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In "Cruel Public Policy Experiment," Trump's DHS Wants to "Protect" Immigrant Children By Arresting Their Parents


In "Cruel Public Policy Experiment," Trump's DHS Wants to "Protect" Immigrant Children By Arresting Their Parents

Julia Conley, staff writer

Immigrant rights groups were outraged on Friday as reports surfaced of a new proposal by officials at Trump's Department of Homeland Security to arrest, detain, and then prosecute adults who attempt to cross the U.S.-Mexico border with their children—a "zero tolerance" policy that critics say would rip apart thousands of families.


Just another reminder that there are sick demented goons everywhere in American society, and now that they can behave like monsters with impunity, they’re competing to see just how low their policies and enforcement can go. As of right now, they’re in the sewer. What’s below that?


This Nazi mentality—cruelty, hostility, racism, and just plain meanness for the sake of feeling powerful and better-than under the guise of patriotic security policy—is one of the most disgusting and shameful parts of our country. The policy makers in their offices, the goons loosed upon innocent women and children who are already victims to begin with (as if the caravan was a fun and easy undertaking to begin with), and the public in support of the DHS, ICE, et al. are subhumans who are incapable of compassion or common sense.

May they all burn in Hell.

I doubt it’d help anything, but wethepeople should be raising hell with the Congress and departments involved.

Donate to organizations like NILC, NIJC, ACLU, SPLC…Every penny helps.


And they are your friends, neighbors and family. I’m appalled how many people I know that are for this. I want citizenship for all who have been here over 5 years. If they can’t find them in 5 years, give up. It will unclog the system and make people legal. We’re under negative population growth anyway and need the immigrants.
Now that DACA is dead we should all demand full citizen for the immigrants. That’s what should have been demanded all along.


Why stop now as at least 30 million Mexican immigrants have already crossed the southern border to settle in the US. They won’t be stopped because they work hard for peanuts.


“Now, DHS officials are suggesting that parents attempting to accompany their children in border crossings

Interesting way to put it.

The original article didn’t put it as gently as the CD editor.

" to detain and prosecute all parents caught crossing the Mexican border illegally with their children,"

Good twist tho. “Parents accompanying their children in border crossings”.


We’re under negative population growth??? Just the opposite- google- population connection, and wake up out of your demented sleep.


Of course, and are driving wages down in the US as our jobs have been outsourced for over forty years.


No, the US has a massive decline in population and relies on immigrants - until recently 60% of our population growth was due to new immigrants but because of stricter laws that is now cut in half. We’re having a problem replacing people with the current people here. This is because of an aging population that has less babies and low fertility rates. This doesn’t take much of a google search to find. Of course you have to go past the propaganda from the people who want zero population growths’ hate sites to get to the reality(and they not only want no population growth they want the current people gone.) If I believed in Satan, I’d say that group more than any other is his primary workers. Look how big of a hate message they’re spreading. These are people that will jump at a new holocaust with a sick distorted view that the earth needs one. I’ve also seen them be pro nuclear war. They have reached the super rich and have supporters there.
I saw you scream overpopulation in another thread. Do you feel you and your family should be removed from the planet or is that something you feel should be for others and you be an exception? I’ve noticed people screaming over population want others removed instead of volunteering to go first. That mentality should be a big tip off that what they are suggesting is so wrong they would fight it happening to themselves. Never trust people who won’t do their suggestions for others. In fact never trust anyone whose answer is kill people. This is the mark of sociopathic murderers. It’s what I keep finding among the people screaming overpopulation. Your comments on there shouldn’t be nursing homes on the other thread then you back peddling and saying they should be allowed to choose if they want to die, as well as your all caps - overpopulation yell, is par for the course for this train of thought. What about the ones who choose not to die? How do they do without nursing homes? They die.


Hopefully, the hottest levels of Hell.


Several years ago, I watched an interview with Rockefeller. He told all about the acquisition of wealth and power. His final quote?
*“We’ve got to get rid of about six billion people; they’re using up too much of our resources.”
*They seem to be working pretty hard on that program.