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In Decline "Invariably of Humanity's Making," 1 in 8 of World's Bird Species Threatened by Extinction


In Decline "Invariably of Humanity's Making," 1 in 8 of World's Bird Species Threatened by Extinction

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The world's 11,000 bird species are in the midst of a major biodiversity crisis—with one in eight threatened by extinction—because of human activity, according to a five-year study published Monday.

"Human-induced climate change may prove to be the most serious threat of all."
State of the World's Birds


Any that exercised the powers of observation has noted the disappearance of birds for decades. Where I grew up on the farm every morning was greeted with the sing song of the birds. Return to the same farm today and all that around are crows.


Well. Let’s not forget progress in other areas. Italy is reporting that 1/3 of it’s dogs are now obese. As they eat a lot, and don’t walk much outside. But positive news is that remedy is on its way. There are now aquatic gyms and dietitians that specialize just in dogs. Curious if the rest of the west also has similar good news.


This disturbing news certainly won’t deter Trump and other members of the Antiwildlife Party (aka Republican Party) from trying to undermine the Endangered Species Act.


The loss of a single species is tragic - the loss of thousands upon thousands is a crime beyond tolerating but a relative few even care or will act.

The list of species we grew-up delighting in seeing and hearing have been decimated to create profits for people and corporations that do not care about living things. The chemical manufacturers, Monsatan and the others that service big agri-business, the chemical-dependent industry are by and large unregulated. The pesticides, fertilizers and the other “cides” (meaning to kill) have, and are poisoning our world, our rivers, lakes, marine bays and estuaries - the nurseries of the marine environment - and our own children.

The consequence of a “lowest common denominator” and underfunded education now focused on jobs and money, mostly ignoring the natural world, from low to high explains much about that reality of ignorance in the people, the current political regime in DC, and in many other states and locals.

Worship Mammon and Devil take the hindmost - ie the endangered defenseless and voiceless.

We as a species have failed miserably our task - our charge - to be the steward of Mother Earth and Her creatures, great and small - the dire warnings of naturalists like Rachel Carson, once heeded as prescient by an educated people, now fall on deaf and dumb ears of an ignorant population from the highest to the lowest levels…


While I feel bad for the birds, I believe because of the ability to fly they have a much better chance at migration as a means to survival then most other species. Also as bad as it gets for birds, they have shown themselves to be remarkably adaptive to life with humans again unlike many other species. If the bird populations are getting hammered you can be sure there are many more other types of creatures that are suffering worse.


I remember going to the beach as a kid and marveling at the pelicans…their ability to fly inches above the water in formation. So ungainly yet so perfect in flight. Now I can go to the beach and spend a week and never see one A damn shame…


Humans are heedless, mindless exterminators. Frankly, I long for our extinction.


“Human-induced climate change may prove to be the most serious threat of all.”
—State of the World’s Birds

Or more accurately, “Human overpopulation-induced climate change may prove to be the most serious threat of all.”


And don’t forget the “dodo”.


Neoniks are sprayed in our commons in some urban and suburban city areas. To protect landscapes and small parks, etc. made up of trees that are actually invasive eye candy, no less. Property value enhancing poison magnets.
Not only did they pave paradise and put up a parking lot, they sprayed the living shit out of it with poisons. Sorry Joni, we’re not good listeners. Nor are we good stewards, either.


Light pollution from cities also affects migratory birds. Power lines too have killed raptors. But just the other day sitting on my patio (by a small river in the countryside in Spain) I heard 5 different bird songs only two of which I could indentify.


If insects die oceans die and birds die animals die – How much longer can humans exisit on this planet? All because of greed.


Another, rarely mentioned reason for the decline of bird species I believe is domestic cat predation. Ground nesting birds like the white throated sparrow, song sparrow, and other sparrows are disappearing. I used to always hear the beautiful song of the white throated sparrow here in Maine where I live. I haven’t heard it’s song for over five years. I have watched neighborhood cats use my yard as a hunting ground for birds for years. They hang out underneath my bird feeders and near my compost bin and in my raised garden beds waiting for unwary birds to attack. These cats are all well fed, they just hunt birds for sport and out of instinct.

