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In Defiance of Trump, Website Helps Scientists Blow the Whistle on Political Interference


In Defiance of Trump, Website Helps Scientists Blow the Whistle on Political Interference

Nika Knight, staff writer

Facing a presidential administration committed to waging war on science, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) this week launched a website to help scientists blow the whistle on government interference in their work.


This appears to be one good answer to the Trump/Bannon war on the truth. The Union of Concerned Scientists is another good organization to donate money to.


Good news.


This is genius! Thanks UCS!


Bravo to the UCS for their much-needed & appreciated leadership! RepubliCons think of nothing much but deregulation, exploitation and destruction, including people and even Mother Earth!

Until our Mother Earth and Her people/nations are led by truth, sustainability, and active principled stewardship, not "religious" mythology/dogma, exploitation, greed/profit, corrupt politicians and governments, we will continue down the road to ecological and social disaster - one way leads to destruction and continued servitude, the other to leadership of, by, and for the Common Good. Ignorance and self-interest, rule by wealth and power above sustainability and a healthy planet have been tolerated far too long. There will always be "rich" and "poor", but the obscene extremes can no-longer be tolerated; people must have the right and opportunity to live free, not live as modern day economic slaves from cradle to grave.......

"My friends, my cousins. Do you remember when we were not rich, but when our poverty was different.....?

Billions are made & maintained wage and interest slaves - serfs to a capitalist construct of profits above all else, vast wealth in relative few hands that control obscene wealth and their purchased governments & "laws". The direction of society and life on Earth must recognize and nurture the "common" man and woman and the critical natural systems of our Earth, Gaia, else we are all lost..............