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In Defense of “Taxpayer-Funded Abortion”

In Defense of “Taxpayer-Funded Abortion”

Hayley Farless

In the midst of President Trump’s now temporarily-halted government shutdown, Senate Republicans weren’t working very hard to strike a deal and put 800,00 Americans—who by the way, were mostly women—back to work.


I like the idea of single payer medical care, but getting pregnant isn’t magic. It happens because you had sex. We should take care of people who get sick and get into accidents sure, but should we spend money on someone who gets lung cancer from smoking? No, we shouldn’t. Getting pregnant isn’t any different (rape aside, of course).

We have better places to spend our health care resources than on women who made their own decision to have sex and are now pregnant. We shouldn’t spend all that money just to give someone a free pass on their bad decision. Don’t want the kid? Pay for the abortion yourself or have the kid and adopt it out. Any hospital in the US will take a newborn no questions asked. There’s lots of childless families out there that’d love to raise a kid.

Paying for abortions with taxes? Hard pass from me. We have much higher priorities.

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I completely reject your idea. Any tests for a valid claim involving things like smoking, drug use, thrill seeking behavior, not wearing your seat-belt, or whatever should have nothing to do with our single payer health care plan (and thankfully, I’ve seen no such proposals). To do otherwise is both anti-compassionate (what you are going to let a smoker go bankrupt then?) and a bureaucratic nightmare (you going to have to hire investigators to make determinations).


So if I eat KFC every day and never exercise, become six hundred pounds, are you willing to pay for my maid (I can’t get out of bed, so I can’t clean my house), my care taker (someone has to bring me food), and all of the additional medical procedures that have resulted because of my bad decisions?

Remember: Health care is a finite resource. We do not have unlimited dollars, we do not have unlimited hospitals, and we do not have unlimited doctors and nurses. We have to allocate our resources in a smart manner to the greatest effect.

Would you rather spend those limited resources on someone who made good decisions and helped society or would you rather spend those limited resources on a liability?



Who are you? Are you even remotely for single payer, or are you just a troll? NOBODY is proposing what you are saying in any single payer movement, and I read a fair amount on this topic. Do some reading and if you find I’m wrong, please let me know, otherwise you’re diatribes on personal responsibility are going nowhere.

If you want to discuss ways to which we can improve public health in a single payer health care system in the many many possible ways besides denying coverage, then there is a lot to read and discuss.

(Note: there are always exceptions - it is well known that patients with liver failure due to excessive drinking are going to go below a patient who lost their liver due to a communicable disease on a transplant waiting list. That isn’t going to change under single payer).


Not all pregnancies result from freely made decisions, or from clear and reported cases of rape. Your assertions are misogynist to start with and antiempathetic over all.


This is constitutional law as precedent. Whether gov. money is involved or not it should be decided and nailed down so that no more SCOTUS decisions can come up.
Except we will fight this all over again with national healthcare coming on the scene,
covering everyone for everything including reproductive decisions and family planning.
What a tangled web we weave.

HI dara, i think you are right about this person being a troll, as anyone whose user name is Bernie 2020 would not support this. Hey, here’s an idea guys------every female has eggs harvested and kept in case she decided to become pregnant-----we’re getting into BRAVE NEW WORLD territory, here. : ) So then here’s your choice----be sterilized and you won’ t get pregnant–, and harvest eggs and you can–of course you can get social diseases–so Pretend Bernie 2020, should people with sexually transmitted disease get no help either?
How about people that have worked with ROUNDUP for ever and get cancer? Do they get help? How about people with skin cancer----diss them too? You know, babies that had heath problems visible at birth were left out on the hillsides and exposed----to death-- by both -the Greeks and the Spartans . Are we there yet? : 0


Call it paternalism, religion, superstition, authoritarianism, dictatorship, misogyny, unfairness, injustice, male domination, stupidity, torture, punishment, or simply, conservatism.

Say folks, on a similar vein, there are bunches of “pro-lifers” who are claiming that the New York State’s change in abortion laws legalizes killing a baby up to near birth AKA abortion. I don’t believe it. The only mention I have heard of in the news said that the new law aligned itself more with Roe v Wade. Since Roe v Wade prohibits 3rd trimester abortions except under a narrow number of circumstances, it cannot be true. Does anyone have more info on this subject?

Keep abortion around, but free? I think they need to be a little more reasonable.
Dont people need water still?
There’s people that are dying Kim.