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In Dead-of-Night Ruling, Supreme Court's Right-Wing Majority OKs First Federal Execution in 17 Years

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/14/dead-night-ruling-supreme-courts-right-wing-majority-oks-first-federal-execution-17

Trump, not satisfied with deaths in the six figures has to go out and prove his bravado to his base with this one-at-a-time vengeance-is-mine sayeth the lard statement. For him I wish…


Imagine stooping so low as to ask a court permission to kill someone. “Please, your honor, may I please kill someone?”

A government that cannot give life, that cannot improve life’s chances, has only one function: to kill. The only function of the US government is killing. All it does is kill. What the hell else does it do? Anyone?

Degenerate nihilistic ratbastards ĂĽber alles.


The POTUS is trying to kill me…
The POTUS is trying to kill you…
The POTUS is trying to kill non-EuropeanAmericans…
The POTUS is trying to kill the planet…


The criminal “justice” system is not; many are wrongly convicted by police investigators seeking promotion, prosecutors building a record, judges following orders or depraved indifference - all parts of the system of “law-enforcement” and the mechanisms of its corruption and advancement are parts of the problem of ending lives - a finality that cannot be brought back. the innocence-project has documented numerous examples, and I am not sure on the facts of this case, but the claim of innocence, the victims families support merit a full investigation; it is certain he is dead - executed by people who themselves are doubtless guilty of numerous crimes including murder and other capital crimes! The trump “death cult” rolls-on.

The death penalty is an abomination and expression of low morality no nation or society can long survive - there are other ways to express domination over others if that’s what drives your soul.


“And it is beyond shameful that the government, in the end, carried out this execution in haste, in the middle of the night, while the country was sleeping.”

Yes beyond shameful! America knows no shame because to paraphrase M.L.K. this execution of an alleged innocent man proves again: MY COUNTRY IS THE GREATEST PURVEYOR OF VIOLENCE IN THE WORLD". AMERIKA IS SPIRITUALLY DEAD!!


The USA is killing me…
The USA is killing you…
The USA is killing non-EuropeanAmericans…
The USA is killing the planet…

The USA is a Death Cult…

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That’s pretty much the reality. America spend almost as much as the rest of the world combined in military spending. We have more weapons than any other country. We have fewer consumer protections than any other developed nation. We have the worst healthcare system in the Western world. America is, in short about profits for billionaires, human life doesn’t enter into it.


23 years too late in the making.

All life is not equal.

The POS who tasered and then put a bag over an 8 year old girl’s head (did the parents have to watch 1st while this happened, or did she have to watch her mother and father go first?) deserved to be erased the instant his guilt was determined.

Death is the easy way out. Life in prison is a much harder sentence, epically here in the US. Prisoners who harm children have an exceptionally hard time.

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And how do you propose that guilt deserving of death be “determined”? How do we “determine” that Person P = X, where X = Monster Who Deserves Death? Just how do we “determine” that with the level of certainty and finality that death would appear to require? Isn’t there always something questionable or erroneous in the judgments of humans? Aren’t governments especially prone to errors of judgment, mendaciousness and malfeasance? In light of human fallibilities, isn’t it better (as a matter of general public policy) to reject irreversible punishments? Isn’t it better to prohibit the state from killing? The Power to Kill is an awesome Power, isn’t it? Isn’t the idea, that the state should have the power to kill, a vestige from the era of Big Government? Isn’t this idea radically at odds with Libertarian small government ideals?

And what is wrong, exactly, with keeping murderers and other dangerous felons in maximum security prisons rather than executing them? What is sacrificed, as far as Justice is concerned, when capital punishment is replaced with life in prison with no chance of parole? Isn’t the purpose of punishment more effectively achieved by true life in prison than by death? How is punishment enhanced by death? How does death punish more effectively than true life in prison?

Death merely erases the wrongdoer. State killing is an emotional outburst by the state in concert with the victims. Its effectiveness is very limited. True life punishments administer punishment after punishment after punishment… lifetimes of micro-punishments, lifetimes of being lacerated mentally and spiritually… perhaps even redemption (within prison walls) after a very long time. And zero possibility of escape. Maximum security means no escape possible. Death adds nothing to a sentence of true life in maximum security.


That sounds sadistic to me. Do you enjoy other’s pain?

Society has to maintain itself. If someone is rabid, they should be put down, for everyone’s sake, including their own.

Our nation is led by heathens unworthy of the respect of any decent human being. In this time of massive tragedy, trials and tribulation…we have a leader that devotes his time to getting people executed. I despise him and all of those around him.

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I think it might be a form of satanic worship where the elite and monied can sacrifice a poor person who is unable to defend him(her) self. The rich rarely face the death penalty or many other punishments. One example - Roger Stone. these are evil hypocrites.

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Please elaborate.

Does this mean that they’ll execute an American prez who’s a traitor? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony …

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not you.

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If he’s a Russian traitor, wouldn’t that be Putin’s job?

Just pretend I’m a white supremacist who murders little girls by suffocating them while stealing guns to further my mission to establish white domination, then maybe you could have some sympathy for me.

Considering drumpf will likely exile to russia instead of facing execution here, it just may be. Point taken.