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In 'Cruel' Assault on Central Americans Seeking Refuge in US, Trump Unveils New Rules Allowing Denial of Any Asylum Claim


In 'Cruel' Assault on Central Americans Seeking Refuge in US, Trump Unveils New Rules Allowing Denial of Any Asylum Claim

Julia Conley, staff writer

Human rights groups denounced President Donald Trump's flouting of federal and international law Friday after the Trump administration announced new rules giving the president the authority to deny any asylum to any migrant who enters the United States without going through an official point of entry.


What Trump is trying to do at the Department of Justice is not Constitutional. Every Attorney General has to be approved by the Senate. Trump can not make up laws on his Twitter feed. Asylum laws are international. Trump is a danger to the world. Trump is in the White House partly because the media “normalized” him and allowed him to be a criminal President. We need to make some laws relating to who can be President in the future just like the Constitution provides limits on who can be Attorney General…


Sen. Casey twit sez: “Congress should immediately put an end to this policy.”

There is already a law prohibiting this ‘policy.’ Is this to suggest there is some legitimacy to President Camacho’s unitary scribbling?


Don’t tell ME how to make the rules. I’ll take my bat and ball and go home.


That Statue of Liberty needs to go back to France, tout suite!


Either that are replace the statue’s torch with a gun and change the inscription at the bottom with: DON’T SEND ME ANYMORE!


Mr. Mueller, please issue the indictments now.


amen, PonyBoy


And quick step it


Yes! And I would only add; before you are fired!


Lest we forget…We must remember that it was the US support for and arming of, the three dictatorships/police states, where most of these “caravan” people fleeing violence come from; Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. The three most notorious violent murderers, torturers, of civilians of many causes and beliefs!

All three were products of US imperialism, “anti-communism” lies, and US corporate dominance that together created the violent conditions these people are fleeing from…and tens of thousands were murdered by!

In Honduras, the elected president Zelaya was deposed in a military coup backed by none other than the red queen, Hillary Clinton.

The notorious death squads of El Salvador, supported, trained, and armed by the US led to numerous vicious crimes, assassinations, and ordinary murders, including Oscar Romero and the church sisters!



He is not qualified- no degree or background in law or poltical science . Would we hire someone in general who has no background or degree in the field in which he or she is looking to work? For instance would we hire someone who has a degree in law and expect that person to be a doctor?


Maybe just FAST TRACK the process before “the government run by twitter” starts the conflict in Iran without asking congress for permission or some other distraction is fabricated.


What ? Are you asking this constipated congress to use the tools that are within their legal capacity ?


These people clearly don’t pass Trump’s white enough skin test. They are a prime group that the US fascists hate. Fascists don’t follow laws, only what the leader decides. Look what happened to Puerto Rico. Not white enough to get hurricane aid. Same problem. It appears that next good chance to do something about this will be November 2020.


Why should I pay for Hillary’s mistakes or Bush’s and Obama’s for that matter? The U.s. does not owe the world a life.


Well, that is a point- but remember many people do not count immigration as a top priority- as Clinton said when he was in office “It’s the economy stupid.” Separating children and parents in detention is a heinous act though to say the least.


Not sure what point you’re trying to make with this comment. Is the US responsible for anything it does domestically or internationally? Are it’s people? Are people responsible for the atrocities they allow their government to commit in their names? Are people so deaf to the cries for justice and some guarantee of a decent life from the victims of empire and usury and for-profit wars, that they deny any responsibility for the crimes committed in their names? What does the US, “the land of the free and the home off the brave” “owe” to other people or their own? WTF are you saying?


This is a new war on women and children by the GOP –

and trust that this can all be undone very quickly and very soon.