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In 'Disgusting' Attack, Trump Blames Puerto Rico; Says FEMA Can't Stay "Forever"

In 'Disgusting' Attack, Trump Blames Puerto Rico; Says FEMA Can't Stay "Forever"

Common Dreams staff

"Trump woke up this morning and decided to attack Puerto Rico while 84% of the country is still without power and 37% is still without water."


What don’t you get America, he doesn’t give Sh*T about you. Stephen King was correct and he is The Expert in horror stories. What a frickin nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave.


In most horror stories, when the monster is killed, it just keeps coming back.

Unless, like in some, they cut off it’s head. Then, it dies.

America, shall we cut off it’s head?


Or maybe if enough in government disobey his orders (likely by obeying contradictory orders he has also randomly issued) perhaps his head will simply explode and we won’t have to rely on Gallagher to wield his sledge hammer nor the guillotine that is no doubt not kept up to NIST “standards”.

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The Republicans are succeeding in creating a false identity split between themselves and Trump. To listen to the corporate media, Trump is like some wild card rogue that nobody can do anything about! That is the bullshit! That is part of the con game that is letting the rightwing get all the things that the conservatives have wanted. Meanwhile Republicans move under the radar escaping taking the heat for what Trump gets for them and their corporate agenda!

The Republicans control the wheels of government in DC and they are the support that keeps Trump from facing impeachment! So Repubs are pretending that Trump is a lone actor instead of him being a Republican. Maybe if we want responsible leadership in government and measures taken to remove Trump from office then we should start focusing the blame on those who prevent Trump from censure and impeachment! Republicans like all these draconian rightist moves by Trump and his deflecting the blame for more tax cuts for the rich so that they can act like it is all his doing but he is a Republican and is only doing what they want!

How often have you heard this statement >>> "Trump would be impeached but the Republicans won’t allow it!"

Meanwhile look at the reasons why Trump should be impeached! He is not doing what is needed by a stable and responsible president! Just look at Trump in Puerto Rico and you realize the Republicans will let practically anything he does slide by while they screw this country royally!

Trump’s actions in Puerto Rico prove he is not our president and in fact they also prove just how dangerous a person he truly is! The Republicans are to blame for Trump remaining in office and endangering us all!


It is almost impossible to imagine a more despicable, ugly, malignant human than this piece of garbage! EVERY day another evil atrocity and contempt for every other human on earth and our Mother Earth herself, from this pathological POS! …and we have to endure 3 more YEARS of this freakin nightmare insanity?


Utter slimebag. If this was a “real” U.S. state, like Texas, and he had tweeted this garbage, even some of his own supporters on the right would be criticizing him - and that’s saying a lot. But because it’s a “territory” (which most Americans don’t understand, thanks to our shitty education system and their own apathy) and Puerto Ricans are brown instead of white and “not real American citizens” (they are, but the average American doesn’t get that), who gives a shit.


Everything said about trump on this page is true. People who listen to mainstream news or progressive news are getting the facts. But what about those who listen to Right wing news or talk shows. They get the propaganda. trump would not be president if there wasn’t a Fox news. Remember the war on Christmas that wasnt? The scary black panther party of 2? The war on planned parenthood? And other made up news perpetrated by the right wing media. Just like people believe what trump says, people also believe what fox says…as long as we have alternative news we will have the trumps, bushes and other crazies.

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A 25th amendment remedy is coming. All they need is the VP and a simple majority of the cabinet to declare the president to be incapacitated and transmit this to the president pro-tempore of the Senate. Trouble is, that will just put a more competent extremist (Pence) in charge, and the media will go back to loving the president.

I wonder how easy it is for the POTUS to get a gun? Maybe upon finding out that his cabinet and VP has “betrayed” him with a 25th amendment letter to the Senate, Trump will totally flip out and go on an insane shooting rampage at a Cabinet meeting - killing all his would-be successors. We can only hope…


Definitely worth the 22 minutes if you haven’t seen already - with Senator Rivera:

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From the article here on CD “Robert Mueller Can’t Save Us”

“Ultimately, we imagine Mueller as a white knight because it’s easier than taking responsibility for confronting this presidency ourselves.”

