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In Copy-and-Pasted Tweet, Trump Proves There Are Too Many Mass Shootings in the US to Keep Track

In Copy-and-Pasted Tweet, Trump Proves There Are Too Many Mass Shootings in the US to Keep Track

Julia Conley, staff writer

After shooting in California, the president offers condolences for an attack that took place nine days earlier in Texas

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The Calvary has arrived. No worries now.

This, is his answer to mayhem.

Trump has no heart.


And somehow, the Dems managed to nominate the only candidate who could lose to this moron.

Oh wait, it was us sexists who voted for Jill Stein.


We have a gun problem. Period.


Good point. Democrats nominated an insider, Hillary Clinton, to run for president. She did get 2 to 3 million more votes than Trump, but a corrupt Electoral College had too many Electors voting for Trump against the majority of people in their districts. I think Bernie would have made a much better candidate as a party outsider.

Democrats need to get more aggressive for the 2018 congressional elections to take back control of congress. They have an easy target as Trump and Trump Republicans are an extra easy target, and their will be a backlash. Then in 2020, Trump will run for re election with a horrific track record. My guess is he will get a huge public backlash. That backlash is already there and it will compromise the Republicans for the 2018 congressional elections. Especially with their recent shift of the tax burden over to the middle and working classes.


I agree. I can’t see them winning again in 2020. Unless there is a war. Then he may well win again.

The two tweets are different enough that it wasn’t literally “cut/paste”. So, it’s even worse: Trump’s mind contains a limited number of little tweet “tapes” to unspool for whatever occasion. There’s no thought involved. That’s one more piece of evidence that, whatever his many substantive faults, he is simply not mentally competent.


Every poll throughout the election, for over a year, showed Bernie beating Trump by a large margin, and Hillary losing. As election day got closer - even after Bernie switched and stumped for Hillary after she stole the primary - polls still showed Bernie beating Trump by a large margin and Hillary losing. And STILL the Dumbocraps put her up against Trump while shitting on Bernie.

Water under the bridge at this point, I know. But still grinds my gears thinking about it. If they had put Bernie up instead of Hillary, we wouldn’t have Trump today and all of his inane psychotic fuckery to contend with. Grrrr…

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Dump did not even speak to the people (us) after the first terrorist attack on US soil since he’s been in office! And in his home city yet. Some leader, right?

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Knocks a lot of us out. And the DNC also decided Bernie was too “Jewish.”

That’s what he wants - his own war. Show his late daddy what he can do.

I agree about your statements. We call civilians in other countries who are killed “collateral damage.”

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Since Bernie was never the actual general election candidate we do not know how well he would have done. Once in the general election Sanders would been red-baited, “global warmist”-baited, and tax-and-spend smeared. Recall George McGovern and Michael Dukakis. My feeling is that Sanders would not have beat Trump in my area (Western Pennsylvania). Probably not in Michigan or Wisconsin either.

Of course, a poll held a few days after the election asking retrospectively if the voter would have voted for Sanders instead of Cinton, might have provided some important insights on this - I can’t figure out why it was never done. But even it would not be definitive.

And, of course, Clinton did win the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. It’s just those votes were in the wrong places.

Jill and Ajamu would have made an excellent President and VP team.

This country should hope that they both agree to run again in 2020.

Of course, the Duopoly will attempt to silence them. We can only hope more of our fellow Americans wake up to the reality of the two corporate parties being bought and paid for.


Tweets, the man do not make. Small hands, small intellect, small memory and small sincerity, presently rule the roost at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Can you believe that it’s all being financed by our hard earned taxpayer dollars? Who would believe it? Who could possibly believe it? From tee to shining tee…

Or how about : From tweet to shining tweet…

“USA which is the largest terrorist organization in the history of the earth.”

True, but unfortunately, the majority of Americans are too brainwashed with American exceptionalism to realize that they are living in the Fourth Reich.

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There are too many mass shootings in the US?


We are already in a WW3 now. Yes, unending I are will be used for propaganda.

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If you consider that Stein had not a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected, maybe so.