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In 'Craven' Bait-and-Switch Attack on Workers, Michigan GOP Guts Minimum Wage and Sick Leave Proposals


In 'Craven' Bait-and-Switch Attack on Workers, Michigan GOP Guts Minimum Wage and Sick Leave Proposals

Julia Conley, staff writer

Three months after ensuring that Michigan voters would not have a say in proposals to hike the state's minimum wage and provide sick leave to workers, the state's Republican-led Senate pushed through major changes to the initiatives on Tuesday, effectively gutting legislation that hundreds of thousands of Michigan residents had demanded.


There should be practical prohibitions on what defeated officials are able to do during the post-election “lame duck” months.

This destructive abuse of power is too common, definitely anti-democratic, and absolutely intolerable!


Wow, this is really fucked up. I would love to go on a rant about how rich folks don’t know this and that, but it is bleeding obvious that won’t matter. This is a hella Christmas present to parents. There is definitely a wierdo coincidental timing here. This isn’t the first of it’s time in context of timing though.


Its high time we don the same yellow jackets as the French and start some MASSIVE protests. I don’t mean just standing around with signs yelling, although that helps, but we need also to demand from our protestors that if they mean business, they need to stop spending money at the very same elitist institutions who are paying lobbyists and politicians to create the mess we are in. Start yelling and stop spending. That is the power that we have, and if we all use it, it can be massive.


I really would like to know what makes republicans tick. I mean really, were they all born as breech babies (ass first), were they deprived of oxygen and therefore brain damaged, or are they just naturally selfish assholes? I mean seriously, do they have any redeeming qualities at all or were they just put here to be an example of not what anyone should ever want to be?


Attempted one-word answer: Republicans are delusional. By “delusional” I mean, in a quite formal, psychiatric sense, “fucked in the head.” It cannot be fixed; only eliminated.

P.S. Does anyone know if Amazon sells yellow jackets?


Not sure about yellow jackets but I’m certain they sell a variety of baseball bats.


Yes, it is past time to rumble and make trouble. They didn’t listen to the ballot box or our peaceful requests.
They should be made very uncomfortable when out in public. In Wisconsin the people outside the blocked door were way too polite. It has come to this.


And some people, won’t mention from what party, have message boards made of glass called windows and windshields.


This is it. Their are a self-selecting crowd of people who are driven by greed and power. The former to fuel their perceived needs. The latter to fuel the former.

They were the bullies in grade school and high school. They are pathologically driven in a way the rest of us are not. They also lack empathy – probably because they have never suffered, been poor, or had to rely on others in any way. They are the “entitled” so exquisitely put on display with the likes of Brett Kavanuagh.

Selfish and greedy people all.


when will the people most hurt by these horrific actions notice who is hurting them the most instead of putting them back in office? very sad everywhere you look. I guess this is the GOP version of making amerika great again. ugly.


Many will claim that such cruel behavior on the part of the Ayn-Randite right is because of specific monetary awards that they get from business interests and the like, but this is not true. The reason they do what they do is because they cling with religious fervor to a belief that a dog-eat-dog hell-hole of a… whatever they call it (since they don’t believe in the existence of “society”), where the powerful and psychopathic crush the weak.

And they believe that this the absolutely most desirable and virtuous state of human affairs that must prevail…forever.

As Milton Friedman once claimed as a basic truism for all his economic “theories”: “All human beings innately desire to be a master of a world of slaves”

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.”

-George Orwell


I suggest a large banner unfurled above in the gallery of Wisconsin and Michigan state houses, with a perfect President Kennedy quote:

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable"

And make sure every state congress critter can read it.


One piece of bright news: As of right now, there are virtually no jobs in Michigan’s metro areas that don’t start at $11/hour. Here in Ann Arbor, where we have a definite labor shortage, it’s more like $13.

That said, Republicans are dicks.


What would be better than raising the minimum wage by $X/week? A punitive #VacancyTax / #VacantLandTax, which property owners are so keen to avoid that it reduces rents by $X/week. Why would this be better? Because:
(1) When you allow for income tax (and income-tested welfare, where applicable), a dollar saved is worth much more than a dollar earned.
(2) By definition, the benefit of lower rents, unlike the benefit of higher wages, isn’t competed away in higher rents. Indeed, if landlords know that wages have risen by $X/week, they may try to raise rents by the whole $X/week, not allowing for what is clawed back through the tax-welfare system.
(3) Nobody says lower rents would price workers out of a job! On the contrary, the scramble to avoid the vacancy tax would create jobs; and lower rents by themselves would create jobs, because jobs can’t exist unless (i) the employers can afford business accommodation, and (ii) the employees can afford housing within reach of their jobs, on wages that the employers can pay. (Note the implication that the tax should apply to both commercial and residential property.)
(4) Why should employers pay for a problem caused by land-hoarders?
(5) The economic activity driven by a vacancy tax would broaden the bases of other taxes, allowing their rates to be reduced, so that the rest of us would get lower taxes!

Gavin R. Putland,
grputland.tumblr.com .



In answer to your vital question, I’ve been reading books and online articles on the causes and nature of:

  1. pathological and malignant narcissism 2) antisocial personality disorder 3) sociopathy 4) psychopathy
  2. sadism 6) evil 7) fascism 8) authoritarian personality & psychology 9) racism 10) violence, etc.

Research those topics, and I think you will gain a lot of insights into right-wing thinking, feelings, and actions.


Question for conservatives: What is it about the thought of millions of poor children going to bed hungry every night that gives you people orgasms? Asking for a friend.