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In Contrast to 'Useless Republican Leaders,' AOC Helps Raise $1 Million in Direct Relief for Texans in Crisis

It’s Not A Political Problem, It’s A Propaganda Problem:

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Don’t know where you live, but for me the main thing is the noise. Around here, running my 6k 24x7 would have the neighborhood taking pot shots at me.

One thing to note; Propane doesn’t carry the ‘bang for the buck’ (for the weight and volume) per pound that gasoline does. Propane doesn’t go as far as gasoline. It’s still a good alternative to gasoline in the right situations. I"m looking into a combo, Natural gas or propane. Going to set mine up as bi.

Last thing. Propane is heavier than air. It will collect at the lowest point and become a bomb. Live-aboard boat people are well aware of this. Propane doesn’t mean you can run your generator in the basement.


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Earlier this weekend on CNN Beto said he supports Nuclear Power as necessary.
That’s a dangerous pant-load of BS

Those are good points. I don’t have neighbors close enough to complain about the noise, although I may enclose it just for my own comfort. I keep my generator outside when I use it. Apparently the Motor Snorkel conversion kit allows the gen to run on LPG, NG, and gas.

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The ‘Flyin Ted’ ad appears Monday on Dallas, Texas TV.

The donations raised are now over 3 million dollars to help Texans.
congrats to all the generous.


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Ha Ha, that’s hilarious! Thanks!

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It is easy to show up some politicians but to describe this effort as a well-played stunt is to ignore all those Politicians who just shook their heads while sucking their teeth.

I believe “stunt” was your word. You can’t both make up the comment and criticize others for it too. Why do you imagine it was a stunt?