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In Defense of Larry Kudlow (Sort of)


In Defense of Larry Kudlow (Sort of)

Dean Baker

A lot of folks are running around making a big point of the fact that Larry Kudlow, Trump's new head of the National Economic Council, has gotten a lot of things about the economy wrong, and in particular missed the coming of the Great Recession. For example, here's Dana Milbank's column in the Washington Post this morning.


Let’s see here, Drumpf was so good at making money that he had to host a “reality” show to make ends meet. Kudlow was so good at making money that he had to host a “business” show describing the economy. Is Jim Cramer next in line for Treasury? I guess I should start watching TV again (after ten years of bliss) to get to know the future cabinet kiss ups. Mr. Peabody for Sec. of Education–it would be an improvement!


Kudlow is one of the most pompous, yet cheaply constructed talking heads to ever appear on television. He had his “coming out” in the 1980s with the cotillion of supply side whores which the media fed to us. Because they “knew” we liked Reagan. And they “knew” we would like listening to Larry, Just a few years after American finished loving “listening to Lee” (Iacocca). It never ends. Larry Kudlow has that fecal quality to him, like Grover Norquist and Arthur Laffer. Kudlow is the most facile of all of them. As a human being he is a nothing.


The real questionis “Why not appoint someone who’s been right about the economy?” The same thing happens in foreign policy. They never appoint people who have been right in the past.

Kudlow was also one of the advisors sent by Daddy Bush to “help” Russia. Yeltsin took his advice and privatized everything in sight, and thus came the Russian oligarchs. Poland did the privatization very slowly. Several years later some talking head noted how Poland got it right and Russia had it wrong.


there is no defense for this fascist piece of shit. He is an old raygun lackey who had a $10,000 a day cocaine habit at the same time giving sermons on the benefits of trickle down economics.

he should be in jail for his economic malfeasance along with Laffer


Bingo. Pull the plug on this ex-coke whore, permanently.