Over five years ago I heard a male white throated sparrow sing all night, which is very unusual, trying to find a mate. He sang until he went hoarse and he never found a mate. It was the saddest thing that I ever heard and the very last time that I have heard one sing.

I suggest that people who own cats would please keep them indoors or on a leash, at least until the sparrow nesting season is over, as sparrows nest on the ground and are therefore extremely vulnerable to cats. I also wish that we could come up with some kind of electronic warning collar for cats that would scare the birds away whenever the cat comes near so that cats cannot catch birds. I think that this is one very overlooked thing that could be done to help our struggling bird populations as domestic housecats are not native to North America.

I also wonder how many people other than myself have even noticed the loss of the song of the white throated sparrow. I doubt that too many other people even care about this. It causes me terrible grief, nevertheless. I love the white throated sparrow and I miss them.

Must we wait until our spring truly becomes silent, as Rachel Carson warned us about sixty years ago, before we Act to protect our wildlife?


Yes, we must do something about this! Perhaps we could protest if our cities and towns do these things with taxpayer money. We could demand an end to spraying and that native plants be planted that support wild birds. Also see my post about domestic cats.

I am very upset by the loss of our wild birds. Maine only has chickadees, nuthatches, cardinals and titmice that come to my feeder anymore. There used to be more variety. They will go next. What will happen if we put out bird feeders and no birds ever come? By then it will be too late! It makes me very sad. It really hurts.


We are all going to be dodos if we don’t wake up and stop this madness! If all the wildlife goes, we will go next, believe me!


Yes, of course! We must address human overpopulation. It is as if there are seven billion hungry lions all over the earth! The republicans and phony Christians are really helping by trying to ban birth control, aren’t they?! Not using birth control ought to be a bigger sin these days! We show total disrespect for God when we destroy the environment and the earth and the wildlife that He made so wantonly. If pesticides are killing the bugs and the birds, what are these poisons doing to us?

Humans must get sustainable now, ASAP!


missing in the reasons for bird/biodiversity decline is the underlying reason for all the listed reasons - human population growth. Now about 7 1/2 billion, it was about 4.45 billion as recently as 1980, a little over a mere one generation ago, and still growing over 80 million more every year. Thus ever more human need for habitat, for agriculture, for seafood, for space, for resources, for energy, and in the US, for recreation. Those valiantly trying to protect nature face nothing but heartbreak as our population grows. And the outlook is even worse as governments in response to ethnic pressures, religious zealotry, and the Wall St types that seek ever larger markets, purse polices to promote even more rapid growth. Sad.


I wouldn’t mind too much if we humans would go extinct, as we cause most of the trouble on this planet that harms other innocent life forms, but long before we go, we will take the rest of the life on this once beautiful planet with us. If we could just go and leave the wildlife and the planet in at least good enough condition that it could renew itself, I would be all for it, but this will not likely happen that way.

The only consoling thought that I have is that this entire planet and all life was made out of stardust and if it returns to stardust, then nothing is really lost according to Einstein’s theory. It just is such a terrible shame to see so many beautiful, interesting life forms that took billions of years to create to disappear forever. I can’t help feeling intense pain and grief over this. It hurts me so much it nearly kills me! No wonder that people want to take drugs and drink and numb out! Modern life is just too painful. I wish I were a Natve American about three thousand years ago, long before the white man. I think that Native Americans really knew how to live properly on this earth. They walked in beauty then, we walk in horrific ugliness now. We have taken paradise and paved it over for a parking lot instead and we have lost and sold every priceless thing that makes life worth living for mere money. We will never learn. We actually think that WE are civilized!


Yes, and as far as trophy hunting goes, I want to put the heads of Pruitt and Zinke and Don Trump junior on MY wall! Even that would not be enough, but it would help. They ought to have to pay to undo all the damage they have done as much as possible, then I could still get their heads, and that still wouldn’t be enough! This world is full of guys like Pruitt and Zinke. They all ought to be sacrificed to the Mother Earth goddess or something! I am beside myself with rage. No wonder that Pruitt thinks that he needs twenty four hour bodyguards!

What most people don’t get is that as they poison and kill off wildlife they are also poisoning us and our children to death. Everyone in this country ought to be mad as hell like I am, but too many are so ignorant and selfish that they will never get it. Greed and selfishness are powerful drugs.