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In Defeat for Trump's Xenophobic Agenda, Supreme Court Rejects 'Immoral' Anti-Asylum Policy


In Defeat for Trump's Xenophobic Agenda, Supreme Court Rejects 'Immoral' Anti-Asylum Policy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what immigrant rights groups celebrated as a significant victory over President Donald Trump's xenophobic agenda, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the White House cannot automatically deny asylum to those who don't enter the country through an "official" border crossing.


Opening our borders to everybody is leading to disaster for the poorest Americans, as poor people from other countries are willing to work very hard, under bad conditions, for very low pay. Many middle class Americans benefit from this by, for example, getting their lawns mowed on the cheap. The rich benefit by getting cheap labor for their enterprises. Tens of millions of Americans are suffering as a result.

We can best help poor people in other countries, not by allowing them to come here, but by ending our support for the governments of their home countries where they are oppressed, and by an enlarged Peace Corps to help them in their own countries.


Trump may have miscalculated, if calculation is even possible in that head, by ticking off John Roberts.

Is this the year when court rulings are not simply ignored, which is already happening, but are actively rejected by the administration? The rule of law? Maybe under a rock - somewhere.

The only place I could find it is on the SCOTUS blog. I would like to hope CD would put a link to the original source of these kind of reports.


The headline implies (to me, at least) that the SCOTUS delivered a resounding rebuke to the Trump Administration - but a 5-4 vote is hardly that. I acknowledge that votes of 5-4 and 9-0 strike down a law to the same extent, but the 5-4 vote mostly means that the Trump Administration and the Republicans will tweak the edges of the law so that further court challenges will yield judicial approval. Victory will be brief.