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In Defense of Millennial Politics


In Defense of Millennial Politics

Derek Denman, Maria Adelmann

We are practicing freedom in new and profound ways.


Mischaracterization of millennials or any other age group is the result of decades of fake news peddled by corporate media. Although Trump was first to launch the “fake news” concept he failed to mention that he, the GOP and their media generate more fake news than any other source.

The 2016 caucus that this sixtysomething white ass smart boy (or is it smart ass white boy?) attended where 80% of attendees of ALL ages supported Bernie Sanders was one of many examples confirming that we are all humans with human needs. Mischaracterizing any group of humans is simply the latest spin on age old divide and conquer strategy that has been applied by tyrants for mellennia, and is more effectively applied by tyrants’ many forms of media today…


“millennial sense of freedom declares that “freedom” has too often meant “freedom for some” at a great cost to many. “Victimhood culture” is the most twisted way to describe a real success of our generation.”

Freedom means socialism for the rich and capitalism for everyone else, achieved by Wall Street bribes to politicians. One way to get money out of politics is to circumvent oligarchy bribes:


As a fellow millennial I am sick of this gas lighting. If anything millennials are a very politically motivated generation. The thing is, the politics that are supported by my generation focuses on progressive policies, something that is not dared allowed anywhere near the current center-right to far-right political spectrum. It is not that we are lazy, it is that no one in the mainstream politics cares to listen.


This is one of the most hopeful pieces that I have read in quite a while. I agree with the authors. The Millennials are right to be suspicious of the overuse and misuse of words like “freedom”, “democracy” and “free market”. They can see through the sham of using these words to cover up acts of greed, aggression and injustice, and they are not falling for it! More power to them. Hopefully, they will be able to reverse some of the damage that previous generations have stupidly endowed them with.


For ten years I have mentored a local university chapter of Engineers Without Borders and will attest to the fact the students involved are very committed. Their work involves fundraising, logistics, engineering design and construction in remote villages in Bolivia and Peru. That is real politics in action and it is indeed my honor to work with them.


Where are they with regards to US Imperialism…crickets?

They state…“that refugees should be allowed to find a home in this world.” Fine, but how about discussing what creates the refugee crisis. I’ll give you a hint…the answer is in line one of my post.


Those who seek to abuse power usually aren’t that smart and their lies and scams aren’t so well developed that they fool us. Anyone with open eyes and honest mind will see through their ruse. The abusers of power assume the people to be stupid and lazy- except that we aren’t. Keep pushing back.


I agree- although I do know a couple of millenials who have done well, and at the same time I have some who are more concerned about being polite and are too afraid of their own shadows- a generation who is asserting itself in other ways but who ( as I heard one say some years back) .I attended a cyber march versus the real marches we attended in our day. This is a generation who no doubt has undergone challenges but all generations do. In my generation young men worried about the draft and quite a few men and women went to Viet Nam. This generation has never had to worry about a draft, At the same time, we should not group any types of people according to stereotypes but as humans.


We are all human as we know and last night I watched a special about the tribal people. Once again their lands are being desecrated only this time their waters are contaminated by uranium drilling and mining. They are devising ways where they can get their own sources and are suing companies as well. I am glad for this exposure- and they have brought up that these companies get approved by the good ole USA. As one tribal person said." Mother Earth and Father Greed."


Well- good to meet you. We have people of all types in different generations. I have met many people however from younger generations who never vote!


Well, okay- do you vote? Good to see that someone who is your age is getting involved. We all need to work together. And people who are just so worried about being polite and hiding behind a computor have to get out there in person. No one will know you behind a screen!


Yes I do try to vote whenever possible.


Remember- just do not try do it. My late grandmothers could not vote when they were younger because they were WOMEN! Also, let’s remember that a good society is a mixture of generations even if we disagree. You might want to read the book Tribe if you haven’t already. Author: Sebastian Junger. The more separate we are- the more authoritarianism and extremism take over like the banksters who got away with the crash of the economy.


In my opinion, millennials are better educated and much more concerned with the future of society than previous generations. If they seem to be insecure, it is because they have a better understanding of just how bad things are and how much worse they are about to become. They are not optimistic but are trying to make the best of a very bad situation.

They don’t “do politics” in the same way as older people, because they see that the old ways are not working.

Millennials watched a corrupt Democratic party establishment subvert the primary process so that a popular progressive was shoved aside in favor of a Wall Street tool. The end result was total disaster.

So they are not going to play the game the way their elders have been playing it. I would say to my fellow boomers that millennials are using their smart phones in ways you cannot understand, working towards goals that have nothing to do your agenda.

Because you have given us Trump.