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In Defense of Incivility


In Defense of Incivility

Ryan Cooper

Trump administration officials are having restaurant troubles. Over the weekend, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders attempted to dine with her family at a restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, and the owner decided, in consultation with her employees, to refuse to serve them.


The rascals should not be treated with kid gloves as long as they are caging* children. Hound them** back the gates of Hell where they belong.

*or bombing, etc.
**including those of administrations past


I can only repeat what a wise man once said about politicians, “fuck 'em all”.


Under the dire circumstances of this administration, I think it’s a very effective tactic, myself. I think there are some who are concerned, not so much about “civility,” but the idea that it’s discrimination. However, this is not about a person’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion or lack thereof, so on. It’s an act of protest against a fascist regime bent on destroying the United States.People must act - and now.


I’m reminded of a song by the great Malvina Reynolds, “It Isn’t Nice.” The version by Judy Collins on YouTube is just about perfect.


It seems that incivility is all we have left.


A big thank you to the workers and owners of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA. This needs to happen all across the country. I’m sure they will experience push back from the well to do in their area. The 99% in Lexington and the surrounding areas need to realize what was done for them by this restaurant, and make sure they don’t suffer because of it. If you can afford it, give them you’re business.
Thanks to all the other participants in the other actions, keep up the good work.


This will backfire. It will generate more sympathy for Trump’s people. It may feel good in the moment but it will enable them to portray themselves as victims of bullies on the Left

Bad tactics


I take it Axelrod wants us to write a polite letter to the editor instead. If it isn’t ignored, Sarah, Steve, Kirstjen, et al. will get a little chuckle out of it.

Voting doesn’t matter. It’s been shown that politicians don’t listen to the concerns of ordinary people. The 2nd Amendment isn’t going to stop totalitarianism. And there is a very obvious class (and race) war going on in this country.

There’s very little we can do to show that we refuse to accept the culture and values that the elites are force-feeding us. Boycotting their businesses might help, if people weren’t so durn addicted to buying. Blacklisting and ostracism might help. They might not, but a) it feels good and that may be all we can hope for and b) I don’t see anything else we really can do.

Yes, let’s show them, every opportunity we have, that we refuse to accept them and their policies.


We’d be happy to hear your alternative suggestions.


Our founders bequeathed us a government in which we have minimal say while calling it democracy. We do not elect the President (electoral college) or those he/she selects to run the executive branch. Giving each state the same number of Senators ( which we weren’t allowed to elect until 1913) was the check on the people’s selection of it’s representation in the House( compromised by gerrymandering). The highest of the judiciary, the third check, is also selected by a combination of the executive and legislative branches. Congress, not the people, have the power to check an out of control President who would be king (or dictator…pick your poison). We are left with the equivalent of sticking out our tongues or booing to make our displeasure known to these well insulated despots.


Disagree, and couldn’t care less if Trump snowflakes are offended. To quote one of their biggies, “womp womp.”

We patriotic, progressive Americans have tried the civil “high road” for a long time. We have been appalled and mortified at how rude, offensive, vile, and uncivil Trump and his acolytes have been. It fills the news daily. Trump supporters with “fuck your feelings” tee-shirts, tweets and speeches from Trump himself that are absolutely shocking. Remember his lovely speech where he mocked a disabled reporter, mimicking his crippled arms and facial expressions? Christ. Just one of so, so, so many. On and on.

The time for civility and taking the high road are over. We tried, but the fascists don’t care how offended we are - in fact, they revel in it. A large percentage of Trump’s “base” have one basic reason for following Trump: he pisses off “libtards.” Good enough for them, regardless of anything else he might do. We can still maintain our commitment to progressive ideals by not utilizing violence, and maintaining our peaceful approach to fighting the growing fascism that Trump and the Republicans are instituting in the U.S. We aren’t, after all, saying to lock up all Republicans, or or beat them up. But as for refusing to be “rude” or “uncivil” - fuck that. Fascism and the “New Cruelty” of the Right isn’t going to be defeated by politeness and courtesy. Not when most of the Right are appallingly rude and uncivil themselves, if not downright evil. What else to call locking up children and infants, demonizing our own law enforcement agencies and Justice Department, violating the Constitution daily with their blatant emoulements violations and corruption, insulting our allies and buddying up to our adversaries, etc?

If kicking fascists out of restaurants is the least of Trump and the fascists’ worries, they should count themselves lucky. And any sympathy generated will be by people already sympathetic towards the fascists anyway - so fuck them, too. Seriously - awwww, you feel sorry for the lying fascist mouthpiece getting booted out of a restaurant, but not for the thousands of children being ripped from their parents? Then we don’t want you on our side to begin with, if that is where your sympathies lie.

Time to take a firm stand - either with fascism and racism and authoritarianism, or with the Constitution and the common good. If we have to be a bit rude to make that clear, so be it.


The electorate is divided into (roughly) three groups - those who hate Trump (no need to convert them) those who love Trump (and are unconvertable) and those who have mixed feelings - they may think him a jerk, but are glad Hillary didn’t win, or they may like his style but have reservations about some of his policies.

It is that third group which needs to be won. They will be won by providing an alternative to Trump. That alternative needs to be in terms of both substance and style.


Hey! I said that!


It’s a sobering thought to believe we are in the hands of people “who have mixed feelings” about Trump. It’s also sobering to think that–given their obvious stupidity–it won’t be reason that wins them over. I shudder to think of the memes.


Sanders is an adult who was asked to politely leave a restaraunt. Sanders enjoys her village friends in the media tsking on her behalf as if she’s a little girl. The first black president had a finger waved in his face by a governor in front of cameras and had an asshole and his acolytes in the media perpetuate the notion he was a radical Muslim non-American near-terrorist.

I think most people can see what’s going on. Say something mean to village friend, get pummeled.


But being the lying, egotistical monsters that they are they would enjoy that far too much!:thinking:


Thank you for this clear summary of the fundamentally anti-democratic design and intent of our so-called “democratic republic.”

The rise of the “big money” corporate oligarchy and the military-industrial-government “deep state” cabal added the entrenchment of the corporate-state “aristocracy” over the will of the common people.


The Trump cult or whatever you want to call it is closely associated with incivility. Incivility was a trademark of the Trump campaign as demonstrated at is rallies which looked like something from the days of Mussolini. I think the opposition should be civil. It should offer a clear alternative to the violence and nastiness of the other side. i think every American should be served at a restaurant regardless of their political views. We should aim to settle things through democratic debate. The alternative to Trump’s fascism should be civil democracy. The alternative to Trump’s lies should be always trying to speak the truth. Throwing people out of restaurants isn’t going to do any good. Showing up at the voting booths and voting for Democrats, the only viable alternative to Trump at this point, will have an effect.


The full article at theweek.com is worth reading to consider the many reasons “in defense of incivility.”

(Click on the link provided at the end of the Common Dreams article.)