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In 'Disastrous Decision,' US Prepares to Widen Exports of Armed Drones


In 'Disastrous Decision,' US Prepares to Widen Exports of Armed Drones

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Obama administration will allow the widespread export of armed drones for the first time, signaling that the White House is preparing to provide its allied nations with highly controversial weapons as the U.S. steps up its so-called 'War on Terror,' the Washington Post reports.


When the world aims their drones at America , only then will we attempt to ban drones.


THe USA has a very bad reputation when it comes to its allies and regimes it finds “safe”. Think of Chile or El Salvador, its Middle East policy leaves a lot to be desired… and how will they decide who can buy drone weapon technology? The prognosis doesn’t look good :unamused:


Just Phucking Wonderful.

Upload Skynet.

Cue the Terminator.

Do you see where this is going? Pretty soon no one will be safe. These things can run in what is called “autonomous mode”, which means no human has to even be connected for the death machine to decide on it’s own to terminate “suspects”. We know from the Bradly Manning movie “Collateral Murder” just how human the programing will be. Garbage in, garbage out. The computer will shoot or attack every little kid with a toy plastic gun or a camera. Double-Tap, authorized by bushmonkey, Chainy and Rummy.

We are all in grave danger.


I find it very sad, but long predicted. The most powerful terrorist organization the world has ever seen, the United States Fourth Reich now exporting its most insidious weapon of terror to its Quislings around the world to spread even more terror (and make billions, of course).

  • In 1939, the world said, "Enough!" and at terrible cost and loss of life defeated the Third Reich.
  • Is it too enervated to take out the Fourth, or to put the Fourth Reich-NATO-Israeli Axis into Coventry, at least?


In light of the Kaspersky revelations I question the assertion that there is no way to control their use once they are distributed. Now I know nothing of how these things work, but I trust big brother has a plan.


Accept American Exceptionalism. Or Else!


This is not a “disastrous decision”… if you are a war profiteer that makes profits from building drones, in fact, it is a welcome decision!


It’s already too late. We have made the world our enemy. We are exceptionally manic macho.


Boeing (their contractors) and Texas Instruments have spoken…they will not abate their profitable production of drones (and their component parts) regardless of the cost in the loss of human lives. So sad.


Just read “Lords of Secrecy” by Scott Horton . . . it’ll tell you everything you need to know.


I bet we’ll give these drones to Israel if we haven’t already but Palestine will have to buy them. Except all of a sudden when Palestine places an order, we’re all out and need to put them on backorder…