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In 'Dictator Move,' Trump Accuses Democrats of Treason for Not Applauding at SOTU


In 'Dictator Move,' Trump Accuses Democrats of Treason for Not Applauding at SOTU

Julia Conley, staff writer

President Donald Trump drew harsh criticism during a speech he gave at a factory near Cincinnati, Ohio on Monday, in which he casually accused Democrats of "treason" for not expressing enthusiasm for his agenda during the State of the Union address last week.


Meanwhile when it comes to policy the Dems are 9 times out of 10 voting with him. This is just more Kabuki theater.


ZEIG HEIL mein trumpenfuhrer!

The orange Mussolini malignant gas-bag must be taken down before he really looses it - already he is the most ignorant, uneducated pathological moron prez ever! To have had 63 million vote for him is possibly even more frightening! Idiot nation!


The person in the audience that yelled treason was talking about you, Dump.


Not surprising from as Trump was the first presidential candidate who threatened to jail his opponent if he won. And the fascists who attended rallies probably believed him and certainly got a big thrill out of chanting “lock her up.” I would think treason would not be failure to clap at a State of the Union address but more like working with a foreign adversary to influence a US election and help you win the presidency. Failure to clap at State of Union addresses has become sort of a tradition. But I think Trump’s statement was for his base. They think this type of stuff is great.


When? The dems have voted enmasse against also every single thing. It is more like 1 out of 10 voting with him. And the one time was to reopen the government.


Good heavens, though, Pence is right behind him!


Trump is in permanent campaign mode. Disruptive, crude, on the attack.

By comparison, your party looks weak. And they’ve lost the messaging war on the Rs’ tax bill, the budget negotiations, and the economy.

Have you seen the polls over the last two months? What is the D-Party message?


Which prompts the question, what is yours?


Looks to me like Trump knows he is detested by many, so is planting the seed for the future when dissent will be not only unpatriotic…but treasonous.


Stop spinning, please. The messaging wars on the tax bill show your fibber-gassing machine is running on pure bull methane. And, the rest of your messaging is still in the third stomach, so to speak.:wink::wink::grinning:


I will never…
clap my hands for you
shake your hand
give you praise of any kind
"like" you on facebook
never drive your car
accept a gift from you
shine your shoes
lick your boots

I will gladly go to jail saying I think you are an operative of a foreign government


I never thought I would see the day when G.W. Bush doesn’t look so bad.


Trump is a philo-Semitic Adolf Hitler and he is setting the stage for a “cleansing” and witch hunt the likes of which we have never seen in this country. I wish someone would read Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia to him, the section on Religion. Or maybe someone might hit him with it…


Trump doesn’t have the blood of a million people on his hands…not yet anyway.


“I will gladly go to jail saying I think you are an operative of a foreign government”

Israel or Russia? Maybe both?


One wonders why they even showed up to hear this garbage let alone applaud anything.


Ever considered that the Democratic message isn’t ever going to reach the People because the Mainstream Corporate Media is suppressing it? Ever noticed NPR, PBS , Google etc. always seem to have a Republican to talk to or report about but not too many Democrats?
The MSM is NOT liberal (FDR New Deal liberal) they never have been, and they are all richer because of the GOP tax cuts, so…

Now if it were up to me, I’d return the “Fairness Doctrine” and focus on the need to break up the money trusts. Return 90% taxation on the richest 1%. Can you imagine the MSM allowing a sustained message like at to get out over their wires. Puh-leeeez


I would suggest you join “my party” because it is the only alternative to Trump and more importantly the movement that backs Trump and will be here for a long time I believe. Realistically there is no alternative to the Democrats on the left. The Green Party has gotten nowhere for many years. Chris Hedges suggested it give up electoral politics and just get involve in actions. Standing outside the Democratic Party and hurling “verbal grenades” at it is a waste of time and really plays into the hands of Trump and the Republicans. The Republican Party is now dangerous. They are backed by a populist movement that could lead to fascism and country could be ripped apart violently. The only way to defeat them is through voting and the only politicians who can defeat them are Democrats. If the Democrats look weak to you, them help out. It is your only chance. You are simply fooling yourself if you think there is a real alternative. There isn’t. The situation is urgent. You need to act and get involved with the Democrats.


oh my gotsh, were Dems tweeting during Trump’s SOTU?!?