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In 'Devastating' Ruling, 9th Circuit Upholds Trump's Termination of Humanitarian Protections for Nearly 300,000 Migrants

I’m not against immigration, I basically think we should adjust to situations. And not let ourselves be manipulated like the government of India is shamelessly trying to do .

Their firms are particularly shameless and greedy. They are as bad or worse than US oligarchs. And really mean spirited people. Willing to lie like crazy to steal others jobs.

What they want is literally modern slavery. They dont want people to be able to make a decent living, in India they dont want to finish universal primary education, they still dont have public schools for millions of Indians, they have given up on them. Basically, to all these groups, only their fellow wealthy matter.

Note, these people are a tiny minority of even the rich, at lleast here in the US but they are very influential.

They are basically a cult. A cult of the markett, a cult of evaluation, a global grab.

One big point of the GATS is to have this nuclear weapon against working people all around the world, that makes work of all kinds pay almost nothing, and never pay better, people will be struggling for the crappiest jobs Our leaders are deliberately doing this to make everybody bankrupt, because they are a cult, and nothing they are doing makes sense unless its in that context. Ifr you have experience with people who have been brainwashed by a cult this will make sense to you. Many of the people here have also been brainwashed by this cult, and dont realize it. We’re living in a fake construction that bears less and less resembance to whats really going on every day. A “simulacrum”.

This cult is not that unlike the one that runs North Korea now. Its a doomsday cult, one that wants to tear the whole existing world down to remake ith with their “cleansing” Except that not what anybody wants obviously, and its actually treason to do it.

They are a lot like the Japanese Aum cult in some respects. They are a group of very smart but totally amoral, control obsessed people. Who have been believing tjeior own bullshit for way too long. They are totally out of touch with the country’s needs and wants. Democrats think its just the GOP and GOP rank and file beleive its just the Dems but at the highest level they are colluding against us all to divide us and literally steal everything, in a global power grab for corporations…

They think that they are above the law and the will of the people. Similar people run a great many other countries. They have kept this takeover a secret and dont really care that it lacks buy in and so lacks legitimacy. And its faker than fake.

But they dont care. This is not just a US cult, its a worldwide cult. And its extremely dishonest.

I agree immigration is not a bad thing inherently, but this just feeds the machine. Instead of creating harmony, it creates something much worse. If nothing else, it robs people of their honesty.

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Yes, its like a criminogenic poison that turns government and politcians all around the world bad.

Read up on our TISA, which I have a strong feeling will be even worse.



I appreciate going to the source, but it would be better to have a better understanding of sovereignty (where Americans seem to have lost it as a concept) It is the interconnection that need evaluation of this perceived policy. A bad trade is a bad trade so to speak. I think we may have bigger problems ahead.

Its a global class war they are fighting for themselves and their fellow oligarchs. They have no loyalty to any of us. they want us out, we’re standing in their way, we and our expectations of a decent career, especially.

To them, they are on another planet. They want to have a bunch of subcontrators working for them in a state of disempowerment. Thats their American dream, to have more slaves!

They see it as they the rich against us the rest. Globally.

Indeed, and they are going to lose. Where ever they are going don’t go there. And, next time it will be by invitation only. I think not,(on another planet) they have never really seen what it takes to create a planet. A very long time.

What you are omitting is that a lot of those places migrants are coming from are places the US destroyed…Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador etc. Old Smedley Butler had the right idea.


People who have US citizen children should be allowed to apply to become a citizen after six years if they came here legally.

The fact that obligations created by trade agreements nullify any other obligations should be out there and being discussed. I am trying to make people aware of it.

Its going to be a disaster for millions of Americans citizens, including millions of women and black people, and groups of every kind, literally all Americans and legal permanent residents.

They plan to competely remake the world of work, turning it into a very high percentage of guest workers. Hundreds of millions or more worldwide according to a quote from the WTO Services Division’s head.

I guess our so called government think that by being such visibly mean assholes to these people who desrve our help in many cases, especially if they are children who grew up here and have basically spent their enmtire lives here, thet will somehow make up for screwing the millions of workers - maybe not all of us, but basically, tens or perhaps maybe even hundreds of millions (here) out of our jobs and careers, just because they can now get much cheaper ones. No it doesnt. And no, two wrongs dont make a right.

This is what happens when both parties are captured for more than 30 years, and the media cooperates in a huge global theft of the future. people have no idea.

Its as if somebody said, okay, now all you people we’ve helped, our debt to you is now deemed satisfied, you and all the other Americans here, pack up your bags and train your low cost third world subcontractor replacements and thank you for your service.

Thats literally happening. Already, in IT mostly. butthat is nothing compared to what we will likely see soon.
its going to become much more substantial a shift its likely, soon.

They are already counting the trillions they plan to save in what they claim are now over-high wages. wages.

I dont know what is happening in Australia, I wonder if it is similar (Australia has similar laws involving their aboriginal people)

It certainly is going to be a huge change that may end the prosperous middle class as we know it today, it certainly will shrink it a great deal, globally (because a decision against us in the pending WTO dispute will be binding on the entire world).

It will be great for corporations, though. Imagine being able to set up in (Cheap country X) and then use your (CheapCountryX) employees in the (ExpensiveCountryY) forever (as long as you rotate them in and out every couple of years to keep them temporary and disempowered) without any impediments by the government or immigration laws allowed…

yes, and the US also has mistreated so many different groups. Including many ones who are US citizens, like women (more than half of our population) nonwite employees people of all kinds who have been discriminated against. So its not okay to just say thats all over and replace entire workplaces with subcontractors who are allowed to hire almost exclusively males from South India. But that is exactly whats happening in a number of sectors like the kinds of computing jobs that serve as the bread and butter IT jobs in many parts of the country. Well see the ame happening with lots of other kinds of jobs too. Teachers, nurses, engineers, administrators, eventually could end up impacting most of the mainstream white collar jobs.

People who have always been able to work will be priced out. They will have to leave the country and accept much lower pay to stay working.