump’s picks are very tedious. The Dems have an obligation to step up and swap this crap down now.

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His 5 mins.are up and he knows it, the integrity of this administration is in the dumpster, everyone knows it. The many investigations into trump and his organization are going to start a exodus of trump ass kissers, whitaker is just another of a long long long line of these ass kissers that are realiziing that not only did they tie there horse to the wrong wagon , now they are finding out its a stolen wagon…

You have to wonder about this guy’s parents - are they proud of him or embarrassed to have raised such an arrogant …person. Is he angling to be adopted by Trump as a chip off the old block.

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Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce the poster child for implausible deniability. Such a privilege, such vapors this masculinity inspires…

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Ssuch vapors this masculinity inspires… Old gooat yoou are a poet of great eloquence, and humor , thanks

Remember the Sessions sworn testimony? “I don’t recall. I don’t recall, I don’t recall.”

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Like Kavanaugh, we could see that Whitaker when confronted and challenged became
frustrated. I think if anyone had persisted earlier and more earnestly we might have see
another Kavanaugh come to life in Whitaker personality.

It was good to see Nadler back in charge, but it was indeed SAD to see the Dems so out
of practice in questioning witnesses – especially someone like Whitaker who was resisting
all the way. Long lists of his comments should have been being repeated by every Dem
questioner. But Nadler has to put all Democrats into some RETRAINING and trust by the
end of the hearing he understood that.

PLUS – another reminder about Congress where each member represents 840,000 citizens!
In the UK it is 1 = 75,000. This is outrageous!
And it was also in great contention as the Constitution was being written because numbers
were insufficient.

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What an arrogant prick. That looks like a dick pic.

The term scofflaws pretty much sums up the current administration. Well, that and a few other choice terms.

Just how bad does it have to get for all Americans (even the Trump voters) before Congress and/or the Courts do something?

It doesn’t get much air play that Whitaker closet skeletons are dancing in front of everyone, but no one seems to want to put the hammer down. For him to be allowed to assume the position, even temporarily, of Atty. Gen. is absurd.
It makes any opposition to the administration appear to be impotent.

We are left to wonder why that is.

Is that a hint at the existential duopoly?

Please explain.

Arrogance is nothing new to Washington, DC. It’s certainly entertaining watching arrogance vs arrogance, though!

Poor schmuck. Not ready for heavy cerebral stuff huh. Wonder what he kooks like in an orange jump suit? Where did he get his degree again? IOWA? OK got it. Replaced by Barr. OMG

One Hopes they’re embarrassed. At least that way we could take some succor in the fact that despite their best efforts, he just went bad. Otherwise we’re in very big trouble.

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