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In Defense of My Fellow Sanders Delegates


Bernie’s a good guy. Let him make the deal he can make. “May have gotten” gives me nothing, nor does Clinton.


Give them some time you say, Ha. You must be one of those that assume after a time all will vote for Hillary. Wrong! You and those that say 90% of Sanders supporters will vote for her after they heal, don’t really get how mad we are about the election being stolen and unfair and how we view Killary as a predator and a war hawk that will inflict untold damage on other countries.
If you think she will be more giving or more in tune with the progressives domestically you have forgotten the horrible things Bill and her did domestically when they were in office. She will sign the TPP if Obomer doesn’t and her economic views are very Republican in nature. She gives me nothing to vote for. She’s just another neocon like Bush with all the sick dreams of total world dominance and like Bush we will be in perpetual wars. No thanks. She’s no ordinary Democrat, she is neocon/neoliberal and those ideologies have failed and must die.
Jill Stein represents my values so I will vote for her.


All you have to do to understand just how wrong is the implication that these “new to politics” delegates are making naive mistakes and will come around in time is to read or listen to Kshama Sawant - a brilliant, incisive firebrand.


What a politely condescending article and full of BS. I praise the protesters. They are not rough around the edges. The only entity that was rough around the edges was the DNC. It would have been shameful for Sander’s supporters to have taken the insults and abuse of the DNC bowing and scraping. The booing was a very controlled and under the circumstances polite means of expressing very appropriate rage at the obscenities of the DNC. The protesters have NOTHING to apologize for or to be ashamed of. If the author thinks the behavior was bad, he just doesn’t get revolution.


No to all war criminals; No to fascist bigots; Vote for Peace and saving our Mother Earth; Vote GREEN!



Is Clinton the better candidate?

• As First Lady, she destroyed the Medical system in the USA under the guise of fixing it. She pushed hard for NAFTA off-shoring all our jobs as gov policy.

• Then she lobbied hard for corporate treason against the Constitution pushing TPP as Senator calling it the Gold Standard; next she pushed 11 countries to sign it as Sec of State.

• She caused the crisis in Europe listening to warhawks Robert Kagen and Victoria NuLand invading the Ukraine with NATO, massing war weapons on the Russian border and massing warships in the South China Sea with her Pivot to Asia she forced on Obama.

• She bombed the hell out of Libya as Sec of State, not caring what would supplant it.

• She transferred weapons all through the middle east and CAUSED ISIS and Al quedia to be armed and funded in Syria, bombed Yemen by SA proxy.

• Sudan in Africa, plus another dozen conflict there…

War makes you poor,
And always comes back to your door (sooner or later.)

Is this the better candidate?

Or is Trump, who’s bombed nobody, an isolationist who builds walls and makes deals for profit instead of war profiteering?

Trump may put Trump Casinos all through Russia and China. I can live with that. I can’t live with WarClinton’s World War III



We should have a nation of such “badly behaved” people who are fighting the fight in this country against the corruption!!! That writer didn’t have him in it to follow their lead. What a shame he doesn’t ‘get it’.


Funny, that’s what I’ve found myself doing. I’m far more interested in what other progressives are saying in the comments section than the paid talking heads’ articles.

There re some notable exceptions, such as Kevin Gosztola and Jake Johnson, but then there are so many, it seems, that are borderline annoying, to say the least.



I’ll bet she knew she was going to get booed off the stage! What an unworthy candidate is Clinton. I’m quite sure few people actually voted for her in Brooklyn or California. What a crummy crook she is.



According to a Washington Post piece in May, twenty percent of Sanders supporters are going to defect to Trump since the DNC shafted progressives at every turn.

See that angry 20 percent wedge? That’s me voting for non-establishment Trump to keep WarClinton from destroying us all in WW-III. Cutting off my nose despite my face… Well, at least maybe we won’t glow in the dark at night if we can keep the warmongers Cliton/Kagen/NuLand out of power.

All other considerations are secondary.


