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In 'Devastating' Ruling, 9th Circuit Upholds Trump's Termination of Humanitarian Protections for Nearly 300,000 Migrants

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/14/devastating-ruling-9th-circuit-upholds-trumps-termination-humanitarian-protections


Thank you for covering information that is unlikely to receive much play in corporate media.

We must work to restore some compassion to this country!


Hi common voice:
Oh crap. I hate Biden too, but Trump appears to be the worst, HOW can the courts not see what a travesty of justice this is to people who have been here working and waiting for citizenship? Although I think America did this once before to Mexican immigrants—they were sent back to Mexico, but called back when WW 2 came-------the longer I live the more evil this nation becomes! : (


Trump appointed something like 10 new justices to the 9th circuit court. This is going to have lasting consequences if not challenged.


But hey Democrats and Republicans are the same!

A Trump-appointed judge here in Pennsylvania just ruled all COVID pandemic restrictions on gatherings and businesses (including masks) to be unconstitutional violations of “freedom and liberty”. But no doubt a Democrat appointed judge would have ruled the same…


This ruling is being appealed.
The court did say that the federal government appointee was within the wording and intent of the laws and regulations - per TV news tonight.

The 9th circuit court has a little more continuity, at least historically.

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Was this rulding done by the all the 9th circuit judges or just the small group that normally hears most appeals??

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What I really don’t underatand is how Trump’s ‘base’ very much includes white supremacists AND yet Trump also has much of the Latino voters also in his camp!?
How can Latinos champion a racist, anti-everyone really, person like Trump, who consistently does all he can AGAINST the Latino people?? Do they not see that he is against them all & should they not have some sympathy for others who, like themselves, left their homeland & came here to flee violence & extreme poverty?!
Is there a language, or communication gap, that they don’t know HOW MUCH he is against them all?
Or do they not care about other Latinos whose kids are taken & kept in cages? Not care about fact Trump just wants their votes right now & if he gets 4 more yrs, with their help to carry Florida, Texas, etc, Trump is free to go after the rest of them here too?!

How can they vote against their own best-interest? Trump is such a racist little sh*t! And that will never change. If Trump’s fan club/cult base is full of white, racist, violent militia types , I’d think that big voting block of Latinos would NOT be on same side & coting for the racist!
What is it that I don’t understand here?? Please? Anyone know??

Sure. César Chavez was opposed to more migrants being let in because he knew very well that bigger labor pool = lower wages and his loyalty was to his people, not to every random latine.

There will never not be excess human population in Latin America, India, China, or Africa until the people of the world agree to end human overpopulation by medical means: after X and Y have produced a live child, they both get medically sterilized, no special pleadings about wealth, religion, psychological needs, or anything else.

three judges
ruled 2 to 1

Hi Yankee!
But if they were not meant to stay—why weren’t they just given work visas? Obama at least. made accommodations for the DACA kids.

Both parties are corrupt. The oligarchs control us…we are serfs in this modern day feudal system. Trump is worse than biden and must be removed. Then we need to actually grow a backbone and do whatever it takes to rip our government out of their control. Yes, a rebellion on all levels. We cant keep being the nice guys…we’re finishing last.

If they have lived here legally all that time, this IS their home.

(Im)migration should be for people, not for corporations!


If you are anry about "temporary movement of natural persons" provisions in trade deals (and you should be) focus your anger where it is deserved, on our two captured rich peoples parties and the body shop firms pushing their indentured servitude scam, which even Indians admit is a huge scam om the American people and the world’s people that is also poisoning democracy, and its a criminogenic trap for democracy and politicians.

it disgraces everybody who touches it…

not on the DACA people. They are collateral damage. I bet their problems would stop if India wasnt challenging our quota rules. Imagine if they win, millions of people will lose their jobs and people will be losing their homes and careers right and left.

