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In 'Disastrous Wreck for Consumers and the Planet,' Trump EPA Moves to Gut Clean Car Standards


In 'Disastrous Wreck for Consumers and the Planet,' Trump EPA Moves to Gut Clean Car Standards

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Transportation Department on Wednesday formally unveiled their long-anticipated plan to gut Obama-era fuel efficiency standards, a regulatory rollback environmentalists quickly denounced as "


These idiots are laughable already! They’re like a bunch of little boys sticking their tongues out and going nah nah nananah. We’re going to break everything! The headlines become more and more preposterous every day.


One thing you R’Con, trump regime, corporate polluter, usurer scum had better get into your evil little heads…get hip to payback MOFO’s!

If and when we get a truly representative people’s president and Congress, WE will hold the power, and all your rot and filth you have done to our nation ad the worldwill be washed-away! If only…


If there was a way to monetize the death of all of the 99% the 1% would try to make it happen. Compared to the value of a single dollar the entire world is worth nothing to these psychopaths. Money and greed above life itself. We need a new set of Nuremberg trials to try the republican party for crimes against humanity.


Of all the gin joints in the world as my stomach turns, my gawd what f-edup place this is…crimes against humanity?


Isn’t it about time to call that organization what it REALLY is?
The Environmental DESTRUCTION Agency?!!!


DON"T give a pass to DAMNOCRATS of the same ilk!


I agree except worry will not do any good! Only aggressive climate action by millions of people who want to eliminate the fossil fuel industries will work.


Trump’s slogan: America First, needs to be changed to: AMERICA’S 1% FIRST!


On Democracy Now this morning, a guest introduced the concept of inter-generational crimes against humanity - literally the mass murder of a future generation pursuant to the greed and power lust of the current generation.

It is a shame how future generations will be denied the catharsis of punishing these murdering monsters, as they will have already died. But at least, perhaps, they can find justice by hunting down the heirs of their ill-gotten odious fossil fuel wealth, expropriate it all, and make their trust-fund baby descendants labor and sweat for a living on the increasingly inclement, hot and hostile planet Earth of the coming centuries.


The Democrats are only guilty of timid half-measures for environment. The Republicans are actively and enthusiastically destroying it. Surely, you should be able to see the difference - it is the difference between witnessing a murder but not reporting the murderer, and being the murderer.


An atmosphere not conducive to human life will be the payback I fear. Without humans the earth will be great again.


In the above picture of the EPA quisling Wheeler, the sign should say: THE DISHONORABLE ANDREW WHEELER!


Trump and republican’s version of freedom is do what the hell you want regardless of the consequences for others. They do not believe in the golden rule.


It’s time to put the blame where it really should be…to any ignorant moron who voted tRump and still supports him. Further…any independent or non-voter from either party who either did not vote or voted for a third party candidate…you also have blood on your hands…for not taking it seriously the impact gutting environmental regulations would have on all of us. President Obama and previous presidents going back to Bush…#41 put in place environmental regulations, and they were/are highly needed. Do NOT blame the Democrats…blame yourselves. SHAME on ALL of you.


The party of Goldman Saks (think Hillary) were saving the environment before Trump. You are disillusioned.


Trump’s intent is to ‘instigate’ World War III by three basic means. First and most obviously, to build up war munitions manufacturing capacity with tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. Second, his warmongering ilk are using denial of catastrophic climate change as a form of warfare which predict equally genocidal results. Third, as demonstrated by unlimited fossil fuel mining and dependence, his intent is not protectionism but rather the expansion of global trade by which national, state and regional economies become dangerously vulnerable to any disruption of fuel supplies which can instantly undermine food production and distribution that leads to starvation and armed conflict everywhere. Trump’s billionaire class have nothing but contempt for rest of humanity. To them, the lesser classes are nothing more than consumers, wage slaves and canon fodder, no more than animals to be annihilated. Trump is an evil son of a bitch.


Are you unaware that these CAFE standards being squashed by Trump were adopted by Obama as only one of several programs to address global warming? Sure, they were not adequate by themselves, but would have been a step in the direction of stronger measures - which would have bene up to us to enact with a Clinton Administration and Democrat-majority congress in power.

But instead, we have Trump actively and aggressively working to destroy the environment, and anything we organize to do will only make him move to destroy the environment even faster, while we face possible violent repression.

So allow me to call total bullshit on your comment. Facts are annoying things to extremist neurotic tin-foil-hat “leftist-for-Trump” ideologues, aren’t they?


I’d prefer to gut all of the criminals whose intent it is to cut regulations that were put in place as protections for all of us and Mother Earth.


I think it is counterproductive in the fight against climate change to bash Democrats who have taken effective action just because they accept corporate money for their campaigns and haven’t declared that Wall Street is the greatest evil on the planet. For example, in NYS the Sierra Club NY Beyond Coal campaign is working to support the proposals of Governor Andrew Cuomo such as a wind farm off Long Island while still saying he is not doing enough and should do more. That seems like an effective strategy for climate activists. Just going haywire against any Democratic who accepts corporate contribution is not helping the cause, particularly since virtually all Democratic governors do accept corporate money. Those governors who are taking action have a lot of opposition on the right and the last thing they need is more opposition on the left. To accomplish their climate goals they need sujpport.