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In Defense of the Rocket


In Defense of the Rocket

For Palestinians, the new year is marked by old ills: Another plea to recognize the "State of Palestine," an ambiguous U.N. denunciation of settlements, and the "never-ending violence" of the Israeli Occupation. Still, new visual forms of resistance - a stunning short film documenting the gridlocked seeking of peace, and an Activestills book highlighting the power of "struggle photography" to create change - offer "a window into a reality that oppressors do not want seen."


Gee, that’s terrible!
Say - these palestinians: does their religion still tell them to “strike off the fingertips” of people who aren’t muslims? Or have they rewritten their God-given holy book?


Israel is a racist terrorist state that employs “slow-motion genocide” - to intimidate, repress, and kill to enforce ethnic cleansing to take and colonize territory by force to be exclusively for the benefit of one group - without conscience, integrity or basic human decency.
Palestinians have been on the receiving end of this terrorist expansionism and racism for over half a century. Israel is an apartheid entity that threatens the entire world to accomplish their fantasy mythology of a “greater Israel” cloaked in religion to build/expand their racist dream - a racism that holds “one million Arabs are not worth one Jewish fingernail”. The mirror image of this depravity is daesh/isis terrorism/depravity/racism, created by Israel itself thru tactics and endless war for territory.


The world’s peoples with several glaring exceptions are increasingly aware of the threats to world peace and security posed by Israeli extremism and racism.
Many Israelis also struggle against right-wing extremism just as many other people’s struggle against right-wing extremism, including notably in the US.

The Golden Rule and respect for the Common Good and sustainable future, or greed, discrimination/racism, and exploitation are at the center of this ages-old struggle around the world. Today the future hangs in the balance as powerful forces attempt to gain influence, power, and advantage for their own narrow interests, be they extreme wealth, tribal superiority, religious or political dominance & power, corporate/financial domination/usury over society, environmental degradation, exploitation & resulting pollution, or the system of vulture capitalism itself, among other goals, all affect humanity that seems at a crossroads of survival, both actual and economic/political.



Nice photo of Nazi Stormtroopers beating up a Jewish kid!. Hang, the Nazi Stormtroopers didn’t wear khaki…