If you do that - wake up to whats being done, which no politician is ever going to tell you, because its that bad, you will find the cesspoll of greed and dishonesty situation I was describing to you in my previous post, exactly, the countries with the body shop firms that pay their workers almost nothing and claim to be entitled to displace US workers because they are cheaper.

We trade them jobs for what? For rights to buy up their pharmaceutical firms to take life saving cheap generics off the market, and kill millions of poor people. (It will likely be just as bad with coronavirus, and they are drooling about it, is this how you want your country to act?)

Watch the award winning 2013 film “Fire in the Blood” and consider the following two facts…

The number of poor people who died in the situation depicted in that film was more like 30 million people, not ten like they say. And also consider that the deal and the progress depicted in the film is being reversed and it seems a deal to trade away your jobs and my jobs, and basically all the decent jobs is being touted tas the only way to patch it up. Thats likely why they want to send the DACA people back, They are not corporate employees. Its the global dirtiest of deals.

they are bringing back SLAVERY. Something based basically on “kafala” the closest thing to slavery in the world today, Mode Four is a global voter and worker disenfranchisement and disempowerment scheme… They also rigged our healthcare so that it could not be fixed, 26 years ago. Think we’ve been having a debate about healthcare? Think again,for all practical purposes they actually signed away tour right to regulate in 1994. We’re being led into a trap that will destroy medicare, by expanding it a tiny bit that actually breaks it. This is the big lie we live in today.

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You’re right, but since we joined the WTO everything changed as far as work.

certain issues, such as when those new rights vest, the so called single undertaking issue, are disputed.

Additionally, the Trade in Services Agreement takes it even further, creating an ever widening net where the default is free trade in services.

Now some try to portray these huge changes, which will change the world more than any war besides a nuclear war, could, as a great visionary shift, but I personally think its going to be a huge disaster for almost everybody exept the very few people who as you say, want something for nothing, But they are hardly the left, no they are the the oligarchs who just ooze entitlement, who want to be able to skim off 2/3 or more of the profits from others hard work. To them the immigrants who come here, legally, become citizens, eventually, and then send money back to family, are a loss to them of profits, because they dont control every aspect of that situation. they send money back to the wrong people, who then spend it in their communities.

You see the immigrants who came here fled tremendously corrupt countries, where nobody got ahead unless they paid somebody off. now the same is going to happen here.

What are we supposed to tell our young people? Well, I tell you wnat they are telling them, nothing. they are lying to them.

Both parties, all of them, are lying to them.

Hi Yankee:
Isn’t that what a work visa is? YOU can work here but cannot not become a citizens?

Hi Yankee1:
Yes that is very true. Do you remember when Disneyland Florida was getting rid of American citizen workers. They were to train the workers from India, and then be replaced by those workers. . They were told not to tell anyone about this or they would lose their pensions. BUT the American workers told----and Disney had leave the workers alone and let the people from India go. So, the sad tale is that even in high level jobs-----the corporations try to screw over their own citizens.
And ever since then,I bet a whole lot of people refer to Disney as a workplace as the CRAPPIEST place on Earth----for many American workers. WHISTLE BLOWERS can win after all. : )

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Ask India to drop their WTO challenge to our immigration laws! And tell the US drug companies to stop trying to trade away our jobs for eliminating life saving generics from the market, and higher drug prices.

Thats likely what’s behind this.
Biden should leave the WTO GATS and TRIPS agreements.

After he does that he will get my vote, not before. These trade deals are poison to democracy and they are hurting genuine would be immigrants. We dont need indentured servants and modern day slavery (the kind of workers forced on us by trade deals) Preserve higher education, stop the selloff of peoples jobs…


Breaking the rules to prevent rule-breaking? The GATS and service mobility: drawing lines between genuine immigration control and protectionism:






Thank you very much for this information, little do most people know or understand what is happening and why. Ask anyone to define “barriers to market access and as arbitrary domestic regulation” and American politics starts to make sense although in a creepy sort of way.