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In 'Disheartening' Ruling, US Supreme Court Halts Citizen Initiative to Fund Education in Idaho

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/31/disheartening-ruling-us-supreme-court-halts-citizen-initiative-fund-education-idaho


sigh— the Supreme Court goes sub-prime —again. Wee the PeopIe are shrinking in importance —again. : (


Or, sub-human.


In abusive families nothing sets an abuser off more than a stranger being nice to “his” kid, wife, husband or whatever.

The Un-Supreme Court strikes down a citizen initiative before it even makes it to the ballot. How much more proof do you need, to realize the citizens have no voice in their government?


The country is disinvesting in its people and basically in rent extraction mode. Even when the people of a state don’t want it. Thats pretty scary.

The WTO rules on subsidies, (Schools are a mix of state and local funding, typically, with little Federal funding if any)

Trade rules which are intended to facilitate the privatization of services of general interest (the new EU term for once-public services) kick in whenever any public funding is involved. But primary education is exempt, I think, here, at least is supposed to be. But not if private schools that take money compete with them. For example, by having charter schools we may be setting up a one way path to the privatization of all education as the ruling group’s perceived need to educate children for jobs in factories, service businesses, jobs that no longer exist ends. (They plan to vastly increase outsourcing of those high skill jobs)

Its even worse for financial services. Thank God Idaho’s schools arent a publically funded healthcare plan, (in compatition with private insurance firms who are considered by WTO to be the rightful owners of the right to sell those services)

They they would be under an even tighter set of conditions. A one way street to privatization. The amount of labor that went into setting this trap up is considerable.

See ~http://scholarship.law.unc.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1664&context=ncilj

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Another example of the Democratic nominee for a SCOTUS seat ( Sottomayor ) being really WORSE than the Republican ( read Federalist Society ) nominee ( Roberts ), right?
Geez, who could be against adequately funding Idaho public education, by taxing the top 5% of Idaho income earners a little more? In a natural resource rich state that’s nominally 60% Mormon ( read white and paternalistic ) and heavily dependent on exploiting a minority labor pool? There’s some Native Americans in the mix, too, but who’s counting anymore? A state that’s also linked historically to white separatists movements, the likes of the Bundy Bunch of Real Anarchists and The Dominist Theological Branch of Federal Lands Management. Did I leave out The National Cattlemen’s Association and Wise Use Crowd? Sorry about that oversight.
Come on here, folks, lets beat up on the bought off Democrats some more! Tell me again how real wealth is created in America? And, how it’s passed on to future generations?
And, overlook this subterfuge; what the White Power Crowd in Eastern Washington, Idaho and The Inland Empire have been up to for many generations.
BTW- " Praise god and pass me some more ammo, ok. I’m in the mood to shoot something. "

The dumbing down of America is a republican conservative political strategy.

They have certainly succeeded with 40-50% of the voters.
Hard for Americans in a coma to wake up.

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I’m sorry I am becoming so cynical. We desperately need to restore democracy. Our country has been taken over in a coup and people are being shamelessly deceived into not seeing it, or why even though its staring us in the face. They traded our rights to fix things by voting away. Using the entry into the WTO which is a profoundly undemocratic organization. They did this to prevent the poor countries from ever having a decent standard of living, not to help them as they claim. In order to do this they are trying to force the rich countries, starting with us and the UK, down to their level via so called “shock treatment” like has been done with countries by the IMF. The rich have been trying to steal so much money it will break the economy and they will use that emergency to get rid of all social services, including Medicare and Social Security.

We have all been brainwashed into thinking its one party or the others fault. To divide and conquer the nation.

They are laughing at us, We have to get democracy back.

Hacking away at social security makes little sense. It’s mostly the peoples money. Oh ya, some folks abhor the idea of being forced to contribute. Like with wearing a mask for a while to heal a sick country. It doesn’t matter how needed it is, some people can’t be asked or forced to do the right thing.

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Your comment seems to suggest that Sotomayor voted against the voting effort and Roberts for - that seems to be the opposite of the articles statement that: ’ Republican leaders immediately challenged - went directly to the U.S. Supreme Court to demand a stay on the order issued by the District Court.
'Thursday’s ruling to grant the stay, issued by Chief Justice John Roberts with strong dissent from Justice Sonya Sotomayor, is the second time this month—and at least the fourth time since Covid-19 arrived in the U.S.—that the nation’s highest court has intervened to block a lower-court order to relax state election procedures due to the pandemic.

Please clarify.‘Ann’ - thanks.
And speaking of 'praising god:
“I put no stock in religion. By the word religion I have seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called the will of god. I have seen too much religion in the eyes of too many murderers. Holiness is in right action, and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves, and goodness. Goodness comes from the head and the heart. What god desires is what you decide to do every day, you will be a good man - or not”

Just being very snarky and sarcastic about the people commenting lately at CD, that there’s no difference between the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party. Not true, but it’s nuanced.
Here’s another good example.
Maybe they’re just frustrated GPers. All Progressive-Populists/Green Party/ Et Al, should be very upset about The Duopoly’s grip on the reins of power.

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Guest workers complain bitterly about having to pay social security taxes they will never get to use. is it fair to make them pay, even if its the only way to keep Social Security from TOTALLY imploding after they start services liberalization in earnest?

This is what I mean about how were entering a race to the bottom.

Biden is saying everything will be the same knowing full well that that means the continuation of the plan to outsource services. Right now a quota limits the numbers to a fraction of what it will be. When that quota vanishes, the jobs currentlky done by people here will vanish to become permatemps. Millions of them. “Three for the price of one”.

That I am sure is their plan. But once people realize its happening it will already be too late, because now of course, corporations deserve “certainty”.

Dont get into debt, dont take out any loans or mortgages, pay off all debts, save money. Try to figure out a plan B to whatever your plan is now. A plan that doesnt require any help at all from the government, because we can bet its going to try to get out of any and all commitments when so many are out of work. Otherwise it would find itself responsible for all of them.

So the government and the wealthy are doing what all rich people do, asset protection. They are disengaing from obligations, creating a state of poverty where people cant ask for money that doesnt exist. Funneling that money to where it will be safest, in their fellow oligarchs pockets.

Hi PonyBoy:
IoI—but there are 3 prime mmnbers and sometimes Roberts does become more human—so, there’s some hope. : )

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