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In Desperate Bid to Sabotage Nuclear Talks, GOP Directly Threatens Iranian Leaders


In Desperate Bid to Sabotage Nuclear Talks, GOP Directly Threatens Iranian Leaders

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

In the latest Congressional attempt to sabotage peace talks, 47 Republican senators have taken the unusual step of directly threatening Iranian leaders that, if a deal were reached, it would not survive after Barack Obama leaves the presidency.


“Analysts have repeatedly warned…could…lead to war.” Analysts? How about provocateurs.

“Further the Republican letter suggested that if Iran re-instated the Shah, returned all the oil fields it nationalized, and ingested all of its fissile material, the US would make nice and we could all live happily ever after.”


Ye Gods! The fascists are so certain of their power that they can dictate Iranian negotiations directly instead of through their sock puppet?

  • The Oilagarchy has bought the government lock, stock and barrel and now wants to openly dictate U.S. Fourth Reich policy of world control, or else.
  • No intelligence agency in the world, and that includes US “Intelligence” and the Mossad, has been able to find any nuclear weaponry program in Iran. Iran is a proponent of nuclear disarmament world wide. It has hosted international conferences on the subject.
  • The Reich and its Axis allies, NATO and Israel, boycott such conferences as they have thousands of nuclear weapons (Israel only has hundreds) and they would like to be able to use them, or at least keep the threat in being, to intimidate the weaker nations.
  • The U,S. hawks in the Pentagon and the government, and the hawks in the war department of the CCCP would have ended life on earth during the Cuban missile crises, as both wanted to vent their testosterone with a “winnable” nuclear war.
  • Fortunately, JFK and Khrushchev saw what was coming and headed it off. JFK was shot not too long after and Khrushchev was “retired.”
  • I’m a nuclear veteran. I’ve seen the H-bombs and A-bombs up close and too personal. I recovered from my exposure, but thousands of others didn’t, dying of horrible cancers, some of their wives bearing deformed and mutated children. The Marshal Islands are rife with the same thing.
  • We don’t need nuclear weapons, we don’t need war! We should support every nation that is working to end those scourges.
  • Unfortunately, the Oilagarchy and its minions are wedded to maximum profit and power and the most profitable and powerful business in the world, is war. If We the People of the World cannot wrest that power from the Oilagarchy and return it to the People, for most of us it will be serfdom or death. Eventually, some idiot is going to press the magic button and humanity, and most of the other creatures of the earth, will join the Dodo and the Passenger Pigeon.
  • That is one of the reasons that Inoyue’s World Peace is my avatar.


Damn the GOP and the neolibs. Our 4th reich is hurtling the world to armageddon. Our fascism and the MIC are the greatest perils to life on earth. May they all choke on their venemous bile.


Do the Republicans really think the Iranians are so unsophisticated as not to understand the nature of any agreement that they might make? Do the Republicans really think they won’t be ridiculed for doing Bibi’s bidding? Do the Republicans really think?


Slick Oily should reign in his dogs!


Tom Cotton and his cohorts are each and everyone as fanatical as ISIL. We the people can counter this with our own open letter to Iranians making it clear we will do everything to stop these corrupt madmen who do NOT represent us. They would risk a regional and possibly a global catastrophe because they just can’t help themselves in being “closet” racists as they would “honor” or rather do the bidding of a foreign leader, their kindred spirit, over the interests of peace and security for all.


Those are rhetorical questions, right?


When you say “noelib,” who are you referring to - neocons? or Dino’s. I have to assume since this article is about repubs, it the former. But if so, when did the switch in the terms take place?


Obama said the 47 GOPer senators and Iranian hardliners were strange bedfellows, but I think they are cut from the same cloth.


Well at least they are now being up front about it. The Republican’ts started the war on Iraq on a lie and a declaration. These fools are intent on the destruction of two nations,since it is a war that can’t be won even if you accept the lie that any war is winnable today.


The gop wants to rule by threat. Maybe they should be met with threat.


I wonder just how eager this 47 idiots would be for war if they had to lead the troops into combat. And by the way it is not only the Republicans but many Democrats who are Israeli puppets support war with Iran.


Actually it predates the term ‘neoconservative’ but amounts to pretty much the same thing. Wikipedia has a decent write up:


Republicans wants war! It’s plain and simple. War is big business and big profits, and they along with their bosses stands to profit. They and their children won’t fight or endure the hardships of war. That is for the common folk, including the misinformed republicans who vote these warmongers in office. Really that’s the sad part. The people who think the republicans care about them.they have no clue. They’re to busy hating gays , Blacks,Mexicans, school teacher,unions, scientist, Jews and many more. All the while calling themselves Christians. But hate destroys. It eat away at the soul, it festers and spread until it become a cancer destroying ones humanity. There is no cure cause there is no truth anymore. We are destain to destroy ourselves. But afterwards we will have a chance to start over.


Isn’t such an open action unprecedented in our history? I can’t think of any such occurrence.
But, I not an historian. What does one call third parties who try to deal directly with countries
that the US is negotiating with?

In fact, this isn’t the first time Republicans have tried to sabotage negotiations, though, in the past, they tried to keep it a secret.

I’m eager to hear someone who knows what he or she is talking about analyze this situation.

Jim Shea


Robert Parry’s original research and investigative articles contained in his “October Surprise X-Files” shows that William Casey, Robert Gates and G. H. W. Bush negotiated with the Iranians in Paris to delay the release of 52 American hostages until after the election of Ronald Reagan. The hostages were released within hours of Reagan’s inauguration.

This was thought to be the issue that caused Jimmy Carter to lose that election. Several foreign intelligence agencies confirmed this story and Israel’s role in the deal as a conduit for tens of billions of dollars worth of military hardware and arms for Iran.

For these liars and hypocrites to argue that Republicans never negotiate with the enemy, is just further proof that most of them are clueless about their history of arming Iran then and during the Iran/Iraq war which took over a million lives. Reagan provided arms and chemical weapons to both countries. Search: “Remembering the Dead: Reagan Armed Iraq and Iran…” by Democracy Now.


So neo-lib really refers to economic theory/policy which is a stretch in the context of this article (though the link can be made in several steps). Neo-con is probably a more appropriate term (one that more people would recognize) in connection with Iran/Iraq given the neo-con connection to Iraq war.

Thanks for the link - I was thinking neo-lib had a connection to the “liberal” party in Britain, not to be confused with how the term “liberal” is used her in the US.


And now for the letter from the Democrats! Then the President… and then a letter from the Chief Justice… how absurd and ignorant these R’s are. We need to seriously disrespect them.


I mostly follow climate change stuff… I look at articles like this… a time or so a week… but, when I saw this… I was …well, furious… which kinda scared me… I was surprised at my reaction… but then after a minute… i wasn’t … this is completely outrageous… jaw dropping… but, it is par for the course, in the way that the repubs in this congress have been acting…like really stupid lunatics…