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In Court for Protesting—The New Normal


In Court for Protesting—The New Normal

Rev. John Dear

It’s Friday morning and I’m standing before the Federal Judge in D.C. Superior Court in Washington, D.C., another hearing for my recent protest and arrest during inauguration week.

Another protest, another day in court. This, in the age of Trump, is the new normal.

"With so much at stake, our work of active nonviolence is needed more than ever."

There’s so much to protest, resist and agitate against, and so much to advocate for, so much movement-building to do.


Having also been arrested in a nonviolent protest and going to jail your words ring very true. "If you've ever been to jail for justice then you're a friend of mine."


Bravo for the article, but I think you meant to write "free rein". The metaphor is of letting a horse go however it chooses.