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In 'Direct Attack on the First Amendment,' Sessions Declares War on Leaks


In 'Direct Attack on the First Amendment,' Sessions Declares War on Leaks

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Citing the "staggering" number of leaks that have emerged from the Trump White House over the last several months, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced during a press conference on Friday that the Justice Department is gearing up to intensify its pursuit of those who disclose sensitive and classified information.

"The crackdown is a backdoor way of attacking journalists on whom the public relies to be informed about government misconduct."
Jesselyn Radack, ExposeFacts


Methinks Session’s brainpan, is suffering from a leak.

Let us declare War on the Keebler Elf!


And the CON (as someone here coined “corporate-owned news”) reports on the Chinese crackdown on VPNs with absolutely NO acknowledgment of the irony.


Everyone in the media needs to relax. In my over fifty years as a political observer I have watched little dipshits like Beauregard, tyrannical wannabes all, come and go. He will try to exert his authority over free speech and he will like his predecessors fail. Not that little Jeffy-poo should be ignored or not taken seriously, for certainly he must not be dismissed as inconsequential. But to panic and not resist his moves is the wrong approach. The courts will reject his efforts to curtail free speech, as they historically always have. Right now it’s posturing to kiss up to a big orange asshole, little more.


gee. a “war” on leakers. how novel. It’s almost as if no one else has ever thought of this before. Like, maybe 4 other presidents.


I disagree, mainly since Sessions is continuing, not starting this policy.


This just goes along with Shandaken’s point more than anything. Reagan’s AG Edwin Meese was not friendly to the press at all. At the same time Reagan cultivated relationships with individual reporters, his administration explored every legal maneuver it could to limit the release of information and attack the press. On Bended Knee is great book about how coordinated Reagan’s operation was, and how weak (and worshipful) some members of the press turned out to be.


One wonders at just what we’re the effects of Trump’s attacks on Sessions? Perhaps Sessions had balked at going this far for a President who may be very compromised? So now Sessions who sees his own rep compromised has caved into Trump. These are of course Trump’s positions on the press but using Sessions as a proxy. The article’s title says ‘Sessions war on leaks!’

A better title would be Trump’s assault on the media using Sessions as a proxy.


Despite the fact the Jeffy Sessions Department of Justice has become a repository to incompetence (see the four municipalities the DOJ comically mislabelled as ‘sanctuary cities’), this is scary. Incompetent fascists are worse than competent ones.


“Sessions declares war on leaks” and now has a lifetime supply of Depends. Sessions…leaks…leaky sessions…kinda go together, doncha think?


Perhaps Sessions was willing but wanted to do things more quietly/ behind the scenes / off stage? Trump wants to see himself in the media’s magic mirror on the wall. That way he feels like he has shown everybody that he has beaten them if he ever he wins. Or when he can influence the unfolding press narrative.


The Grand Old Plantation was always a few white wealthy men at the top running the show for their personal profit. One of them was Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions. Add Trump and the Trumpers and good-bye USA.


J.B. Sessions lll. The people in Alabama said, if we have to chose between Trump and Sessions, we pick Sessions. He was their Senator for 20 years.


Even mosquitoes can be deadly, so we take them seriously, too. Jeff Sessions, you cannot prohibit “leaks” of criminal wrong-doing by US citizens, in or out of a president’s circle. We WILL continue to leak and support leakers.


Only fly in the ointment is the current SCOTUS membership with the likes of Gorsuch (another DJT lackey like Sessions) should the case reach them. We and our democracy are in very dangerous times with the current emperor and his tribunes in the cabinet and Congress licking his boo…tx.

And McCarthyism was allowed to continue on far too long destroying peoples’ careers, lives, and livelihoods in the process…many who never recovered.


The authoritarians in the White House are predictably trying to control things though fear. Since the Republicans in Congress continue to go along with this dictatorial White House and not impeach the tyrant I expect people in the government will keep leaking and journalists will keep publishing the leaks to maintain democracy. Millions of Americans have risked their lives to defend the country in wars so certainly many government employees and journalists will be will to take less of a risk. There is a lot of bluster but I don’t think things will change much. This is a battle to save the country against an authoritarian menace. Many government employees and journalists know what is at stake and will not back down.


The emperor is behind this and simply pulling Keebler’s strings. Were the atmosphere in the WH cohesive with all requisite positions filled with experienced, competent, knowlegeable people working together toward common goals while assisting in formulating policies, leaks would be at a minimum. The demented dimwit thrives on chaos so he can “control” everything through intimidation, cruelty, denigration, and twisted, pre-dawn tweets that undermine all staff. Besides, this action makes it appear that the orange butt nut is in panic mode…as well he should be. Not even his private counsel can keep rein in the tyrant.


There will be no leaks except those authorized by the Führer.


Look at the face - my God - are there any men left in America ?


Of course the primary objective of any dictatorship has to be control of the news media.
That control by the oligarchy has no doubt hurt Bernie Sanders during the primaries, but not prevented him from becoming the country’s most popular politician, by far, today, ahead of another progressive, Elizabeth Warren.

You see, control of the news media is kinda difficult in the digital age