That of course resonates here too.

The individual has enormous swat should the individual choose to exercise it.

It entails sacrifice - a word few want to hear - but it would work - guaranteed.

For example - I posted a 22 minute vid of Senator Rivera being interviewed below (or is it above?), and the thought crossed my mind - he should put on his boots and go - to Puerto Rico. Take off the suit and tie, bring coms and tools, and get his hands dirty, and report from his home - where he was born and raised.

Why this rotten, miserable racist prick. When TS Irene devastated our community in 2011, first the Guard showed up almost immediately and locked down the town center for several days (nobody allowed in unless a proven resident) and distributed water, saw that food suppliers got to us, and provided a context for other responders like power companies to restore order. Troops even came to my home and helped me recover some of the firewood that had washed away (then deposited in washouts or against fences still standing). Within a few days, no more than two or three as I recall, FEMA had set up a command center to oversee recovery efforts and had their representatives come door to door to counsel us about our options. They were here for weeks, well over a month, if not two, having flown in from all over the country. They were wonderful. And now this reprehensibly despicable slug of a person awash in sociopathic, racist ignorance is threatening to abandon our Puerto Rican citizens? People who have lost everything, people with kids in need of food, water, electricity, fuel, the basics are to be denied assistance? No words excepting, perhaps, psychopath can describe such monstrous human insensitivity intentionally aimed at exacerbating misery.

And so, why? Our youngest son is going to marry an immigrant Latino woman in the spring. The tone of their relationship is consistent with what I have observed about the general Latino culture, namely, a happiness centered approach to life grounded in family-centered values. Could it be that trump, in his stereotype-centered social world view, senses this and that his unabashed cruelty is thus directed toward assaulting the happiness component of the Puerto Rican culture? Whatever, all need to hear this: this time Puerto Rico, next time, perhaps, you. Wasn’t no big ocean surrounding where I live when Irene brutalized us.


Your assessment is pretty much right on, but urging us to boycott elections will get us nowhere—the 1% would be perfectly happy if the entire US electorate were reduced to five blue-haired dementia patients wearing “Keep Your Government Hands Off My Medicare” t-shirts.

Instead, let’s test the system to failure by voting, exclusively and in numbers impossible to hide, Green, independent or write-in. Always keep in mind that the Constitution mentions impeachment 5 times, but political parties not once. I can’t believe that the founders intended to leave us with a corporate-owned duopoly.

What a wonderful and very true posting of what their culture is all about, Family. Something we very much need to learn from the Latino’s.

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I fail to understand why Trump’s purposeful and cruel abandonment of US citizens in time of dire need is not treason. And if it is, why is he still there?


You are writing from a very insular US-centric viewpoint. Political parties are not mentioned in ANY countries’ constitution. But this dies not mean they are not important.

People in the USA need to do some travelling and see how political parties work in other countries. In other countries, people actually pay dues to belong to politics parties and they get engaged as party members to build their parties program and elect their local constituency representatives. This is how the Corbin faction took over the British Labour Party.

But in the US, people treat political parties like some kind of commercial store that is supposed to magically know what the customers want, they then whine and complain when the store sells them shoddy products.

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Trump is absolutely appalling with his asinine comments about Puerto Rico when they have little access to water and electricity. They didn’t cause the storm that hit them, so they are not to blame for what happened. But asinine Trump keeps on blaming them as if they caused the storm. They need tangible HELP to get their public water and electricity up and running again instead of Trump cheap shots. Just think about what if Barrack Obama was still president and how this situation would be far different with action being taken directly to restore electricity and public access to clean water…

Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico is an unincorporated TERRITORY of the United States. Which means the United States is committed to support them through a catastrophe such as what just happened. Trump is a total mismatch with “brown” cultures and people south of the border. He has a horrific working relationship with Mexico and now Puerto Rico. Trump is a white supremacist, racist and is a total mismatch for dealing with nations south of our Southern border.


…We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been amazing (under the most difficult circumstances) in P.R. forever!..

But we evidently can keep the US military in Afghanistan forever.


Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory and that is difficult for the average American to understand. I still think of the island as a sovereign entity and it is not, that makes it more difficult for them.