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In 'Deliberately Cruel' Assault on Rights, Trump's DHS Plans to Detain Immigrant Children on Military Bases


In 'Deliberately Cruel' Assault on Rights, Trump's DHS Plans to Detain Immigrant Children on Military Bases

Julia Conley, staff writer

In a step toward separating families who cross the U.S.-Mexico border, the Trump administration is preparing to detain immigrant children on military bases, according to the Defense Department.

These used to be called “Internment Camps.” https://t.co/zl9CwYlXjC

— Jennifer Wright (@JenAshleyWright) May 16, 2018


Hate Incarnate!

If “our” Military goes along with this plan, and enlisted men and women don’t stand against this Hate and Fear, the souls of those who participate, are lost.


Cant feed do not breed. Not our place to feed the world or its kids


This is just another form of child abuse that government can get away with. I have an idea - we take all of the children and their parents and give them Trump.


“Am I my brother’s keeper?”—Genesis 4:9 .

“No man is an island, entire of itself, every man is part of the Continent, a part of the main.”—
John Donne (1624)

“Judge not, that ye be not judged.”—Matthew 7:1


Your kids are next.


Screw Trump. He’ll be gone by the end of the year. Start thinking about how to handle Pence.



Does this mean Cat Stevens was wrong and “longer boats AREN’T coming to win us?” Oh, damn.


Thanks for the link to a truly great article!


thanks for an awesome read


Why would you think the Military has a say in this ? The Military doesn’t own our bases. I too would hope the members wouldn’t have anything to do with this, but we must remember, Trump is the ultimate commander of the Military, any member refusing orders can and probably will be brought up on charges.
Not that we have many rights under the constitution, but military members have none.


Did you get that rant from the Psycho’s-R-us website ?


I would hope as human beings who know right from wrong, enlisted men and women have the human right to refuse an order they feel is immoral, or unethical.

I understand about their being subject to disiplinary action for doing so, however, if huge numbers of them hold the same position, more than likely something is wrong with the order given.


I agree, all military personal have a duty under the UCMJ to disobey an unlawful order. For that reason, I would bet these internment camps won’t use military personal as guards, it will be DHS.


It would be great if Orange Butt would drop dead or shoot his tiny privates off – though that would require a keen marksman.