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In Defense of Bernie, In Defense of Democracy: The Ironic Case for Hillary Clinton


In Defense of Bernie, In Defense of Democracy: The Ironic Case for Hillary Clinton

Bruce Potts

During the course of the 2016 Primary Season, millions of Americans fell in love with Bernard Sanders, the angry, outspoken, yet likeable leftist U.S.


"a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the Political Revolution"

Didn't we hear the same dribble about a vote for Obama? Where did that get the country?

Spare me.



If the Democratic Party was really concerned about SCOTUS nominees, they would have prevented, not enabled the GOP to take control of Congress in the 1994 midterm election for the first time in 40 years.

After Bill Clinton zealously promoted and passed NAFTA during his first year in office, many Democrats stayed home in the 1994 midterm election. Obama repeated the same stunt when he relabeled the GOP's1990s "health care reform" the ACA during his first year in office and Democrats stayed home again in the 2010 midterm election.

As our local Democratic Party chairman told the caucus during the 2016 primary: "when Democrats stay home, the GOP wins".

Why should anybody believe that Hillary won't do everything she can to keep the GOP in control of Congress to give her cover to deliver for the 1% at the expense of the 99% like her husband and Obama did ?


I have no idea of whatsoever as why this author believes that HRC would reverse Citizens United? HRC and her establishment cronies have done quite well since this evil decision (Citizens United) by raking in millions of dollars from corporations to make sure she gets elected. Clinton's incredible contempt for Bernie Sanders almost guarantees that the Sanders revolution will be marginalized, ignored and demonized. HRC's back room deals with Bernie were nothing more than empty promises to gain support from the Progressives. Now that Bernie is out of the way, HRC will have nothing to do with Bernie ever again.


Thanks for the sane view and reminder that, as Bernie told us over and over, "no President can do it [good or bad] alone." I have just 2 quibbles:

I wish it were all about SCOTUS and Citizens United. As important as that decision was, the Dred Scott of our time, there is so much more on which we must hold HRC's feet to the progressive fire.

Second, Bernie never surrendered his integrity. He only accepted the foot-stamping of fair-weather friends and shrugs them off. His real base, in the new voters he brought to the process, knows better and understands. It's not just the young. I'm just watching reports that he'll be campaigning today in Arizona, to remind Latinos that he's still in the Senate, Elizabeth Warren is still in the Senate, and there will be accountability.


That got us Sonia Sotomayor and Elana Kagan. We've had a conservative Supreme Court for about 50 years - I really want that to change. Vote your conscience but don't pretend the Supreme Court doesn't matter.


Hogwash. A vote for anyone other than Hillary is a vote against what Bernie stands for? Hello! Direct democracy does not exist in this country, and it sure won't happen under HRC. At least the author could have acknowledged that 3rd party votes in non-swing states will have no impact whatsoever.

Stein/Baraka 2016 - the only sane choice


What does the Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives back in 1994 have to do with the Supreme Court nominations? President Clinton had no more Supreme Court appointments to make after 1994 and the Senate (which approves appointments - not the House) stayed under the Democrats control throughout Clinton's term even if he had.


Right, we're supposed to believe that Hillary Clinton is sincere about wanting to overturn Citizen's United despite the fact that she's been greedily using it to bring in trainloads of money for the Democratic party.

First, the "money is speech" ruling originated with Buckley v. Valeo in a 1976 ruling, not with Citizen's United. The Citizen's United ruling was based on that. Should Buckley v. Valeo, then, also be overturned? If money is not speech, then what is speech? A constitutional amendment to the effect that only speech is speech as applied to the First Amendment gives the government the constitutional authority to completely ban the use of any objects but speech to exercise our First Amendment rights. Is this a good idea? The point, here, is that it won't be as simple as overturning Citizen's United. It's far more complicated.

Second, let's suppose that Citizen's United is overturned. It's a long shot, true, but then what? We're supposed to believe that the Republicans and Democrats will get serious about campaign finance reform? Since when? Were things so clean and aboveboard before Citizen's United?

Finally, the author's notion that " ... it is clear that this election is about one thing and one thing only: Control of the Supreme Court" is just plain juvenile and insulting. Regardless of who the next Justice may be, the status quo is well protected regardless of whether we get a Republican or a Democrat in the White House.

Go Green.


I think you meant "drivel," but I do prefer "dribble." :=D


This election is about much more than the Supreme Court. It is about who Americans are. It is multiculturism versus white nationalism. It is democracy versus fascism. It is the interests of the West versus the interests of Russia. It is decency versus indecency. It is political correctness versus political incorrectness. It is upholding the Constitution versus ignoring the Constitution. It is liberal/progressive values versus right wing values. If the aim of the Green Party to induce a socialist revolution then it makes sense to hope Trump wins as there could be a left wing revolution against a right wing fascist government led by Trump. However, I don't think Bernie is interested in a socialist revolution. He is much more of a New Deal Democrat. He is not a left wing radical. So from his perspective it makes perfect sense to back Hillary Clinton. If you look at the policies on her website it could be argued that Sanders and Clinton are not that far apart.


Bernie Sanders did not "swallow his pride." I think Bernie was threatened, either with harm to his family or with complete loss of power in the Senate, and he is doing what he can to help the 99% despite the cesspool that is the Democratic Party leadership.

Here's the video of Bernie following his little talk with Obama. Bernie can't even speak. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwNGwzP1V7s

If Jill Stein were not running, I would write Bernie in, or I would vote for Trump. NEVER for Hillary. As a lifelong Democratic, I have had absolutely enough of the Democratic Party's wars, lying, influence peddling, and corruption.


I am voting for Trump. Let's blow this sucker up.


LOL, Thanks!


I had my finger on your Like button, but first you played into the slander with

I've never heard or made an argument for political correctness. That's an epithet used to dismiss me. I work for human sensitivity and kindness, and calling people what they ask to be called.

And please don't dial down Bernie's radical credentials. The similarities to HRC's professed policies are evidence of her movement toward him, not the other way around. He's just a pragmatic socialist who knows the weak points in the system and how to exploit them.


No one seems ever to advocate for Hillary on the merits. Yes, she's corrupt and stole the nomination from Bernie, but Trump is a unique danger. If that doesn't work, she's the lesser of two evils. Now it all boils down to one issue, potential nominees to the Supreme Court. What about her war mongering? Foreign policy disasters like Iraq, Libya, and Ukraine don't matter? War with Russia over Syria? Possible conflict with Iran? Senseless wars and death matter to a lot of people!

I choose to vote Green, for peace, for the only party advocating for it rather than perpetual war.


The problem is much less

than 'institutions, including corporations, are citizens with rights that can trump those of individuals, including the members of the institutions.' We have to end corporate/institutional personhood.


Shorter Bruce Potts: Ok, this is complicated but if you do the wrong thing you'll get the right outcome. #JilNotHill


Even with Citizens United in full force, the sight of this Credible man telling us the Truth about Where we are and Why, trampled over the Corporate Dollars and galvanized the Populace as it has not been since FDR rallied us for WWII.

The reason why Bernie's campaign stopped dead in its tracks was not because "...he swallowed his pride and compromised his integrity for our future." but rather because he was up against an evil, illegitimate Power Entity that would stop at nothing, his life, his wife's, his children's or anyone or anything that he loved to neutralize the Forces that he was Unleashing.


Except we have. not. been. neutralized, and neither has Bernie.