A powerful and thoughtful letter from my friend, Melody Sands. This is a remarkable analysis…
An open letter to all Bernie supporters:
I saw your tears flow at the Democratic National Convention, and I thought it was beautiful. Your passion and love of an idea of change flowed out of your heart and down your cheeks, and it moved me. Sure, you wept over a loss of an idea; it’s what we do as humans, we weep when we lose something of value to us. But I hope you realize, you did not lose, you won. You, with your passion and beliefs, and willingness to put your energy behind those ideas, you won. You made a difference. 13.3 million of you! That’s power, folks, Real power.
Your passion and enthusiasm inspired us. We saw how you believed in Bernie and his ideas, and inspired us to listen and consider. Ultimately, we had to decide, given the incredible issues at stake, who truly was electable. But we heard.
Some of you whined on national TV you were not listened to, that your ideas were not being heard. About that, you are wrong. Others your age heard you, and joined in your movement. An unprecedented number of young people were engaged and involved in this election cycle.
We felt your frustration. Our generation also fought for candidates who embodied new ideas and change, but who lost….Eugene McCarthy, McGovern, Gore. We battled the Vietnam War, the war, not the soldiers; we marched in the streets for women’s right, civil rights, and environmental justice. We made some progress on many important issues, but we also realized how much more that there is to do.
That’s why I was so encouraged seeing so many young people involved in the political process. You were volunteering, talking about the issues, working for causes. You were aware. That’s what democracy is all about. Believing, then working For an idea, not just Against something. That’s important to remember as the election continues.
You asked and shouted for so many changes. Bernie suggested so many great ideas that should be possible if we all work together. Affordable college education should be possible in this country; as should equal pay for equal work; affordable health care; living wages. All of these ideas need your energy and enthusiasm. They need the champion you have supported. They need Bernie to keep these ideas on the forefront of the system. These ideas need you.
I see you sitting with duct tape over your mouths, in protest, and belief your ideas are not being heard. They are. Rip that duct tape off your mouths and keep going. Keep talking. Keep pushing the ideas. You have hundreds of ideas. Take your energy—do the homework, create sensible plans. Look at policies, study the problem, offer solutions complete with budgets and implementation processes. We all want our kids to be able to afford college. We all want our seniors to have health care. We all think people should be able to survive if they work. We want the same changes in our society, but we cannot hear you when you mouth is taped shut, or you turn your back on the discussion. Stay in the game.
Use your energy pursue these ideas. Take this energy and look at your state congressional races. Work for state candidates who will take your cause to Washington as your representatives and create a responsive Congress. Work for Senators who listen. Work for House candidates. Work for making Congress a body of government that works with a democratic president. Encourage Bernie to ramp up his opportunities to work for getting these ideas into bills and legislation, working with others in Congress—reach out, negotiate, work together for these causes. Change does not happen overnight. It’s usually incremental and takes energy and effort. And organization and plans.
If Hillary is smart, and she’s savvy enough to realize Bernie supporters are vital to her election, she should form a domestic and international task force of this new enthusiasm and passion for a better, more responsive America, and world. She should include normal, regular citizens who care, to work together to solve these problems. Be part of the plans and programs. Insist your ideas get heard by making them feasible. Form committees and study groups around each issue. Study the problem. Create sensible well-crafted written plans that can be implemented with citizen support.
Be part of the change you want, as Ghandi said. We heard you. Help us help you.
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Bernie did the best he could, attempting to enter and win this race through the Democratic Party. If he would have run as an Independent it’s likely he never would have come this close, and the people that came to support him and fund his campaign would likely not have been so many. Unfortunately, he and we, now understand the DNC would never allow him to take precedence over a Democrat for life, even though it’s highly unlikely Her Majesty (ALL BOW LONG AND DEEPLY) that she will be liked by enough voters to allow her to proceed to become the next, Queen President. (GOD SAVE THE QUEEN). (god save the queen) (Y’all).

As horrible as it will likely be if Trump is elected, perhaps after 4 years, we can find another candidate as desirable and knowledgeable as Bernie to enter the race. Since breaking this two party stranglehold of D or R over our choice of candidates is currently almost impossible, that scenario may be the best we can have to improve the situation with a suitable Democratic nominee.


Talk about damning with faint praise.


Yes, because the nation needs to know that the Democratic Party is not progressive and not socialist so when it loses the election or, even worse, wins and then destroys the country, people will know that it wasn’t progressivism/socialism that did that.


She is great and she has helped me keep my sanity in this cycle, living up to her screen name.


Very likely at least for a very, very long time. The hope that Bernie gave to many that finally the 1% would be reigned in and made to pay their fair share of the pie has been destroyed by the incompetence of the DNC. There’s no way the DNC would allow other than the Chosen to be the nominee, as Bernie came to them as an Independent, trying to be the leader of the 99%, which didn’t fit with the corporate supporters of the DNC, wanting someone that would benefit them.

Perhaps with a great effort, the Sanders supporters may be able to create and build that viable third party that actually represents a majority of Americans. Bernie showed what could be done when many, invested small amounts to fund his campaign, and without massive corporate cash.


Bernie came to break the party system. That’s why his designation is “I.” It remains “I.” He never intended to start a third party. His small contributors prove that neither parties nor their supporting PACs have anything to do with democracy, especially in the 21st c.


Sure. But until I see another one, it’s all I have. Got another one? Now that Sandman Supporters really got phucked?

Maybe it’s now 50 percent or more voting for Trump? There’s 13 million disappointed Sanders supporters looking for an outlet. Who knows?

Hillary, Hillary,
Smug in the knowledge that bush loves you,
the Diebold will save you,
No matter what the Bernie Bros do!


‘and that she is the better option,’

NO, not ever a better option.

With Trump there is a chance that there will be no major war, a chance that the US will retire inside its borders — and who cares what happens to it?

With Clinton there is every chance of major war within weeks or months. With Clinton the meddling of the US across the planet will merely accelerate dramatically.

We survived Bush and his murderous mob, but so very many didn’t, with Clinton we will not be so lucky.