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In Desperate Court Filing, NRA Claims It May Soon 'Be Unable to Exist' Due to Financial Troubles


In Desperate Court Filing, NRA Claims It May Soon 'Be Unable to Exist' Due to Financial Troubles

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The National Rifle Association (NRA), America's largest gun lobbying organization, said in a recent court filing that it may soon "be unable to exist" in its current form due to crippling financial troubles, including an "inability to obtain insurance" and "other financial services essential to [its] corporate existence."


From the article:

“The lawsuit stems from actions taken by New York financial regulators to halt the sale of an illegal, NRA-branded insurance policy.”

So much for claims of being “law-abiding” gun owners. They might as well claim that the Feds “blacklisted” Al Capone.


Cue the world’s smallest violin…


Meh. America won’t collapse. We can do without them.


A ruse to get trumpanzees to open up their wallets to save the NRA.



Let this be true.


I’m most pleased to hear that they’ve lost their insurers and can’t find new ones.

[quoting Rolling Stone] The lawsuit stems from actions taken by New York financial regulators to halt the sale of an illegal, NRA-branded insurance policy. The NRA actively marketed “Carry Guard,” a policy to reimburse members for legal costs incurred after firing a legal gun. In May, the state of New York found that Carry Guard “unlawfully provided liability insurance to gun owners for certain acts of intentional wrongdoing.” The NRA’s insurance partners agreed to stop selling the policies and pay a $7 million fine.

I’ve advocated mandatory liability insurance as the way to rein in gun ownership, but with tongue a bit in cheek because I see no way it could ever by profitable.


The NRA seems like it has a lot of weird people. Someone told me once to look at a you tube with Charton Heston, and “From my cold dead hands…”

I finally looked at it…oh my Charlton Heston sounds like a crazy guy with really weird hair. I looked at the video and it seemed like he forgot what he was reading but then ( he wasn’t a very good actor) he made that ridiculous quote “From my cold dead hands,” thing and the audience went crazy wild.


You’ve got read this amazing story:


Though I’ve responded to this yesterday, I’ve been thinking about this particular article a lot. So, the NRA is suing because they had an unsustainable business model basically. The NRA made the choice to make a TV channel as well as printed materials. How is it that they get to even show up in a court room? It’s a frivalous without doubt, yet it’s being heard instead of thrown out. It’s a “non-profit” that should be focused on making their members pay out instead of making TV shows of pregnant women shooting guns or making guns look pretty for women. (That’s real by the way). They should have used it for advertising their need for money to stay open or found sponsors like gun shops across the nation to advertise. That’s what media is normally used for, not making wierd shows that don’t reach out to anyone other than their members to increase income. The NRA should be left to die, but not just because it’s dangerous and stupid, but because it is run by non-caputalist minded people. The NRA is acting as the mysterious and fictional “Well fare Queen” their members believe in.


I dunno. Seems the least (and most) we could do is offer our thoughts and prayers.


It’s called the free market, moron. It creates winners AND LOSERS.


Good riddance.


But if the NRA goes belly up, how will young Russian grad students connect with horny old Republicans?


Thank YOU, atolls, for the LA Times story. Wow, everyone was lucky that day, when a woman with heart and soul saved the day for the shooter, the customers and even the police department.


Not everyone, unfortunately. A store manager (27 year old Melyda Corado) was killed, from a policeman’s bullet it turns out.


I agree with the posters that this is a ruse to get the Dumpsters to open the wallet and probably more violent riots.


Yes, my thoughts exactly. And it will work too. These guys aren’t the smartest to come down the pike by a long shot.


Two words of agreement: Ollie North.


For more than 100 years the original interpretation of the 2nd Amendment as being
about a state militia was supported by the Supreme Court –

This new interpretation seems to have come from a 1970’s need by the CIA to attack
liberals and moderates in both parties of Congress who were more inclined to demand
investigations of the CIA – see the Church Hearings, for one – and to question and
challenge what the CIA was doing around the world.

I suspect a take over of the NRA by the CIA is what brought this huge fund raising –
possibly from MIC corporations, as well as CIA money – and this purging of liberals and
moderates in both parties from Congress.

Sadly – the MIC corporations might respond to the CIA/NRA’s needs, especially if the
money can’t be tracked.